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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Causeway Point , is the seventh largest suburban shopping malls in Singapore, located in the town centre of Woodlands, a town in the north of Singapore. Located beside the Woodlands MRT Station and the underground Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange, it has 250 retail outlets spread over seven floors and two basement levels. Among any other shopping malls in Singapore, this one is the closest to Malaysia. Causeway Point is located in the heart of Woodlands Regional Centre, next to the Woodlands MRT station and bus interchange. With more than 250 shops, it is the largest mall in the Frasers Centrepoint Malls group. Anchor tenants are Banquet, Cathay Cineplexes, Cold Storage, Courts, Kiddy Palace, Mega Food Mall, Metro, POPULAR Bookstore, Timezone and Uniqlo. In 2004, Causeway Point was voted Best Suburban Mall by The Straits Times and awarded the Best A&P Effort Award by the Singapore Retailers Association. Parents rooms are located at every level (next to the toilets). Shoppers can enjoy free Wi-Fi access with [email protected] Causeway Point is currently embarking on a 30-month, $72million facelift to better serve the residents in Woodlands. To improve visibility of shops and create new retail space in prime locations, escalators at the mall will be moved to more convenient areas of the mall. A new food and beverage cluster on level five will be created and new retail offers will be introduced to the revamped mall.

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A large mall with a mix of everything

Causeway Point is a mall I visited weekly when I was twelve. The Civics Library just 5 minutes walk away provided a foolproof excuse for me and my BFF to enjoy an afternoon in the mall. While our parents thought we were conscientiously mugging our hearts out in the library, we were in fact watching a movie at the Cathay Cineplex on the highest floor, happily pigging out at the food-court or playing DDR in Timezone. The place certainly brought us a lot of joy in those days!

The Causeway Point was considered one of the nicest and largest neighbourhood mall when it was first built, but in order to keep on par with the increasingly new and popular malls popping up in the vincinity (i.e AMK hub), Causeway Point has recently undergone a huge renovation, and it is now even bigger and better! While some of the older shops like Metro still resides there, there has been an inclusion of many more shops, some even branded like Uniqlo! There is also the addition of Texas Chicken, the first branch in the North!

Causeway Point indeed houses many shops, ranging from Telcos to food joints to fashionable shops and fun and games. They also have two food courts, one serving halal food and the other the food court I love to dine at since young.

It is definitely a mall worth exploring! A word of caution though, the mall gets crazily packed on weekends, but it just highlights the popularity of this mall, doesn't it?

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CWP > Northpoint

Causeway Point had been rendered almost unrecognizable after its renovation, but for the better.

The North usually disappoints in the shopping area, but after Causeway Point’s renovation (albeit many years ago), the retail and dining options have vastly increased. Causeway Point is home to plenty of eateries with Student Promotions, and is hence a favourite among students studying in Woodlands Regional Library right opposite. With trendy retail stores such as Cotton On, Factorie and Uniqlo, Causeway Point is probably the only mall you can actually spend a day shopping in up North today.

Housing a cinema, an arcade and a halal food court, Causeway Point is the hang-out place for residents from the North.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

A great time at Causeway Point

Despite that Causeway Point's pretty near from where I live, I rarely visit the mall. I did not understand the "appeal factor". Back then, students would hang out in the mall just to take neoprints. That was in the past. Thankfully, now that the mall's newly renovated, Causeway Point has a lot more to offer.

There are a couple stores that stand out.(strictly my opinion.) Uniqlo is definitely one of them. The prices are relatively afforadable. The clothes' got a great quality as well. Staff with positive attitude. Check. A ready smile. Check. Going that "extra mile". Check. They definitely deserve an applaud. Located at level 2, BUBBLE TEES sells girly tops and dresses. Pinkish and colourful apparels are not for me, but general speaking, girly ladies will like them. Just a side note; they'll be moving to level 4 once the renovation is complete. MIMOSA is another marvelous store. The shoes are real pretty and affordable. A boat shoe can cost about $20. Quality's pretty good. Only issue? The cashier kept looking at my direction, which can be rather uncomfortable.

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Still,only the movie theatre seems to be the most appealing

Personally, I feel that despite the huge renovation done to Causeway point, the only one thing that attracts me is the Cathay movie theatre. Although many new retail outlets have been reopened, I just feel that they are still insufficient to appeal to my likings, as a shopper. All of them are the common retail outlets that I could find anywhere else.

I would say that it is a good point that Causeway Point has movie theatre in it as the Cathay movie theatre never fails to bring in hundreds and even thousands of patrons every week. The theatre is located at the top level of the building.

Another plus point also comes from the wide variety of restaurants, cafe, and food joints which will spoil you with choices. It is not difficult to satisfy your hungry stomach here.

The new retail shops are seen to be benefiting despite the numbers of shoppers coming in everyday. Taking different approach from the old Causeway Point, the shops are seen to be more appealing in the eyes of the shoppers. Located just next to the Woodlands MRT Station and Regional Bus Interchange, Causeway Point can be accessed easily by the customers who are staying further from Woodlands area. The Woodlands Residents are definitely pleased with this revamped shopping mall.

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Cathay Movie Theatre
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causeway point has gone through major renovations. and it did not close while that was going on so it was a major pain to have gone there while they were in the midst of their renovations. it's different now cause i think 99% if not all of the renovations have been completed!

i am most pleased with their new basement. many many new stalls have been added and the space has been better utilized to provide more eateries for consumers.

resident retailer metro is still there and you can get a alot of things in metro. new more upmarket stores have also been added like dorothy perkins and it adds a little class to this neighbourhood shopping complex.

i also believe that there are many malaysians at the shopping mall as it is close to the causeway.

as it has only recently revamped, be prepared for the crowd there as curious shoppers check out the new shopping mall.

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Newly Renovated Mall with a new face-lift

Causeway Point has recently upgraded and renovated. It now looks a lot nicer and modern as compared to the past. With its newly upgraded mall, they now do have a lot of shops and stores, not to forget their cinema and their basement food level. They do have a lot of food (fast-food and restaurants) options to choose from. Not only that, you will be amazed by how much it has renovated.

I used to pass by here in the past as I used to school nearby for the past few years. The mall still remain spacious and it used to be, and are able to hold a lot more shops. After the face-lift, I would really say that it has looked a lot classier after the new face-lift. Of course, they still do have 2 food-courts other than the fast-foods and restaurants. At almost every level, there are two sets of escalators (one on each side) for people to use. At least, you need not worry about having a crowd where people are queuing up to use the escalator. Ever since the face-lift, they have attracted a lot more people to shop in this mall, where there are shops selling apparels, electronics, food, snacks, jewellery and a lot others.

However, be expected of crowds or people on weekends and public holidays in the mall as it is one of the only malls and also with a cinema in heartland Woodlands.

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New improved Causeway Point

Causeway Point is really far from where i lived, but after a few visits to the place, i find that it is a great place to do a lot of things. Prior to the renovations, CWP is already a relatively big mall with many many categories of shops. i could dine there on crystal jade steamboat buffet, seoul garden, pasta, fast food and local fare at two different food courts, shop for groceries, clothes, electronics, movies. With the renovations completing soon, CWP has expanded into a even better centre. The basement has transformed into a level with a lot of food choices, from finger food to light snacks to main courses, covering almost the whole level. There have been new shops entering the location including UNIQLO and some other well known fashion outlets.

The thing that most amazed me was how the mall management and the developers re-developed and expanded the whole location. Levels were expanded by expanding areas which were previously not there, escalators were shifted, the interior design of the main lobby was enhanced. A whole lot of space was created and this was done without much disturbances to the consumers. CWP used to be really crowded before but with this expansion, the whole place is now able to accommodate the crowd much better. Now all that is left is to see how to adjust the traffic management cause there is still only one entrance and one exit.

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A different style with new inner self & touch-up...

Causeway Point is just a station stop away from my living estate. Consider one of the large heartland malls and stationed just right infront of Woodlands station.

It has recently done a facelift. The majority add-ons are some new apparel and eateries outlets. There are advantages and plus points after the changes. Like for instance, the categories theme of all outlets are well spread and segregated. The bakeries, restaurants, groceries outlet, health care personal stores are focused at basement 1. Convenient store of 7-11, snack food stalls, fast food outlets, trendy wear and accessories shops etc. are located at 1st level. For 2nd level onwards will be a combination of all categories, eg. Apparel shops, eateries, mobile shops, bookshops and entertainment lifestyles etc. At least, I can save up my stamina, and no need to merry-go-around and up-and-down the escalator to purchase my stuffs. I can grab all the stuffs I need conveniently at the same level.

The only and one thing I am not satisfied with, will be at basement 1 near the escalator area. Although, it’s spacious, but limited seats and the carpet can be recognized as the former recycled stuff which looks not only cheap, but dirty too. Some maintenance improvement should be done to it. Like replacing of new carpet, add more sitting benches for resting and table-stands for munching a quick bite.

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Varieties of eateries
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New surprises awaits.

With ongoing renovations and entry of new shops, Causeway Point has now more variety of shops for shoppers to choose from. In addition, there are also many eateries on the first level, right at the entrance, such as Old Chang Kee, Breadtalk, Macdonald's and more in the basement of the malls.

In addition, the mall has now gotten bigger than before with the ongoing renovations to fully utilise the space available in the mall. This mall is ready to bring new surprises to its shoppers! The best part is, there would always be a mini event on the first level of the mall, just right in front of the entrance of Metro, where sales and car conventions are held.

However, the downside of the mall would be that occasionally, it gets really crowded on the esclators up the levels of the mall, making it almost impossible to get on without a little pushing and shoving on weekends. I hope the mall would look into this and maybe, increase the amount of esclators in the mall to cater to the increasing amount of shoppers.

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