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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

City Square Mall, located at the junction of Serangoon and Kitchener Roads, sits on the site of Singapore's historic New World Park. Having close proximity to Little India, one of the Top 5 must-see tourist spots, with direct connection to Farrer Park MRT station, it hopes to attract both local and tourist shoppers. With over 700,000 sq ft of gross retail space, spread over five retail levels, two basements and four levels of lifestyle services, it is home to about 200 tenants that caters to the lifestyle needs of today's discerning mid-income families. Offering a wide array of value-for-money merchandise and services, exciting promotional activities, street fare as well as international cuisine, City Square Mall is envisioned as a miniature 'town-centre' which provides the perfect setting for the community to meet, play and shop while acquiring an eco-learning experience.

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Eco friendly mall..?

I first knew about City Square Mall being an eco-friendly mall only after I stepped foot into this place. I would have expected a mall like this to be widely advertised, and although I have seen advertisements promoting this place, I have never known it to be an eco-friendly mall. Well, never mind that - after all, the mall looks just like a normal shopping mall to me...

This place is hardly ever crowded, be it on weekdays or weekends, and if I were to make a guess I'd suppose it's largely because of it's location. City Square Mall is situated at Farrer Park MRT amidst Little India - not a ideal location to attract the local crowd and/or the foreigners.

City Square Mall is definitely not a place for shopping, and if I had to label this place, I would say it's more of a place for food. The only times I've visited this place is for the restaurant Saizeriya, which sells Italian/Japanese food at dirt cheap prices. And you'll be surprised to know that the food actually tastes really, really good. My favourite dish would be the escargots - tasty, delicious and very mouth watering. Plus point? It's cheap as well.

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For those who like the peace and quiet

For some reason, my mom just LOVES City Square Mall, I on the other hand don't. We even had a argument last weekend on whether we should go to to City Square or Vivo City. (I lost)

One main thing that I don't really enjoy coming to City Square is its lack of shopping. There are some small-scale boutiques, but nothing more than that. The one "mainstream" clothes outlet would be a Cotton On on the first level which is pretty common else where as well. I was also quite discontent when I found out the Popular on the ground level had closed in favour of opening up a huge Toys R Us.

City Square Mall is pretty much like any other shopping centre in Singapore, with its fair share of hyper markets (a huge NTUC on the ground level), food courts (Food Republic on the top floor), and other general shops where you can literally find at any shopping mall. There are hardly any entertainment venues, except for a pretty pathetic Time Zone and a movie theatre that is still undergoing construction.

However, the mall has opened up a new space on the top floor next to the Food Republic, where it has been transformed into a place selling indie clothes brands and other cheap knickknacks. The entire section has a really 1970s vibe to it, in terms of the general decorating and there was even a few old-timer pieces on display! My dad took special interest in one of the old type-writers and my mom even exclaimed how that the olden TV sets could "open and close!". I was probably most impressed by the cashier, who was dressed in smart overalls, with a red bandanna around her neck, and looked like she had just stepped out from the 1970s!

For shopping addicts, I would definitely give City Square a miss. As for people who wish a new plague be a-coming every time they meet with the weekend crowds surges, City Square Mall is the one for you. Parking might be a problem though, for the last time I went we had to drive around for about 15 minutes before we could even find a parking spot.

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A ghost town on weekdays

Citysquare is a lacklustre eco-friendly mall located near fareer park and Little India, which explains the low volume of crowd and hype over it.

My mum and I go there occassionally because we had free shuttle buses near our house. Please check the shuttle bus schedule if you are interested. Besides a major departmental store Metro, there really isnt any thing worthy of a trip there because shops there like Charles and keith, Cotton on are common stores around the whole of Singapore. There is nothing new that Citysquare can provide hence there are practically nobody when we went on weekdays. However, couples or family who prefer some peace can treat this place as a solace.

With the recent GV Cinemas opening at Citysquare mall, i hope it helps to improve and liven the crowd atmosphere or sooner or later, this mall may fold.

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City Square is definitely not the best place for shopaholics. The whole mall lacks a friendly and inviting vibe that most shopping malls have. The variety of shops are huge but they are generally unappealing to me. There are a lack of proper shops that sell trendy clothes and pretty accessories, just plenty of shops that I just walked past and never went into. There are some pushcarts stores as well. Again, nothing special.

The food selection was normal. Lots of restaurants that could be found elsewhere so there's nothing special about them. There's Breeks, HK Cafe and Andersens. There's nothing worth a special trip down to City Square for. However, one good point I have to point on is that the mall is very well-ventilated and clean. No weird smells or overflowing litter bins. This is an extremely clean mall, probably due to its Clean & Green philosophy. This mall is a nice mall if you are just looking for an air-conditioned place to escape from the sweltering heat. You can also consider this mall if you have active young children. The small crowd of this place will enhance the safety of your children. Otherwise, I would recommend you to skip this mall and go straight to Mustafa instead. At least at Mustafa, it feels livelier!

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First and foremost, a credit for the City square mall! It is the first ever eco shopping centre in Singapore and of course, it serves as a platform for other buildings in Singapore to go green as well! I love the toilets which are really nice and clean.

The first time I entered City Square mall, I was feeling excited. Unfortunately, the mall was nothing but disappointment.

As much as there are many different kinds of shops in City Square mall, those shops do not really appeal much to me. Generally, the mall is very quiet and empty. It would probably be a good place to stroll but there are nothing much to shop and buy from. However, I would say that there is a huge selection of food at the basement of City Square mall. Some of the stalls are usually quite ''indie'' and not those franchise food stalls that you would see outside. One of which is the "Hot-star large fried chicken" stall that is originally from Taiwan. The chicken is really crispy and tender, definitely worth trying.

Apart from the wide selection of food, I would say that the mall itself is pretty much a disappointment. I supposed being there once is more than enough for it does not have any factor which would attract me from going back there.

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(Updated: May 12, 2012)

A great family shopping mall with shuttle bus services.

With a few minutes walking distance from Farrer Park Mrt Station, you can land yourself in an eco-friendly mall, City Square mall.

Unlike other malls in Singapore, City Square mall adopts the 'green' concept where it uses solar as its source of energy.

I've been there for a few times and I could say that this mall is not really popular among the youngsters. It is more towards the family-friendly concept and definitely, its visitors are mostly families and children.

Nothing really special about the shops as you can find the shops in other malls such as cotton on fashion store, Giordano , body shop,etc. And some food chains such as KFC,McDonald, Aston's,etc.

I also find it pretty difficult to get a cab from the mall, taxi stand queue is not so spacious. However, the good thing is, the mall provides shuttle bus service from different areas such as Toa payoh,Novena,Kallang, and Balestier. The waiting room is not so spacious but the good thing is there is staff who will direct the flow of traffic so as to avoid chaos. The shuttle bus would usually be ready for boarding every 30 minutes and it is always on time. Hence, this mall is so accessible by everyone and we don't have to worry about any transport matter.

I would recommend this mall to families and children. It's a good family place to hang out,shop,dine. On top of that, the mall hold children entertainment for the weekends.

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An unique, relax, eco-environment style shopping...

I remembered first visited City Square Mall, when I attended one of the local’s media anniversary celebration event held there. It was held at the space outside Metro departmental store at level 1. Just like any other ordinary shopping malls, it is located at nearby station (Farrer Park).

I like the FairPrice Xtra, not only it has large floor space, but it comprised of wide varieties with special section selling Taiwanese and Japanese stuffs. Somewhere in the middle of the supermarket, I discovered this circular sitting area whereby adults, elderly, children and anyone can take a rest, while waiting for their family members to shop for groceries.

If you fancy countryside sort of western lifestyle, then I would recommend the new ‘Lalu’ store. Here, you can find the latest collections of fashion wear, accessories, stationeries, interior and decor, household products etc. It definitely gives you a rustic feeling when you are roaming at the store.
Another high end shop, which offer the latest trend of evening gowns & wear is ‘Daniel Yam’ boutique. Other popular trend shops included Bysi, CottonOn, Hush Puppies, Iora, Giordano etc.

For food delights, you can have wide range of choices to choose, Halal foodcourt – Banquet, non-Halal foodcourt – Kopitiam, fast food outlets, Western, Asian, Japanese restaurant and other light snack.

This mall is also parent-kid and family friendly, whereby parent can bring their kids to special facilities included, eco-playground, kids corner, play fountain etc. And can even rent a baby pram or kiddy cab from the baby/kid facilities. Elderly people can easily find resting corners to sit or even can rent wheelchairs to ease their movement.

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Fountain square
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Nice quiet mall

City Square Mall is a great place to go if you want to shop without all the noise and crowds. Perhaps because it is relatively new and because of its location, it is pretty quiet comparative to other malls, even on weeknights. It is pretty inconvenient to go to because it is in the middle of the purple line and not at any intersection.

My greatest impression of this mall is the impressive toilets. They are extremely spacious and there is a giant full length mirror which would definitely please the girls.

The City Square Mall Seoul Garden branch is my friends and my favourite. The service there is impeccable and the experience is always enjoyable! One complain is that although the mall is very large, the toilets are only located at one corner of the mall, thus when we want to excuse ourselves in the middle of the meal, we have to take a very long walk and spend quite some time before arriving back to our seat.

There are also quite a few retail and F&B shops different from other malls, such as one tiny shop selling Japanese bread, but this would not be a place to find bargains as most shops sell things at quite a high price.

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Everything under the sun!

After a day of checking out Mustafa Centre, there is a mall, not a distance from it, called City Square Mall. If i am not wrong, it is built quite recently. When it was first opened, there were simply nothing and i guess not all shops are even open or patronize yet. Nevertheless, the place is becoming popular with the locals and tourists who are around the corner.

It has almost everything under the sun. There is NTUC, a local supermarket which is big and if you can't find anything at Mustafa Centre, you can drop by here to see if there is any. Sometimes i do come here for something cheaper than what Mustafa Centre offers. There are quite a few eateries here which is located on the first level and basement levels. You can find something as cheap as Banquet, Macdonald's and Long John Silver and as expensive as Aston's.

On the top levels, there are educational centres and also hair salons. I have seen expatriates sending their kids to these centres and i too have a friend who is working as a hair stylists at one of the hair salons.

The toilets are always cleaned. I have yet to explore the whole mall because i heard it is eco-friendly and i have yet to see the rooftop level.

Overall, it is a good mall to find everything that you need.

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