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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Funan DigitaLife Mall is Asia’s leading IT shopping mall, with the latest, most innovative, and widest range of genuine and value-for-money IT and electronic gadgets. With its extensive range and perfect blend of retail, restaurants and entertainment, there is something for every taste and interest! Bring your DigitaLife online by joining Funan’s Facebook page – we’ll provide tech support, lifestyle tips, updates on fantastic promotions and great giveaways.

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For Laymen's Convenience

Funan IT Mall is not a place for the best deals but compared to the infamous Sim Lim Square, Funan Stores have more credibility and helpful customers services.

It has a wide range of photographic equipment and computer shops. The prices may hang around the same as the market rates, but there is room for buyers to push for more bargains or steal some freebies over the purchases. At least the prices there will not overceed the overall profit margin across the country.

At the 6th Floor of the Mall, there are assigned Customer Services counters answering your woes on newly bought but dysfunctional gadgets.

Challenger #06-00, John 3:16 #05-46, PC Pro Computer Services #04-22 are the stores I frequent to purchase professional cameras, harddisks or headphones.

If you are a layman user of harddisks or headphones, these are the places that you can visit.

If you are into the DNAs of the gadgets, John 3:16 is a great place to head to.

Otherwise, I will still recommend heading back to Sim Lim Square.

Please! Stay away from Sapura Synergy.
If you are looking to fix your Mac, head up to IDT Gallery of Sim Lim Square. Apple Service centre technical consultation cost $79 non-refundable whether you want to fix your mac or not. They do not have replacement for tiny faulty parts. They will replace the whole motherboard if it’s only the graphic card that is faulty. (You get what I mean?)

You will end up with a $1000 bill to change the whole motherboard. As for me, I got my graphic card changed at $450 with free consultation at IDT Gallery. All Apple Service Centres function this way. The front desk officers and technicians are not the wise advisers of technical parts. Your knowledge may supercede theirs.

After shopping for gadgets, there are many nice restaurants and a cozy food court serving great food.

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Some credibility, at least

Funan, like the infamous Sim Lim Square, is home to many independent and chain electronic retailers. Located near City Hall Mrt, Funan is highly accessible and has a variety of eateries as well to cater to the working crowd from the various offices near the mall. As Funan is also next to SMU, I frequent the place for lunch and sometimes to window shop for electronic gadgets.

I find the mall's layout a little confusing at times. I can never seem to remember where the DBS atm is. The only thing I can remember is Challenger on the top floor and the various eateries on the ground floor. Or maybe it is just my sense of direction failing. Anyway, Funan is a great place to buy electronics. It might not be the best priced, as some people might have mentioned, but it certainly houses a great variety. Furthermore you can walk into various shops to do a price comparison for a product; they are mostly the same but some owners might just be nice enough to give you a discount. When all else fails, Challenger will most likely have what you are looking for.

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For The Less Experienced

As a PC enthusiast, I used to find Funan an interesting place to go, with the floor wide Challenger outlet and numerous shops all about PCs. Once I found out about Sim Lim Square and with a friend opening a shop there, Funan pales in comparison. Firstly, the whole mall is filled with retailers selling either laptops or cameras. That's the impression I get and there are hardly any stores for PC enthusiasts to purchase parts for their next PC or to get some supplies. Sim Lim Square has that and more, if you know where to look.

If you're shopping for a laptop and want somewhere with more choice and bang for buck than Harvey Norman, Courts or any of these places, Funan is for you. With 5 - 6 floors for you to gander before making the purchase, there's definitely a great deal out there. However, if you're looking to build a rig or get that new gaming keyboard/mouse, look at Sim Lim Square instead.

Fortunately, Funan is great for console gamers as well! A number of shops are dedicated to console gaming, with titles new and old filling the wall in the different shops available. There are even demos for you to try out the consoles before deciding on your purchase, great customer service there I'd say!

Lastly, I still would not look at Funan for my next PC upgrade or to get my new keyboard/mouse. Sim Lim Square offers much more variety and value if you know where to look. However, Funan does have its good points for the stability and if you're looking for a laptop, this is the place to go.

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Not seedy
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I have never really enjoyed coming to this mall unless it was to look at IT products and I must say, my last visit to this place made me change my mind.

This mall, has practically everything related to IT. Well, one fine sunday noon, my good friend wanted to get a new camera and thus we headed down to this huge mall filled with shops selling IT products.

We actually combed every level and every shop to compare the prices and i must say the shops available is indeed a wide range which has all the latest products you want to fine. Not to mention the storeowners are very helpful and welcoming to assist you and they do not try to market and make you buy their products. My friend went to check the price and just left the shop, and the shop keeper just gave him a smile. Instead of most store owners who would try to get him to stay and sell the product to him.

This mall is indeed good for those looking for a particular IT product as you can do your comparison and checks all in the same building! And they have good food too!

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Sim Lim Square's younger brother

Although Funan DigitaLife Mall seems to be more sleek and modern than the old Sim Lim Square, the shops here do not fair as well as Sim Lim Square's. Funan DigitaLife Mall is a mall dedicated to electronic gadgets such as cameras, laptops, and tablets and handphones. They also have other shops as well, but the most of the shops are selling electronic gadgets. I haven't been here a whole lot, because I personally prefer Sim Lim Square, but of the times I've been here to look for specific electronic gadgets, I hadn't found them at this mall.

I feel like Funan DigitaLife Mall is slightly more "atas" than Sim Lim Square. I like Sim Lim Square as there is a wider variety of each item, and there are more options to choose from. Also, Sim Lim Square has shops that sell specific hardware should I be looking for it, while Funan mainly sells factory made electronic goods.

Depending on what your needs are, Funan may not be the electronic mall you were hoping for.

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For hardware enthusiasts, Sim Lim Square is much better

For the majority of the populace, the multitude of fancy gadgets and electronic devices constitutes IT, but for hardware enthusiasts like me, it is not so.

Funan is more catered for the masses. It is more organized and cleaner looking, but it is also simplified and dumbed-down. Most stores there sell electronic goods, but there are a good number of other stores as well. This includes a stationery store that sells a wide range of paper (campus paper!). For the stores that sell electronics, many of them do not offer specialized hardware.

If you are attempting to build your own computer, avoid Funan and go straight to Sim Lim Square. There are a much wider range of shops there that offer computer parts, and I find that the intense competition there motivates the storeowners to keep updated on the latest computer technologies, making them more qualified to give you advice.

However, do visit Funan for the great camera shop (John 3:16

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IT gadgets aside...

I'm not a tech-gadget person, so I cannot comment much on the IT aspect of Funan(which takes up majority of this building). However, I do know that Funan is one of the trusted places to obtain whatever electronic finery you require.

What I like best about Funan when I visited for the first time, is The Stationery Superstore located on Level 2. Products are imported from Japan, from the kawaii side(Sanrio) to files and pens. Their staff are friendly, and have a good knowledge of their products(you'll be surprised how rare it is in a stationery store). I couldn't resist the kawaii area, and purchased letter sets. $7.90 per pack, but of good quality and lovely designs, so it's worth it.

I would definitely go back again when my letter sets supply runs out, it's irresistible.

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Tech junkie's paradise

Just like its neighbour, Peninsula Plaza, which is the gathering point of Myanmar people in Singapore, Funan is the place for tech junkies who are not looking for a cheap deal. Specialising in hardware, software and video games and entertainment, virtually all the service you need for your computer, Xbox and Nintendo can be found in the mall.

So when is the best time to visit Funan? I would advise during the Christmas season, when the stores as a whole launch their Christmas season sales. As Funan deals with hardware and software of good quality, it is a chance not to be missed. The budget i'll advocate would be around $500 to $1,000 if you're looking at a reasonable haul. Should you be looking at bigger purchases, there are ATM machines operated by OCBC, CitiBank, POSB in the vicinity or you can just bring your credit card, all stores offer credit card payment.

Don't miss this tech junkie's paradise

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Game shops

Before the government tightened the piracy law, Sim Lim Square was the place to visit to get games. At that time, at least 25% of the shops were selling pirated games. But times had changed and now we can only buy original games.

Funan Centre has at least 4 shops selling games compared to 2 in Sim Lim Square. So logically, if you want to buy games, you will go to Funan Centre. With the four shops, you can easily compare the prices before deciding to buy from which shop.

A point to note, if a title is cheaper in one shop, it does not mean that all titles in that shop are cheaper so it is still better to make a title by title comparisons between the shops.

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Geek Heaven

Welcome to Geek Heaven.

Every possible IT gadget can be found here. Ok, not every gadget, but pretty close. Not a geek myself (ahem), but I still love coming to this mall even just to window shop. The computers and laptops to drool over and plethora of games to browse through can easily take up most of a weekend afternoon.

Compared to Sim LIm Square, Funan has a reputation of being safer with salesmen less likely to cheat you. That's not exactly true. Most of the shops in Funan have branches in Sim Lim and the sales staff can and are sometimes interchanged. These staff are under immense pressure to hit their sales target as the bulk of their income comes from commissions, so cheating is just as likely in Funan as in Sim Lim. Its just that Funan has a more upper class feel.

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The safer "Sim Lim Square"

Funan DigitaLife might not be the usual mall which caters to your shopping needs but it definitely is big enough to satisfy your technological wants.

Comparing Funan with Sim Lim Square (SLS), which also specializes in electronical and IT products, I tend to feel safer shopping here for I've yet to hear unreasonable overcharging cases happening here unlike SLS, which happened from time to time.

Other than the shops selling IT related products, there's also a stationery shop on the 2nd level which is quite big in size. While it may be huge and carries many various stationary, I don't find it the prices worthwhile to make the trip down specially for that purpose. The shop caters more to the offices around the area or only perhaps to shopper who happened to be around the vicinity.

There are also a wide variety of food options available in the mall, ranging from fast food restaurants such as KFC, to cafes like TCC or the rather expensive Japanese restaurant right in the middle of the first level (I forgotten the name of the restaurant).

In conclusion, Funan DigitaLife is the mall to look out for if you've an electronic or IT related product to buy. Other than that, you would probably do better shopping at other malls.

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