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JCube (previously known as Jurong Entertainment Centre) is situated in the heart of Jurong East Regional Centre. The site is strategically located near Jurong East MRT Interchange Station and bus interchange, offering convenient access for shoppers in the western region of Singapore.

Jurong Entertainment Centre ceased operations for asset enhancement works in the second quarter of 2010 and JCube is slated to be completed in April 2012. When completed, JCube will have more than 200,000 sq ft of net lettable area and will house an Olympic-size ice rink.

Together with its distinctive and iconic facade, JCube will add more vibrancy to the proposed Jurong Lake District.

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Not your typical skating experience.

Who would pay to have themselves fall down on ice cold ground? Or at least, that was what I asked myself. However, after trying it once, I realised that ice-skating is one experience that is hard to forge. In fact, $21 for a 2 hour session at the rink at Jcube was worth it - includes a pair of gloves and a pair of socks as well!

I did not know how to skate, but the crew working did well in assisting me, even managed to help the "fallen ones" (what I like to call those who continuously fall) in between. Their instructions were clear and they were super approachable! (and good looking as well) When I was tired, I went on to rest at the benches provided, and continued on once I had enough rest because the rest was not really a waste of time, thanks to the 2hour session that was given.

A tip to new skaters would be to wear covered clothing because it is really cold out there, and it helps keep off some bruises when you fall too! (and it makes you look appropriate still even when you fall, trust me!)

If you want to have a new experience, or just want something different, take a chance with ice-skating at Jcube!

In fact, there are many other things to look forward to in Jcube as well, such as Pique Nique, Sticky, and MIYOC store. It is definitely an upgrade after the Jurong Entertainment Centre, and a great place to go to.

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View at the ice rink
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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

A for the skating rink!

Jurong Entertainment Centre or JCube, it doesn’t really matter — as long as they house the skating rink! So yay, when JCube was finally opened after years of waiting, I saw myself at the skating rink in record time. The open-air nature of the skating rink means that anyone in the vicinity can enjoy looking at the rink (and probably laugh at those who fall).

JCube has also introduced many dining places (as with any heartland mall) like Pique Nique and Nandos. All in all, it isn’t that impressive as expected but it is not that shabby for a suburban mall either.

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An excellent shopping centre for the jurong heartlanders

After so many years, a brand new shopping centre was finally reborn in the heart of Jurong East! The demolition of Jurong Entertainment Centre back then has caused a lot of disappointment especially for youngsters.

Jcube really impressed me! Firstly, there is a huge selection of different food cuisines! What makes me happy is that they have some cafes and restaurants which are usually not found in the heartland areas such as Manhattan fish market, nandos and Pique Nique. In the past, we had to travel all the way to town or other places to get our food fix (as stated above), but now, everything is in vicinity! How convenient!

Apart from the food which really attracts me to patronize Jcube, I love the new cinema and of course, the Ice skating rink! It really makes life easier for many people who love ice skating. They need not travel all the way to Kallang anymore. The ice skating rink is really impressive and they do provide a good view for ongoing viewers to watch those people skate!

Jcube is definitely the best place for dining, having fun with friends, catching a movie or even ice skating! It would be a shopping mall gear towards entertainment purposes rather than doing your usual shopping! J-cube shall be one of my favourite malls from now.

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Ice Skating Rink = The American Dream

What a lovely surprise JCube Mall is. On the outside, it is a rather small, funky and atypical-looking mall - it literally is a cube of a mall in Jurong hence the name. Upon entering, the structure within the mall still maintains its unique image with a modern and quirky layout. Its walls and passageways look rather narrow but any claustrophobic tendencies are offset by its immense height between levels.

Within JCube, there are numerous things to do. First off, the food selection there is way beyond awesome – housing a Japanese udon restaurant, green tea café, Chili’s, Marble Slab Creamery, the up-and-rising local café Pique Nique (a must check-out!) and local most favourited candyhouse, Sticky.

There is also a 3D simulated movie ride theatre which was teeming with children and young adults ($7 a ride) which really sets it apart from other malls. But what really takes the cake at JCube Mall is its newly revamped ice-skating rink which is really resembles that of which I see in preppy Hollywood movies. Sitting there and immersing the atmosphere at the rink makes me feel like I’m living vicariously a sliver of the American dream. It is also rather relaxing to be able to packet your food there and dine casually to the bevy of graceful ice-skating girls or simply to just have a jolly good time.

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Loving the new ice skating rink!

I still remember how the old Jurong Entertainment Mall looks like... and comparing it to the brand new J-Cube Mall, I must say the old mall was pathetic.

The new J-Cube mall may be recently opened, but it's already so bustling with so many interesting stores, and there are still stores that are yet to open. There are so many various kinds of stores and eateries (they have Chili's and Nando's conveniently located at the heartlands now!), I think the residents in Jurong will have nothing to rant for a while.

I must say though, I was expecting J-Cube to be larger, but that is just a wishful thought, as it was rather small, and well, shaped like a cube, in all its literal sense.

What not to be missed is the brand new olympic sized ice-skating rink - it was heavenly! But what irks me is that patrons from various eateries and shoppers could just stand around and watch you skate, which is rather embarrassing, I might say.

Nonetheless, kudos to the all-new J-Cube!

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Awesome place for the west-siders!

All along, I thought Jurong point was the best place to visit in the West side, as I had been to some other shopping malls at the West side and they did not impress me. However, as my school is located near Jurong, I gradually got sick of Jurong point as well. Am I glad that there is a new shopping centre to spruce up my school life!

J Cube is easily spotted from Jurong MRT station as it is just a short walk away. It is hard to miss too, especially with it being built like a rubik's cube when it is being twisted. At night, the lights will be lit and it is extremely dazzling! There are many shops in J Cube too, despite it only being four levels high. Apart from the typical shops you can find in other shopping centres, such as KFC, there are franchise of the not so common shops as well! If you are a dessert lover, you will definitely love going Pique Nique, which has just recently opened in J Cube! And the shop Sticky which sells colorful flavorful sweets has an outlet in J Cube as well, with an artistic cafe feel. IMax 3D theatre is available at J Cube too. So for a better movie experience, J Cube definitely got it!

The most special attraction in J Cube, has got to be the ice skating rink! I believe many will stop in their tracks to observe the people on the skating rink for a minute or so. The olympic-sized skating rink is located right in the middle of the shopping centre, at level 1. The interesting thing is that it is an open concept, where customers dining in the restaurants surrounding the skating rink can look at the people skating while dining! In addition, the restaurants and shops on the higher levels are built in such a way that they are 'surrounding' the skating rink as well! I was having dinner at Manhattan Fish Market at J Cube last thursday night and when the skating rink was closed to public, two ice hockey teams had their match there! It was my first time seeing people play ice hockey in real life and we were awed by their skills!

I will certainly go again in the near future, as I am very tempted to go ice skating after seeing the skilled skaters skating on the skating rink gracefully. However, as it is an open concept, it might get a little embarrassing as I do not know how to skate but I am sure it will be fun! Food wise, there are many choices to choose from. But the halal choices are quite limited, as there are only KFC and Manhattan's Fish Market and the halal stall in the food court. Perhaps they could bring in more halal restaurants!

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(Updated: May 06, 2012)

Now that's what i call, a mall!

Refurbished with a new ravishing design, Jcube mall sets a high standard for all the new malls to be built in the future. With its unique architecture on the outside, it flaunts a new breed of shops to be found in the mall- making itself an attractive place for us to explore.

With new shops on the run, one such shop is Franc franc, currently a very newly established outlet in Singapore- which is like a cross between Ikea and Daiso. It specializes in creative furniture mainly -with quite high-selling prices to boot. It will also open another branch in Vivo City soon.

Food-wise, there are Japanese restaurants such as Watami on the first floor. It is almost always packed with long queues and you need to wait for some time for them to reset the tables before you finally get your seats. The people there are friendly and constantly greet its customers upon arrival and departure. This restaurant truly contributes to the active and vibrant feel of the mall.

Getting there is not so much of a problem. For MRT users, simply alight at Jurong East Mrt station and you have a sheltered walkway right to the traffic light that leads you to the mall. So even if it rains, you just have to run for a short distance before you're safe under the shelter.
In a nutshell, what I just mentioned is just a small part of the mall- you really need to go deep inside to discover more interesting bits!

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Great location with more options for people who reside in the West area

Honestly, I didn't expect much from JCube when I first got to know about it, for I was thinking it's "just another typical mall".

Well... I was wrong!

With the opening of JCube, it certainly provides more options for people who reside in the West. I especially love the fact that it has an IMAX 3D theatre, aside from the LIDO branch. Imagine having an enhanced movie experience with greater sound systems - at a distance nearer to you (If you live in the West, of course).

Aside from that, another main attraction at JCube would be its famous Olympic-sized Ice-skating rink that will have you go "Oooh". (In fact, the size was bigger than I had imagined) If you are a good ice-skater, you won't want to miss the opportunity to showcase your skills right in the center of the mall.

If you are in favor of stores such as Sticky, Toypost, etc, that are commonly found in the town area, you will love JCube as they are there as well!

However, the prices for food in general are on the pricey side, unless you opt for the normal choice of "Kopitiam" that is located at the Basement level, together with other side stalls that will satisfy your craving for finger food.

P/S: I feel that the architecture of the mall looks lovely as its decorated with streaks of beautiful lights at night, but it looks like a "construction-in-progress" building during the daytime! Do check it out if you have the chance and you'll see what I mean!

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Cute Place

Having just visited Jcube today, I am happy to have some positive things to say about it. Jcube only opened recently so many of the shops were still not yet opened, but out of the available ones, I noticed that most of the retail and F&B outlets were not those you would find at most other malls. Perhaps due to IMM already having these outlets, they decided not to have similar ones here. However most of these new shops are of the higher-end pricing so not appealing to bargain shoppers. There are many cute and quirky clothing shops as well as Japanese bakeries and cuisine.

The layout of the mall is rather cramped though, giving the impression that it is quite small. It was difficult to walk through the pathways without brushing against other people.

Needless to say, the highlight is definitely the ice skating rink. Just looking at it makes you feel like going in to skate as well! However the entrance fees are $17.50 for an adult [admission plus skate rental] which in my opinion is extremely pricey! The price used to be only $11+. Most likely the only reason for me to return to the mall will be for the rink.

There is also a cinema, which I am glad for because many malls in the west do not have one, such as Clementi mall!

Overall I would say it was a nice experience, but the mall is small so only half an hour was needed to walk through the entire place.

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Skating Rink
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Interesting mall for people in the west!

Having spent all of my secondary school years in Jurong East Entertainment Centre, I was nostalgic when it got demolished a couple of years back. Now with the opening of the brand new Jcube mall in the premise, I just had to check it out to see the hype over the mall that boasts an Olympic size ice rink. The architecture of the mall is refreshing for people in the West who currently have limited shopping malls (Clementi Mall, Jurong Point etc.) You would be spoilt for food options when you arrive at Jcube. To mention a few there are common eateries like Thai Express, Nandos, Manhattan Fish Market and fast food places (KFC, MacDonald’s). To note, there is Pique Nique and Chili’s Grill & Bar situated on levels 1 & 3 of the mall respectively. Considering there aren’t many other locations of the 2 restaurants, it’s good that Jcube has both the options. Shaw cinema is another reason for Jcube being a crowd puller despite it’s opening barely 2 weeks ago. For book lovers, there is Times bookstore which is having a storewide 10% off and a members only 15% off only for this outlet. Do make a trip down to Jcube mall over the weekend, if you’re bored of your usual hang outs.

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