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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Developed around a movie-set theme, the carefully chosen tenant-mix gives visitors a choice of entertainment activities including lifestyle retail shopping, casual dining at cafes and bistros as well as a themed food court. Attracting mostly youths and teens, the mall stays bustling and vibrant with a myriad of leisure activities by housing a popular karaoke chain and e-gaming centre, as well as twelve movie halls operated by Cathay Cineplexes.

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A mall for the younger generation.

I used to visit Cathay Cineleisure Orchard during my secondary school days and thankfully the place hasn't changed much since then. The cinema is still pretty much the same, not the best cinema in town (especially after Shaw @ Lido completed their renovations), but nothing much to complain about.

The shops there cater mainly to teenagers, which is not surprising since the crowd is made up of mostly teenagers. They also have an entire level dedicated specially for gamers which I've heard of but personally never visited before.

With a cinema, a few fast food restaurants, a gaming centre and some shops, Cineleisure is really a one-stop haven for the younger generation. They do have a few slightly more "high-end" shops there (Fred Perry and the likes), but these shops are generally quiet even on weekends because teenagers don't usually frequent such shops.

This place is crowded both on weekdays and weekends - on weekdays you'll spot groups of teenagers in uniforms enjoying the afternoon after school in the morning; on weekends you'll spot the same groups of teenagers, except that they're in home clothes and not in school uniforms anymore. And well, don't be surprised if you see teenagers who look way underage smoking outside the mall because that's a common sight.

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An Old Favourite Hangout

Orchard Cineleisure is an old favourite of mine. Many people may be going there just to catch a movie, but little do they know, there’s so much more to this senior citizen of a shopping centre.

My friends and I like to go to E2max centre on the 9th floor of Orchard Cineleisure. This huge entertainment centre has rooms with games consoles and a whole array of Xbox and Wii games for you to choose from, providing hours of entertainment on end. For those guys bored out of their wits while waiting for their mothers, sisters or girlfriends to finish shopping, why not play some Xbox games instead of spending your time unfruitfully outside H&M?

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Only the cinema attracts me

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard has been in this scene for a long while, way before malls like Ion, 313 Somerset, Mandarin came along! It is still good to know that they do constant renovations to keep up with the outlook, and recently, i was pleased to know their toilets underwent a renovation and it looks cleaner than before.

However, the only attraction in Cineleisure is the Cinema. Cathay Cinemas is one of the biggest, and i like their cinemas for its free drinks for student prices, various credit card discounts and very nice and comfy seats!

The other shops are pretty normal, and tend to sell trendy clothes that can be seen in Far East Plaza. I'd recommend the Editors Market on the top floor, as in my opinion, they offer one of the trendiest stuff in the mall. Food varieties in Cineleisure is mediacore with mainly fast food like KFC, LJS and budget joints like Pastamania. It is mainly a ideal place for teens!

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I love the cinema!

Cine is really a great place for movies because there are so many movie theatres within it and best of all, some of the cinemas have the couple sofa seats which are rare in other cinemas unless you pay more perhaps? Because there are so many theatres, there is a wide array of movies to choose from and movie timings seem more too!

Other that movies, Editors Market is another great place to visit. Other than that, the shops there sell rather expensive clothes so I would rather go Bugis Street and get cheap thrills!

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Mall for youths

Cineleisure Orchard is at best, a mall for youths only. Most of the stores sell apparel and accessories targeted at a largely younger crowd so there isn't much variety in terms of the shops around the mall.

It is also usually packed to the brim with throngs of teenagers and young adults, especially on weekends since there is a movie theatre on the upper levels and I personally prefer to watch movies elsewhere; it's much too crowded for me.

One cool thing about Cineleisure is that it houses various indie brands. One of my favourite stores, Books Actually, an indie bookstore used to be there but unfortunately (and very sadly) it closed down. The Editor's Market took over and it sells ladies' apparel from a variety of indie clothing brands, but the clothes are quite pricey so don't go in unless you're willing to break your budget.

I love Cineleisure mainly because of the store on the third floor called Beadstreet which sells extremely affordable and hip accessories starting from 90 cents; I always go there to get my earrings.

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Great experience

Cineleisure, I would say, is basically a giant cinema that throws in food and shopping for those who has nothing to do before or after the movie. I don't know about others, but I only visit Cine for Cathay (which I believe is the best cinema franchise in Singapore).

But the food and shopping are not too shabby either.

At every level, there is at least one restaurant. Of course, the basement has the most food and the more affordable ones too. If you're on a diet but feel hungry, kill the popcorn and drop by Javier's salad for a -- get this, plate where you can take as much food (salad items which includes pasta, hashbrowns and the likes) as you can pile.

There's quite a number of affordable accessories shops here too! You should take a quick detour to level two to take a look at this cool shop that sells skateboards (Opp Xin Wang cafe).

So bring along your friends or families to cine for movie, food and shopping - everything a Singaporean needs. ;)

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Affordable food in Orchard!

Being conveniently situated at Somerset and just a few minutes walk away from the MRT station, it definitely has its attraction. Not only that, it is also right next to the currently 'in' H&M - making it a viable place for people to have lunch after shopping.

What's more, the variety of food choices within Cineleisure (as well as the price) makes it a good place to have lunch in Orchard without burning a hole in your pocket! However, the layout of the place does irritate me a little sometimes, with the escalators located so that you have to walk one round to go upstairs.

Shopping-wise, the Cineleisure offers some affordable options (mostly on pushcarts), but most of the goods sold there are overpriced in my opinion. I would instead suggest shopping at Scape underground/flea markets just outside!

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For the movies, or a few great shops

Cineleisure Orchard is mostly known as a youth hangout for movies. However apart from the cinema, there are many other great shops and eateries to take a look at.

Beadstreet is one of my favourite shops in Cineleisure as it sells really affordable accessories, iphone casings and nail polish! They have an extremely wide selection of nail polish to choose from. The iPhone casings can even go as cheap as $2 which is a real great buy. The Editor's Market is another of my favourite shop with pretty clothes and accessories but the stuff are pretty expensive, so I usually just go there to take a look. Best Fries Forever at the basement level is a great place to get cheese fries. Although they're pretty unhealthy, they taste really good.

Cineleisure orchard is also next to the popular youth hangout spot, *SCAPE. And just across the road from the H&M building making it extremely accessible :)

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For the youths, poor layout

In terms of food, this mall has the usual fast-food restaurants and a food court, as well as a few other options. There is not much that distinguish this mall apart from others in terms of food and more often than not I find myself eating at other places instead.

Some of the shops in this mall are rather unique and have niche offerings, such as comics. As a place for youths, I will say it has catered to their tastes and preferences. The E2Max at the top floors is also a great place to hangout. I like the rooms which allows us to have our own fun and privacy, while not disturbing others. However, the prices can be on the steep side, especially the LAN.

One thing I particularly dislike about the mall is that the 9th floor is only accessible by lift. There were times when my movie was at the 9th floor and I had to walk down 9 storeys of flights. The lifts are usually overcrowded and there is no guarantee you will get on the next lift, thus it can get frustrating when you are rushing for time.

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Losing it's hype but still hip

There was a period in time where the E2Max was the talk of town, where many youngsters would organize their LAN gaming sessions there or play console games with friends in individual rooms. Now that similar concept shops have been popping up everywhere, E2Max have been losing its hype and there were even times I find it to be pathetically empty.

No doubts, Cathy Cineleisure automatically qualifies to be the youngsters' mall for there's so many activities they can indulge in other than shopping or eating. There's a Kpool to fulfill your sporting needs, a K-box to satisfy your vocal needs, a cinema catered to your visual needs, E2Max to fit your gaming needs.

One thing I hated about the design of Cathay Cineleisure is the mall design, in particularly the lifts. While the escalators goes up to the 6th story at max if I recall correctly, some of the cinema rooms are on the 9th story, where E2Max is located as well. I've no idea what's in between but in order to get to the 9th story, one will need to take the extremely packed lift. It becomes really bothersome especially when you're rushing for your shows and the life is so packed that you can't board it.

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