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Marie Chong
Listing created by Marie Chong on October 30, 2014    

Sunshine Plaza is a small shopping mall located in the vicinity of Dhoby Ghaut and Bugis MRT. The building houses several printing shops as well as eateries.

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Printing Heaven

Sunshine Plaza is one of those places that as an expat you don’t really go to for a browse, you go with the purpose of visiting one of the shops for a particular product or service. I’m not sure if it’s also just me as an expat, but I find it impossible to get around. Think the maze in Harry Potter where constantly changes and grows, then realise how I feel trying to get my way around Sunshine Plaza.

It’s pretty basic inside, it’s mainly printing shops and eateries but there are also a surprising amount of tattoo shops, my favourite the one being a barbers with a tattoo table just sitting in the corner. It’s also not got the shining, glitzy feel of many of the newer shopping centres, it serves its purpose and does so happily and without the need for bright lights or fancy architecture.

It’s an in and out kind of job, although there are the odd shops here and there, it’s not the place you would exactly come to browse in, but without it those who rely on the many printing shops would be beyond lost. It does what it needs to without any fuss or need to try and be something which it clearly is not, and it’s many students and artists go to place for all of their printing needs.

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Old-school Vibes

Sunshine Plaza is located close to arts-specialized schools like Nafa as well as Lasalle. If you’re looking for trendy clothes and shoes and other personal goods found at typical shopping centres, you won’t really find them here.

Printing shops line the outside while small eateries occupy most of the inside. Of course, there are the odd shops selling dresses and jewellery but they are relatively uncommon. Usually, design students frequent this place to print their schoolwork while adults working nearby come here for an affordable lunch.

Nevertheless, Sunshine Plaza is a charming little place with a sort of old-school vibe that can't be felt at the sparkly new malls nowadays. Hopefully, this place can be preserved for as long as possible. It almost feels as if some of our history is contained in this modest little building.

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