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Johnathan Yeo
Listing created by Johnathan Yeo on December 01, 2013    

Westgate is a shopping mall in the Jurong East area, next to the Jurong East MRT station. It opens 2 December 2013. Westgate has direct connectivity to both the Jurong East MRT and bus interchanges as well as neighbouring amenities such as the upcoming Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.


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The New Orchard Road

WestGate has recently just opened a new restaurant called Brotzeit. If my memory doesn't fail me, there are two other branches at 313 Somerset and Vivocity. I think that WestGate is a really nice shopping area many of the people who reside in the West side of Singapore. There's a whole range of shops from eateries to clothing stores and many more.

Although I would highlight that most of the shops are catered more to families, rather than younger teens or young adults. The restaurants there are mostly casual or casual-fine dining style, perfect for family outings for gatherings with friends.

WestGate is also connected to JEM and Jcube, so it's an accessible and delightful place to be. You can easily explore all three malls in a day, at your convenience. I think that the concept is really good, especially with the Orchard gateway coming to Singapore later this year.

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Huge Mall next to JEM

One of the newer malls that has just sprung up next to the amazingly big JEM, it is part of the competition in the area. Since I usually stay closer to the central area of Singapore, I rarely take a trip down to the West side of Singapore.

Upon arriving, I was surprised to find mega-malls (if you can call it that) present. In fact, all the shops that I frequent were there at JEM - from H&M to uniqlo to even blogshopping! To pair that sweetly, Westgate seems to be a nest for the people with a more expensive tastebud, almost similar to the concept of ION. If I were to live in Jurong I would never have to go to town, now tell me why doesn't Toa Payoh or Bishan have something like that? Westgate is also easily accessible by the MRT and through JEM, which makes it even more perfect. Two mega-malls being connected (indirectly) which makes shopping more exciting - you double the shops, you double the fun.

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Nothing new

Westgate is not that much different from any other mall but I guess that's what you could say about any mall really. The developers in Singapore are evidently running out of ideas and Westgate is another standing prove of it.

It stands rather meek in comparison to JEM which has way more stores and opening right after it, leaves it to meet certain expectations which it doesn't.

The first floor also has a string of stores that seem to be of a higher end but the stores are seemingly absent of customers which is rather odd for an infant mall.

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Worth Exploring

While some may see Westgate as just another mall that seems to have been popping up one by one in the Jurong area over the recent years (We started with IMM, and aong came JCube, followed shortly by JEM), I find it an innovative touch.

This mall is very creatively designed, with different sections that are either in an open area with merely an overhead shelter, or enclosed in air-conditioned areas. While it may be confusing and hard to navigate around at first, it certainly brings a mini-adventure.

Some shops fall towards the more high-end range, with brands such as Kate Spade and Benefit, but others still cater to the general population.

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Work In Progress

The 4th mall to pop-up in the vicinity, which also has been publicised widely with town-brands. I was definitely intrigued.

The mall goes au natural with the open concept, with half the mall literally un-air-conditioned, and trees and plants and water works along the way. It definitely is a refreshing feeling. Although it really ain't gonna be my choice when the weather gets humid and hotter in the year. The stores here are considerably higher-end. With the likes of Kate Spade Saturday, Sembonia, and even features the much-missed Borders, brought back to yours truly by Popular. And truth be told, I have never heard of the latter brand, and that Borders is now handled by Popular doesn't exactly excite me.

The mall is closely joint to JEM by the J walkway, and in all honesty, I'd much prefer JEM to WestGate. Probably because up till now, Westgate still feels rather under the bridge and the stores really don't appeal as much as the ones in JEM. And in JEM, at least I battle the crowds in aircon. HAHA.

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Can't Wait To See More

Some say Jurong East is slowly becoming the second 'Orchard', and I am inclined to believe this is true. If you have visited JEM, Westgate is similar, but perhaps slightly more upscale.

It hosts some of the usual suspects - Typo, Bata, Food Republic etc, but there are also several shops that are slated to open (or are already open) that can usually only be found in town. Some of the ones that I am most excited about are COS, Tim Ho Wan, PAUL Bakery and a Samsung outlet. No need to trudge down to Plaza Singapura to have my phone fixed anymore!

I highly recommend for you to make your way down to Westgate, but perhaps give it about a month more so that all the shops would be open. This mall, as well as JEM and the many other ongoing developments are going to make Jurong East the next place to be in no time.

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Great great shopping mall

Westgate is seriously awesome you should go there ASAP if you haven't done so!

Westgate offers shops which are lacking in Jem and J cube, like Tim Ho Wan, which is a very very popular Hong Kong dessert store. And there are 'town shops' like Typo, Borders and even Isetan. I love how Westgate is much more spacious as compared to Jem, so even though the mall may be crowded it's still really easy to walk around.

As someone who lives in the west, I can't tell you how excited I am at all these developments in the Jurong area. Honestly speaking, I don't think I ever need to go to Orchard anymore because what for, when I can find one right at my doorstep!

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(Updated: December 08, 2013)

This mall is the atas


Being a west-er all my life, Jurong definitely feels like home to me and so I'm definitely excited whenever new developments appear anywhere around my neighborhood.

*so much angst at 4 in the morning*

Hahaha i kid. But anyway, I've always received similar comments from other people about Jurong. I'm so relieved and happy that Jurong is progressing to become the next hip area in Singapore with not 3, but FOUR new malls, one general hospital and a hotel. SAY WHATTTT.

Being so psyched with the idea of another new mall (besides jcube and JEM), i rushed to check it out yesterday, even though it's not fully opened yet. The mall is linked directly to the bus interchange which makes it incredibly accessible and convenient for shoppers. The place has a land space equivalent to that of Raffles City Shopping Centre and houses brands like Braun Buffel, Kate Spade and Coach, coupled with upmarket stores like Isetan and many many more. (so excited so excited)

And hoho, dim sum lovers rejoice (specifically those staying in Jurong/nearby) cause TIM HO WAN'S NEW BRANCH IS HEREEEE. Oh and Borders book store.

More rejoice baby.

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(Updated: December 03, 2013)

Trendy shops

When I first entered this mall, I immediately told myself that it was just a hybrid of JEM and Star Vista. Some parts of it is open-air, devoid of air conditioning, which resembles Star Vista, while the fact that it offers trendy stores such as Coach, which is a boutique, and definitely the huge overload of clothing stores, including Isetan. There are also quite a few sports outlets, including World of Sports and fitness first, and also electronic stores. What is lacking in the other three malls is available here.

It also has gift shops, which is apparently what malls in Jurong East lack, including the store called Typo. The mall also houses a very large playground on the roof, similar to Jem. The mall is very family friendly, and I like the fact that it also has so many trendy shops to cater to the teenage population. And oh my God it has a Borders! I am so happy! It is certainly the best mall to shop in the Jurong East area.

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Borders! :)
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