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Joshua Goh
Listing created by Joshua Goh on December 04, 2013    

The newest mall in Bedok estate by CapitaMalls, Bedok Mall connects to Bedok MRT via on Basement 2 and houses the new Bedok bus interchange on level 2. Bedok Mall also has Bedok Residences located right above the mall.

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a much-needed shopping mall in the East

I’ve lived in the East all my life, and apart from the cluster of malls in Tampines and the recently constructed Bedok Point (which is more of a mega 5-storey F&B hub), there’s hardly anywhere else to get some real shopping done. It was quite weird that Bedok Interchange had no malls in the vicinity while Tampines had 3, but now with Bedok Mall shopping needn’t be such a hassle.

The mall is well-lit, and features a wide variety of boutiques and F&B outlets so there’s something for everyone! The mega-popular froyo franchise Llao Llao (#01-40) opened a branch in Bedok, saving me the trouble of going to get to town to satisfy my froyo cravings. Even Michellin-starred Tim Ho Wan (#B1-51/52) has a branch in Bedok Mall, and the restaurant is packed at almost all hours. For shoppers, Bedok Mall features a wide variety of retail outlets like Uniqlo (#B1-26/27/28), Cotton On (#B1-71/72) and Dorothy Perkins (#01-30)

Navigating through the mall the first few times however is pretty nightmarish, as the layout of the mall is such that the bus interchange is only accessible through the 2nd floor and toilets can only be found at one end of the mall. Once you know your way around, you’ll probably find yourself frequenting Bedok Mall pretty often, especially if you’re an Eastie!

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Has almost everything!

In the further east side of Singapore, there's really very few places to shop at, besides the cluster of malls at Tampines. Bedok Mall's launch is therefore truly something to be celebrated as it brings that vibrancy only seen in the town area all the way to the east.

Bedok Mall has almost everything. Food is never a problem because such a wide array of food stores are provided without it being a mess with food shops protruding randomly in a line of retail stores. There are stores where you can grab quick snacks, fast food joints when you're tight on cash and high-class restaurants for a dine in on a special occasion.

Bedok Mall is perfect for shopping. From guys to girls to parents to penny-pinching aunties, there are shops for all kinds out there in Bedok Mall. When I truly go all out and do some actual shopping (which is probably just once in a month), I literally go into every clothing shop I see which is why Bedok Mall is great for ladies looking to splurge. There are plenty of accessory and clothing shops scattered all across the price range.

The place is prettily designed too, which just makes the whole shopping experience much better.

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Varied, vibrant shopping experience

I visited Bedok Mall recently to see what all the hype was about. It was a weekday, but there were an incredible number of people in the place. That's what I took off points for in the 'satisfaction' rating, as the noise and crowd made the place rather claustrophobic.

Nevertheless, the two hundred or so retail stores there are a lovely mix that offers something for everyone. The wide variety include popular retail stores like uniqlo and Cotton On to famous eateries like Tim Ho Wan!

Additionally, I loved the spanking new layout and design of the mall, which made it quite a pleasant place to shop in! The convenience is a definite plus point too, as it's located a hop away from Bedok MRT/interchange. I'll definitely be a frequenter of the mall, although perhaps at less peak hours.

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Bringing Orchard to Bedok

I have to say, I'm impressed with this new mall. It is perfectly located outside the mrt, making it superbly convenient to enter and exit the building. Not only that, it is really huge and give an orchard-like vibe and for a second, I really thought I was in orchard.

Compared to other malls near the mrt, Bedok Mall is my favourite. Besides the fact that it is the closest to the mrt, it also feels much more complete than the others. Jurong East's Westgate feels as though it is still in the midst of completion with some shops unopened.

I usually go to Bedok only when I'm going East Coast Park. However, with Bedok Mall, there is now more reasons for me to visit the place.

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Spacious and Bright

I took a visit down to Bedok Mall today to try out the much raved about Wing Stop. Me missing USA syndrome is back again. Bedok Mall hasn't even fully opened but already the crowd is insane! There are queues to enter almost every single eating outlet as well as retail stores like Uniqlo. I like the fact the mall was brightly lit, the walkways were wide enough to walk without the crowd causing a congestion and there were many things to see and explore.

One reason why I'm not giving this place a full 5 stars is because of the lack of cinema. Since Bedok Point was completed without a cinema, I thought that Bedok Mall would at least complete the mall experience by adding a cinema. Sadly, they rather build Bedok Residences above the mall instead of giving some space for a movie theatre. There are many awesome eating outlets to try though, like Hot Tomato, Wing Stop, Tim Ho Wan just to name a few.

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Big and Exciting!

I just visited Bedok Mall today and I LOVE IT!! It’s gigantic and there is a huge variety of retail options for everyone. Now many shops are having opening promotions and I wish I could go there every day. There is even an apple shop, which feels rather high-tech in an old town like Bedok. The restaurants also look amazing!

The mall is built to be long and a little narrow, and I almost got lost trying to find the way out. There are a few strange corners here and there where shops may be hidden. But I guess these are constraints of the architecture. Just make sure you put aside a few hours to explore thoroughly!

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(Updated: December 09, 2013)

A better alternative to Bedok Point

Personally, I like my malls lined with an abundance of fashion or beauty retail stores, with perhaps a light sprinkle of restaurants and cafes. After visiting the foodie's heaven, but shopper's hell, AKA Bedok Point, I'd definitely expected more retail stores in Bedok Mall to compensate for the piteous lack thereof in Bedok Point.

As expected, Bedok Mall, which is significantly larger, houses a greater selection of retail outlets as compared to Bedok Point, with popular clothing brands such as Uniqlo and Cotton On. In fact, Bedok Mall doesn't simply cater for the female fashion diva. The metrosexual can satiate his fashion cravings at Bedok Mall with Natural Project and Levi's, just to name a few of the male clothing retail stores situated within the mall. That being said, I actually found the female retail selection at Bedok Mall more limited than that for the males, which doesn't actually make for a mini-Orchard for us female Easties, but hey - there's definitely more variety at Bedok Mall as compared to Bedok Point, and I'm not going to complain.

Retail aside, Bedok Mall is certainly food paradise! Bedok Mall houses several restaurants, ranging from Japanese and Chinese cuisines to French selections. Bedok Mall has definitely brought in several famous restaurants that you'd find only in town, into the east! I mean, they have Tim Ho Wan! THE Tim Ho Wan. I think that in itself certainly says a lot about the food variety at the mall. In fact, when I went to Bedok Mall on the second (or third) day of its opening, there was already a snaking queue formed for Tim Ho Wan, and I'd been hoping to be able to beat the crowd to try out the restaurant while Bedok Mall was still new and relatively unknown (though this was clearly fat hope).

Other dining choices include Poulet, Prata Wala, and Swensen's, to name a few crowd favourites.

Overall, Bedok Mall seems like a pretty amazing mall with quite the vibrant variety in retail choices. In fact, I feel like the stale shopping scene in Bedok has been injected with new life following the introduction of Bedok Mall.

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