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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Located in the heart of Ang Mo Kio at the junction of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 and Avenue 8, AMK Hub is a bustling shopping paradise which brings together the best in retail, entertainment, learning and community services. Spanning 48,250 square metres, AMK Hub offers an attractive tenant mix of over 200 shops spread over four-storeys and three basement levels. Foodies will be spoilt for choice with the popular food and beverage outlets located throughout the mall, including a food court at Level 3, while fashionistas can shop till they drop at trendy fashion and beauty outlets. Those looking for some entertainment can head over to AMK Hub’s Integrated Entertainment Centre comprising a games arcade, an eight-screen Cineplex and NTUC Club. AMK Hub is also home to NTUC Fairprice Xtra, one of Singapore’s biggest hypermarkets which offers a wide variety of products ranging from food and daily essentials to household items and electrical goods. Banking, healthcare and education services are also available to cater to diverse shopper needs. AMK Hub is easily accessible with an air-conditioned bus interchange on Level 1 as well as an underground walkway leading to Ang Mo Kio MRT station. Ramps, toilets and lifts are also conveniently located throughout the mall making it accessible to all including the disabled and elderly. A baby care room located on Level 3 is also available for parents with young children.

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A popular heartland mall

AMK hub has garnered a lot of attention and visitors since it opened a few years ago. I myself visit the place quite often too as it is conveniently located in the central part on Singapore! AMK hub is geared more towards families with children, who may bring their kids there for some shopping done and to have a nice dinner together.

The place is furnished with at many eateries, from high-end to normal to the simple fare at the food court. In the basement, there are many street-snacks, ranging from durian puffs to hotdogs to taiwan street snacks, shaved ice to yoghurts. You can easily find a simple treat to satisfy yourself! Other than that, they also have more expensive restaurants like Soup Restaurant and New York New York if you are looking at classier food.

One of the major attraction in AMK Hub is of course, the Fairprice Xtra! The outlet sells everything you can imagine. Clothes, electronics, toys, baby cots - everything! It is often interesting to stroll around the Fairprice just to pass time before a movie. It is also this fairprice which draws the most housewives to the mall. They can easily purchase their groceries as well as other miscellaneous items from this Fairprice, how convenient!

Another huge draw to this mall must be Cathay Cineplex. They offer comfy seats in well-conditioned theatres, and are opened till the wee hours of the morning! It's no wonder why youngsters flock to this place at night to catch their favourite midnight flick! Also, Cathay Cineplexes offer yummy popcorns, definitely a plus point since who doesn't enjoy popping popcorns into their mouth as they enjoy their movie?

All-in-all, even though the mall isn't huge, there are still ample amenities offered, allowing you to spend a pleasant time there. If you think it isn't enough, there is still AMK central for you to explore!

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(Updated: April 19, 2012)

Huge shopping mall in the heartlands

AMK hub is indeed a heartland mall that many people often visit. Being four stories high, it carries with it a wide range of shops. Fashion, electronics, IT-related technology.. You name it, they have it! How I wished that it was built during my secondary school times, I am sure my friends and I would be hanging out all the time at AMK hub!

AMK hub is right opposite Ang Mo Kio MRT station, which makes the mall very accessible. The favourite shops that I often patronize are Fairprice, Cathay Cineplex and the arcade. The Fairprice at AMK hub seems like a huge playground, where groceries and electronics are available and there is a large variety to choose from. The movie theatres are located at the highest floor, the 4th floor, right beside the arcade. Nebo cafe, which allows you to have meals and play board games at the same time, is located at the same level as well. I guess now you know which level to go to when you are looking for entertainment!

With entertainment comes food, and AMK hub has a large variety at that! Ranging from restaurants to eateries, the public can always find something delectable. My friends and I love to eat the durian puffs at the basement, the smell is fragrant and we will always buy some home each time we visit AMK hub! Taiwan street snacks and Japanese snacks are being sold at the basement as well.

However, the retail stores do not really appeal to me. The prices of the clothes are not that cheap and it did not seem like value for money to me. The stationery and gift shops often catch my eye though, with the cutely designed notebooks and decorations in the glass display.

Overall, it is a convenient shopping mall where many basic needs can be satisfied. Definitely one of my favourite places to hang out at where delicious meals, fun and necessities can be found.

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A place revamped to suit the elderly and young

Initially I thought Ang Mo Kio was mainly a region for the elderly - maybe it’s because my grandmother stays there. But when I went to Ang Mo Kio hub, my perception changed. It’s filled with fashion stores and eateries, and I was amazed.

Ang Mo Kio hub is just across the MRT, which make it so accessible and convenient for people who dread walking long distances like me. It has Blackball Express, the dessert stall which many rave about, Canton Paradise, and many other retail shops that would occupy you during your time there.

Many events and roadshows are also hosted at Ang Mo Kio hub, so be sure to check online, and drop by whenever you are in the area!

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Good Memories

This mall, with its bright red facade, is where the residents of Ang Mo Kio as well as young people from other neighborhoods in the North enjoy shopping and hanging out.

I personally enjoyed coming here with friends during my secondary school days to watch a movie, grab some bubble tea while window-shopping as well as treat ourselves to Pepper Lunch!

I find that AMK Hub has the warm, homely atmosphere of a neighborhood mall while still managing to keep up with the changing tastes of consumers. It is a mall that holds good memories for me and I always look forward to visiting once in a while.

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Average but worthy of a second glance

First of all it's a hub not a mall. Hence there's not much one can expect. It did not completely satisfy my needs but it will just have to do. I do feel disappointed as I had just moved when the mall in my previous neighborhood was being renovated. Bad timing isn't it? It's like throwing away a plant when the flowers just started blossoming.

AMK Hub is not too bad, it has the common shops like Cotton On, Body Shop and Lovisa which I love dearly. There are also the cafes for your daily coffee fix. The clothing shops may not be very well known but I have wandered into them finding a few cute dresses. Everyone's favourite, the Cathay Cineplex at the top floor is surely a highlight. The bus interchange within the mall is really convenient. Even though I hardly use it I find it comforting to know that the interchange is within reach.

I consider the hub to be more of a treasure place where if you take the time to go looking around, you will reap the benefits. I certainly realised that when I was hunting for the perfect dress. Though the hub is not extraordinary, it meets the sufficient requirements.

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Lovisa, Body Shop, Cathay Cineplex
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a crowded suburban mall due to its accessibility and convenience for food, beverages and entertainment

Ang Mo Kio Hub is accessible has it has an interchange and a mass rapid transit system nearby. It has many food outlets, shopping and entertainment amenities within the mall. Surrounding it, are many other small shops as well, providing food, shopping and various services.

I like going to Ang Mo Kio Hub to watch movies, as it is usually empty except for the newly released movies. Before the movie, getting a small snack from one of the stalls at the basement or having a full meal at Fish & Co is also convenient. In addition, cheaper alternatives are available just a short walk around the mall. Within the area are three popular bubble tea stores, including A-Gan Tea, Koi and Gong Cha. Usually, I will purchase the QQ milk tea from A-Gan Tea or green tea macchiato from Koi to satisfy my bubble tea cravings.

The mall is usually very crowded, except for the early afternoons, as people are shuttling between the bus interchange and mass rapid transit station to get from place to place. Thus, areas on the first level and the basement levels are most crowded, and the stalls there do see greater flow of customers as well.

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a great heartland mall

Unlike just other heartland malls, I have a great impression on AMK Hub. Located just walking distance away from the Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, AMK Hub is very accessible and convenient for either the residents nearby and from other areas in Singapore.

I find AMK Hub a very unique place, a great hangout place either for the young and old. You can find plenty of retail shops, Singtel shop, and also NTUC Fairprice. For the customer's convenience, DBS Bank is also available, along with other banks' ATM Machines such as Citybank and UOB.
A few learning centres could be found here; residents staying nearby could send their kids for tuition or enrichment class in these centers.

Now, here is why I mentioned that the shopping mall is also suitable for the young; Cathay Cineplex movie theatre is available. Located at the highest storey, the theatre is always full of patrons especially during weekends and public holidays.

Next to the Cathay, you can find a very large arcade center which is always filled by many kids and teenagers.

AMK Hub is definitely a great heartland mall that caters to everyone.

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Huge and spacious mall!

I hardly go to AMK Hub but every time when I do, I always enjoy my time there. I find AMK Hub to be very well-equipped and fun to be at. Transport is not a problem as the mall is just located opposite Ang Mo Kio MRT Station. There is an underpass connecting the station to the mall. You will have no lack of food choices here. From toasts to sushi and the food court, there's something that you can try. There is also a cinema at the top-level but as AMK Hub is the only mall in Ang Mo Kio, the crowd can get very big, especially on weekends. Hence, movie slots and seats are always snapped up fast. Your best bet would be to book the tickets online in advance, otherwise, be prepared to queue at least 10 to 15 minutes for your tickets. Sometimes even up to 20 minutes.

As AMK Hub is located above a bus interchange, many people might use AMK Hub to get to the interchange, as such, crowd is always increasing and moving, especially during peak hours. If you wish to shop without distraction, to head there during early afternoon instead, as it will not be so crowded. There are lots of shops selling fashionable apparels as well. A great place to go to if you're bored of the usual malls in town.

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regular heartland shopping mall

perhaps it is that i have been there too many times as i stay in ang mo kio, but this place has lost its appeal.

i go there mainly to shop at the ntuc fairprice extra which, as its name suggests, as more things than the regular ntuc. also it is nice to have a cathay cinema so near my place! watching a movie now is so easy with this nearby theatre. the cinema has also rented out their premises to two churches so it's very convenient for church goers.

food choices there may seem alot at first with residents like fish n co, ichiban sushi and new york new york. but after eating there for so many years after it has opened, the variety does not seem as great now. it's a good thing that there are many options nearby at the central.

because the central is surrounded by other areas, head outside the mall to buy toiletries at low low prices. you will be amazed at how much you can save by just walking outside!

amk central is also a place for bubble tea lovers as you would be spoilt for choice. within the hub alone, there is a recently opened gong cha, and sweettalk that has been there since the place opened. nearby you will find agantea, koi a second gongcha branch and cha time.

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cinema in the heartlands
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Convenient and well-facilitated!

AMK Hub is another neighborhood mall that I like to go to. It’s convenient as many buses go to the bus stop outside the mall and it’s also linked to the interchange and MRT station. I stay at the north-east side so I always go there if I want to catch a movie since there’s a Cathay cinema there.

There are a few popular food stores too. There’s Bread Talk on the first floor and the basement is my food haven! There is so many food stores for you to pick from. My favourites are Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks, Umi Sushi, BBQ Express, and Bengawan Solo! The food there is the second biggest reason for me to visit AMK Hub after the cinema.

Another reason why I like AMK Hub is because of its lively atmosphere. It’s situated beside HDB blocks and when you step out of the mall, both young and old are everywhere. There’s a KOI nearby and the queue is always long. The older people come out to get their groceries and kids and teens go to MacDonald’s. I like how everyone is active. It’s a place for people of all ages to hang out!

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(Updated: April 24, 2012)

1-stop shopping mall for anything you can get here

Large shopping mall situated in northern area, surrounded with matured HDB flats, linking to the North-South bound station of AMK and bus interchange.

Took me just 15mins to reach there by mrt. First moment when you step into the mall, you can see ‘Cheer’ convienient store right infront and opposite is DBS Bank at basement 1. Escalator down to basement 2 will be FairPrice X’tra. From my understanding, Fairprice had it’s first ‘X’tra’ outlet opened at AMK hub. It is considered a 1-stop supermarket, whereby you can get everything from electrical, electronics, furniture & fittings, apparel, houseware, toiletries, grocery and snacks etc., all at once. Stretch of eatery stalls, including Breadtalk, Bengawan Solo, Ho Kee Pau are situated within the border of Xtra alongside the entrance/exit.

There are varieties of Asian food snacks and shops being spotted just outside the Xtra passageway. You can taste Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and local famous snacks at one shot right here! Must-try these: Four Seasons Durians (durian pancake), Yummi Bites (goreng pisang, tapioca, sweet potato etc.), Otaru Hokkaido Street Food (Tokiwado), Dong Dae Mun (fried shitake, chicken stick), Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks (oyster mee sua, XXL crispy chicken, fried sweet potato, crispy floss egg crepe etc.), Zheng Herbal Tea (chrysanthemum tea, barley, almond drink etc.).

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Nothing Special!

Ang Mo Kio Hub is a shopping mall located right opposite the MRT station and is accessible via an underpass from the station itself. However, I feel that the mall lacks a certain spark.

Apart from the basement level where there are a few unique shops, the shops in AMK hub are quite limited as most of them are the usual shops you would find at any other mall. In addition to that, almost every shop is pricey, so you rarely get to find any good deals. In fact, I would rather walk around the neighbourhood outside the mall where there are so many more cheap and nice clothing shops.

The food in AMK hub is good however, especially the range of street snacks it has to offer, from durian puffs to fresh fruit juice. The giant NTUC at the basement is also a plus point to the otherwise uninteresting mall, so you would still visit the mall even if you did not plan to do anything other than grocery shopping.

One thing I remember about AMK mall is also that it is extremely cold. So remember to bring a jacket if you plan to walk around there for a long time!

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