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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Located within the Bedok Town Centre, Bedok Point is a redevelopment of both the former Bedok and Changi Theatres. The mall is 4-storey high with 2 basements. It is the first mall in Bedok and will provide an exciting array of F&B, entertainment, retail and service offerings all under one roof. Major tenants include Challenger, Du Yi Bookshop, Japan Home, K Box Karaoke and TZ-Active. Home to many restaurants, the mall is an ideal dining venue with its wide offerings of different cuisines. Besides popular restaurants such as Paradise Inn, Sushi Tei and The Manhattan FISH MARKET, the mall also offers specialty restaurants and cafes such as Ayam Penyet Ria, Bishamon Sapporo Ramen, Hong Kong Sun Kee Dessert and nydc. For the fastfood lovers, there is also MOS Burger, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Subway. The supper goers will also be pleased to know that the F&B restaurants and cafes at Level 1 of the mall are open till 1 am on Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays.

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A modern touch to Bedok

Bedok, a really bustling and active neighbourhood, was greeted by the intrusion of this modern building, somewhat a sudden intrusion. Located at the very end of Bedok Central, it seemed a little too far for the older generation to walk there from supermarkets like NTUC or even Bedok MRT.

It does not have many retail stores to offer, although the more common and well known brands like Giordano and Sportslink managed to carve their spots there. However, given the sudden intrusion, it is actually well-equipped with what heartlanders basically need. A hair salon, an electronics shop, a bookstore, a home and lifestyle shop, dry cleaning services, all located at the basement of the mall.

Apart from the basic necessities of heartlanders being carefully thought out, the rest of the mall is dominated by eateries and restaurants, which some might term Bedok Point as a "high class hawker centre". The variety of food chains at Bedok Point is worth mentioning and praising, one can expect food from all over the world, from the Japanese Mos Burger,Yoshinoya and Sushi Tei, to Hongkong food like Sheng Kee delights and KungFu Paradise.

Its highest floor is reserved for entertainment and leisure purposes, where an arcade and a Karaoke place-Kbox can be found.

This place is overall pretty suitable for Generation Y and young working adults who are more affluent in the sense that these eateries are more expensive and less affordable as compared to the hawker centre and coffeeshops nearby around Bedok Central, the older gen might not really like it, though.

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Just an average mall amongst the heartlands

Bedok Point definitely isn't too much of a shopper's haven. The place isn't big enough to house that many shops, and a large part of the mall is taken up by eateries and restaurants. If you're hungry but have no idea where to go/what to eat, this would be the place for you. What's better is that they have a Gong Cha outlet here too for all the bubble tea lovers! This is also one of the few Gong Cha outlets that actually has seats and tables in case you wanted to sit, have a chat and finish your drink before continuing to shop/walk around. I would suppose that this should be well received by teenagers who are schooling around the area and would come here for a drink after school.

Overall a pretty boring place in my opinion, but the place does get crowded on weekends because it is after all a heartland mall where families living nearby choose to hang out at because it is too troublesome to head to town... But if you're feeling rich and thinking of going for a shopping spree, I would say you're better off heading to the nearby Tampines Central where there are 3 big malls where you can shop till you drop.

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Too little entertainment and retail

I was really excited when Bedok Point was being built as other places such as Tampines had already had 3 malls around the interchange area, yet Bedok was yet to have its own modern shopping mall.

However, when the mall was competed, I was gravely disappointed. It was a primarily food- orientated mall with only minimal shopping outlets! Only the basement is fully for retail purposes, but even so, the shops are hardly the kind for shopping, but rather for practical needs such as stationery, flowers, gifts or electronics.

For entertainment purposes, they did not build a cinema to replace the old Princess theatre, but there is a karaoke outlet and an arcade. Sadly, even the arcade does not have games that are up to date so I would not think this would be a popular place for teens to hang out.

As Bedok Central is already quite a foodie hub on its own, I did not quite understand why they would still build a “food mall” in Bedok rather than a shopping mall. Nevertheless, the food chains available in Bedok Point are those of a higher tier such as New York New York, for those looking for a more extravagant meal in the midst of an old town. My favourite is still Gong Cha.

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Gong Cha
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Food, food and more food!

Bedok Point is stuffed with eateries at every corner. Unfortunately, that's the most they have. Sure, there are a couple of other stores in Bedok Point but other than those few, you've really got nothing to do at Bedok Point. There's just too many eateries cramped into one place. I think it does indeed spoil patrons with the wide array of food choices, but patrons won't come if there isn't much to do there. I do drop by Bedok Point if I'm on my way back and just need to grab some dinner.

I'm usually out of the place by thirty minutes because there isn't much to look at. But if you're on a food spree, paying Bedok Point a visit is a good idea. Just watch out for your wallet!

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Tears of joys

I cried tears of happiness when they finally opened a first mall in Bedok. Throughout my 20+ years old existence I have been praying day in and out for a shopping mall in my area. But alas, Bedok Point doesn't even have a cinema. They took away the nearby Princess Cinema too, that means goodbye to $5 movie tickets. Having said that, Bedok Point do have some cool eateries like Popeyes and Sushi Tei, which offers some variety to the usual Mcdonalds and KFC.

Parking is a nightmare though with limited parking lots and heavy traffic every single day. The nearby construction of the Bedok Interchange Hub isn't helping the congestion either. I recommend taking public transport, which sadly might not be a good idea in the near future due to fare raises... Again! The mall is a little small and the walkways are narrow as well. There isn't much to see and you can finish touring the entire mall in just about 15 minutes. If you are looking for a place with aircon, something different to eat, and you happen to be in Bedok, give this mall a shot.

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Bedok Point a.k.a Food Point

If you're expecting a thriving mall with departmental stores and super marts, then Bedok Point shouldn't be in your places to go. The first 2 floors are basically dominated by restaurants, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

You are almost spoilt for choice if you intend on having lunch at Bedok Point, but there is virtually no shopping to be done there. They should just change their name to Food Point, to avoid any misconceptions. Food Point would be way more popular, given the foodie nature of Singaporeans.

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It was better as a cinema

What have we really got here? A tiny mall of a few floors with wall to wall restaurants of a fast to medium quality in terms of both speed and quality. Why do we need a mall of eateries? I use the term advisedly. I do not use the term restaurants.

Of course there are the usual array of Giordiano and Watsons and Pets and hair dressing salons and tuition places. All in all, it is a heartland food court with pretensions.

Inevitably, you have to wait to get parking. There are signs that many places are not making a go of it. I notice that Starbucks has replaced a few of the smaller food outlets on the ground floor corner . IS that an improvement? Starbucks vs Old Chang Kee and Jollibee a bread store? I doubt it.

Once the new mega mall rises above the old Bedok bus depot this may will fade into the oblivion of budget cubicles selling bangles, burgers and budgerigars.

Meanwhile, for reasons that escape me, it is packed to the rafters.

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Food paradise

Bedok Point is like a food paradise. There are all kinds of cuisine at your pick, majority are Asian food. On the first floor, there is a chinese dessert shop which I've forgotten the name. It seems not bad, similar to Dessert Story but have more variety. NYDC is not that good as the cakes taste too sweet and the food is too greasy for me. The higher you go, you can find Sushi Tei, Popeye's, The Chicken Rice Stall and the food court is on Level 4. 

If you wish to get something for your pet(s), there's a Pet's Lover shop at the basement. Don't think you will enjoy much if you wish to do shopping. Those apparel stores are like Giordano, Hang Ten and Wanko. I would rather walk out of Bedok Point and shop around since there are more selection and the price is cheaper. Overall, it is definitely a good place for meals. If you stays nearby, chatting till late night is possible since some eateries closed around 2am. You may drop by and take a look but don't pin on high hopes on the apparels.

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Brand New

I love bedok point on mainly two reasons, its has varieties of food and it has a kbox on the top floor. Bedok point is simple and small, nothing really big and fancy but really i think its enough for shoppers too.

I have visited this mall for quite a few times. the kbox at the top floor is really amazing , some of the rooms have a higher sitting sofa and it is really cool. Although cool but going to kbox on weekends or holidays can be really expensive. However, the good thing at kbox is that per person is entitled to two drinks, either alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks.

There are also really nice foods there in bedok point. One such example is the chicken hotpot. I believe this chicken hotpot is rather new in town and i have only seen it at bedok point. I had it with my friend and the hot pot can be very spicy if you wish. Basically its a hot clay pot with chicken in it and you can have it with rice. Also you can add in additional foods like vegetables and other types of meat.

Overall experience of mine at the bedok point is really good and would recommend it to anybody!

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Room for Improvement

If you are looking for a shopping mall that offers a huge variety of food and beverages to choose from, you have got to come to Bedok Point! It is a newly opened mall that offers many restaurants such as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Subway and Sushi Tei. On the down side, if you are looking forward to a shopping spree here at Bedok Point, you might just just get a little disappointed.

For a shopping mall situated in a local estate and nearby an MRT, it is pretty quiet and rather empty as there are barely shoppers in sight. The only time people actually enter the mall is either to have a meal or to head over to the K-Box and TZ-Active for the teenagers. In the mall, there are very little amount of shops that sells fashion and acessories, which is the main reason that explains the minimal amount of shoppers. This may probably be temporary as, some new shops might still be under renovation. Due to the lack of variety in the shops available and since majority of them are restaurants, like most shoppers, i left after an hour in the mall, after having a meal and a quick exploration.

The most disappointing segment would be that, the mall did not fully utilise the units they have. With the closure of the Changi theatre, the mall could probably open a new cinema in its mall (Golden Village or Cathy etc) to attract more potential customers into the mall.

Hopefully, the management of the mall would take into account of these suggestions and make vast improvements to the mall, maximizing its potential and great location.

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A heartland food haven

A heartland food haven!

To shoppers, Bedok Point might be a little — actually, very — disappointing in its lack of fashion retailers. It is, after all, a typical heartland mall built for the convenience of residents. But boy, was I excited to see the food tenants! And extended operating hours till the wee hours of the morning? Bedok supper goers, you’re in luck.

Honestly, the food retailers cannot be more ideal. Maybe I’m biased because I am a total Popeyes’ fan, or that my Sushi Tei fix has to be satisfied once a week. Yes, both retailers can be found in town (which is so much nearer to my place), but since I make a trip to Bedok weekly, Bedok Point appeases me.

Other than accommodating my 2 favourite food tenants, it also houses NYDC, Pastamania, The Manhattan Fish Market, MOS Burger… and the list goes on. It is extremely suitable for family dinners, given the homely atmosphere and accessibility. One thing that annoys, though, is the fact that you have to walk to both ends to get to the escalators. I’ve learnt that this draws the crowd to walk the entire length of the mall (to keep retailers happy, of course), but it sure can get frustrating, especially when you’re rushing for time.

How I wish I had a Bedok Point in my district.

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Heartland mall

I have to say that Bedok Point was a letdown for me. This mall is very small and it consists mainly of eateries. However, it has several fashion retailers such as Mondo, Giordano etc. These retail outlets are enough to satisfy the basic needs of the mall’s visitors, but not much. I would recommend Bedok Point to heartlanders/locals, but not to tourists as the variety in the mall is really not a lot. If you’re looking for some actual window shopping, this is definitely not the place to go. On the other hand, if your objective is just to get some basic necessities or grab a quick bite, this is the place to go.

The good thing about this mall is that its fashion retailers/restaurants sell items at very affordable prices and are not leaning towards the high-end pricing. Hence this is also not the place to go if you’re looking for luxury fashion retailers.

In terms of restaurants, Bedok Point has a really wide variety. The range of restaurants vary from fast-food to quick and casual dining, like Pastamania. As it has many eateries, the mall is a favourite for many families.

Bedok Point has a strategic location, for consumers, at least. Should you face the problem of not being able to find the item you want in the mall itself, you can always walk further down, where you will find a typical heartland ‘market’. This is only a stone’s throw away from the mall, and here you can find more fashion outlets like Bata, or even a pharmacy like Guardian.

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Not outstanding

The Bedok Point is open to the members of the public. A lot of shops are available here for shopping.

Although, it is a very small shopping centre, there are quite a number of shops here to do our shopping. There are 4 levels in this shopping centre and a basement. This place is mainly for eating since all open levels are dominated by eateries. Popular shop outlets over here include Pastamania, Mos Burger, Sushi Tei, Subway, Lerk Thai, Yoshinoya,and some other local food. .

There are also a few retail shops to do our shopping. However, most of the outlets here are typically found in all other shopping centres. But there is nothing much new here too. Generally, I feel that people will come here mostly to eat and do some window shopping as most of the outlets are very common elsewhere too. It is too small to sustain a proper shopping trip. The supermarket here will serve it’s task well for bedok residents. I feel that homemakers and people who are going back home from work or school might just drop here to buy back food for dinner. Other than that, I feel that this shopping centre is pretty standard.

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