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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Great World City at the fringe of Orchard Road and bounded by Kim Seng, River Valley and Zion Roads and Kim Seng Promenade is a mixed-use development. The whole development comprises of retail, office and serviced apartments. For shoppers' convenience, there are more than 1,000 car park lots to meet shoppers' parking needs as well as shuttle bus services to and from Orchard, City Hall & Chinatown MRT. The shopping mall which is over 400,000 sq.ft. of shopping space, boasting an exciting shop mix with anchor stores like 6-screen Golden Village cineplex, Cold Storage supermarket, Food Junction foodcourt, ZARA & Best Denki electrical store. Indulge in over 20 F&B outlets, including Kuriya Dining, Ichiban Boshi, Imperial Treasures (Cantonese Cuisine), Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, CZ'ZAR, Bangkok Jam, Sapparo Ramen Bishamon, Bentendo Pasta & Cafe, Starbucks Coffee & more. Or simply revel in the variety of products and services from fashionwear, furniture & furnishing, gifts & electronics to banking, beauty & hair services, laundry & more. Great World City is a one-stop family mall catering to the mass market as well as a neighbourhood mall to the catchment districts 9, 10, 11, 20 and 21 which has approximately 1 million population within 4km radius with a monthly household income above $10,000.

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Only for the nostalgic and those living closeby

I found myself going back to Great World City recently and many memories washed through me as I walked into shops that have been there since my primary school days. My companion on the other hand, did not seem to enjoy going to the mall as much as I did.

I have come to realise that it is a mall made to entertain the people around it, and definitely is no longer a mall that hopes to draw in crowds from people in the corners of Singapore. If you are reading this review to see if living around Great World is recommend, then yes, I would highly recommend this. However, you should know that this mall is a place where I went to almost every weekend when I was younger and I have come to grow very fond of it. I will not ask my friends to hangout there though, as there would be nothing to entertain them around Kim Send road should they get bored.

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Relishing in tranquility

It's rare to find a quiet mall to chill out and relax after a tiring day at work/school with the malls these days getting a tad too crowded, bursting from the ever-increasing number of shops and ever cramped area to move around. Sometimes what one needs is tranquility and a private time to think things through. GWC is assumed by many as the favourite hangout place of many angmohs, however, i beg to differ. It's a place where I seek solace in and I appreciate the peacefulness it's able to provide me with. Some may find it a little boring, which I admit could possibly be true as there definitely aren't as much activities one can do there. But this does not deter me, for GWC provides me with a shopping experience that's one of a kind. With less hustle and bustle around, I can take my time and shop idly while walking into the shops that are largely spaced out. without the need to squeeze my way through.

A nice coffeehouse with a cup of B&J and a novel, an afternoon could just pass without you even realizing it. Families could spend some quality time together over a meal that's not interrupted by the noises in the mall, followed by some family activities at Timezone for family-bonding. Child-friendly toilets are available, allowing parents to leave their children with ease to use the toilets on their own. Couples could have a romantic dinner date at several mid-range restaurants like Jack's Place, followed by a movie in the world class Golden Village Cineplex. The elderly can take a stroll along the aisle of the supermart and purchase the freshest food available. GWC is no doubt place for everyone- regardless by yourself or with your family and friends!

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dinner before zouk

Compared to other suburb malls, Great World City is rather inaccessible for those who do not have their own transportation. There is no MRT within walking distance and the only way to get there is you are not driving is by public buses, the free shuttle to and from Orchard Road, or by taxi. However, it is not as crowded as mall in HDB estates probably due to the same reason.

My main purpose of going to Great World City is to watch movies at Golden Village as it is basically less crowded than their cinemas in other malls and the seats are comfortable and clean. The mall is also pretty self-contained and those living nearby can get most of their basic necessities there from Cold Storage, Guardian Pharmacy and Watsons. I love browsing at iwannagohome! for lifestyle items too.

Its close proximity to Zouk has also made it my preferred dinner location before heading to Zouk for drinks, and if i'm not in the mood for clubbing, happy hour beer at the Pump Room on level 1 will be the place to go.

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Not worth taking the trouble to go to...

I vividly remember going to Great World City when I was a kid, and the themed toilets would be the highlight of my memories there. Last month, I had to make a trip there for work, and I was pretty excited to see how the mall has turned out to be after so many years. However, disappointment struck me when there was hardly anything of interest for me there. Sure, there was a cinema, a good amount of food places, and a game shop I've never seen before, but that's pretty much all that I can remember. Oh, I remember entering some sort of toy/gift shop too. Overall, the mall was smaller than I can remember.

Coming to think about it, I wouldn't mind this mall so much...if not for the amount of time it takes for me to get there. If you live near Orchard or Dhoby Ghaut, GWC is gonna be easy to get to. You have to go there by bus, car or cab, and there is no nearby train station or underpass to get there, so one might be able to imagine how inconvenient it is to get there...

I doubt I'll be attempting to re-live my childhood memories at GWC anytime soon, at least not until I actually have a reason to go there again.

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A Real Family mall

Unlike many other shopping centres, Great World City is not so fast paced, it is more quiet, and also not so much on keeping up with the times. This mall is more suitable for a family to hangout during weekends and days where the family members need not work.

The mall has a lot of shops selling food, ranging from speciality restaurants and cafes to the well known fast food outlets like yoshinoya. The relatively peaceful ambience of the mall also allows patrons to enjoy the food while escaping from the regular rat race and noise that fills other malls, and also creates the perfect opportunity for some chit-chat and catching up with family and friends.

The mall also has a cinema, whose tickets are always available even without advance booking, which is perfect for those unplanned outings with friends and family . The place is clean and the toilets are of a much better standard than that of your regular orchard road malls. The Fengshui shop is a good place for believers, for it sells some products not commonly found in other such shops.

To me, I would only visit this place when I planned to meet up with someone for a meal due to its peaceful environment. This place is also inconvenient to visit due to there being little bus sevices and no MRT station, so it is best to go there by a taxi or with someone who drives. On the other hand, a driver would not have trouble parking here due to its slightly more remote location

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(Updated: January 06, 2013)

World toilets to visit

This is one of the less accessible shopping centres. It is not really near any MRT stations and I don't know where is the nearest bus stops.

This shopping centre does not offer any specialty shop to give you a reason to visit. There is a GV cinema there, not the newest of GV cinemas but a reason for movie goers to be there because this may be the last GV cinema to have tickets sold out. There is a feng shui shop at one of the basements, that may be worth visiting if you are looking for items to enhance your luck.

What you cannot miss visiting must be the toilets. The toilets had drawings of different countries of the world. I guessed that was why the shopping centre is called Great World City. The different toilets in different levels and different corners had different themes, I had been to Egypt and Western toilets.

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A great place to chil!

When we didn't know where to go, my mum would suggest to go to this mall, usually after a hearty meal at the nearby zion food centre. What i like about this place is that it is quite, peaceful and not like other malls where one is shoulder to shoulder to one another and squeezing to get past through the throngs of people. A great family mall to hang out with your family, friends or partner and enjoy some quiet time. Moreover, this place also has pretty large varieties of shops, from retail to entertainment and food. Their starbucks would be a good place to sit and spend the afternoon with a cuppa while staring and enjoying the "scenic" view of the mall's cloud-painted ceilings.

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Underrated mall

What's not to like about Great World City? Personally, I find it a very appealing and underrated mall.

For food, there is a lot to choose from. If you are on a budget, head to the Food Junction at the basement which has a Pepper Lunch Express and an Indian stall that sells great prata. Otherwise, you can choose from Ichiban Boshi, Cz'zar for tasty Chinese fusion cuisine, Jack's Place, Crystal Jade and many others. For dessert, you have good ol' Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's. Recently, Garrett's Popcorn also opened.

As for shopping, stores like Zara, Esprit and Dorothy Perkins will surely keep the women busy, and there is also a Royal Sporting House and a That CD Shop in the basement. Then, when you're bored, you can just head to the movie theatre upstairs.

I've always liked Great World City; it's usually packed with expatriates or foreigners living in the service apartments nearby. I find it wholly underrated; it really should be given more credit.

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a mall with nothing much to eat or do there

Located in a very secluded area of town, Great World City is rather inaccessible by public transport. Although it is possible to walk from Somerset station to Great World City, the effort is definitely not worth it; took my friend and I slightly more than half an hour to get there. And just walking around for an hour or so, we had already combed the entire mall and not found anything interesting to eat or do there. This little adventure is possible only for those who have too much free time. The few times that I have visited the mall would probably be for a special gathering, and I would usually just take the cab over.

There are not many food, shopping and entertainment choices at Great World City. But as it is located near to Zouk, there are often teenagers and young adults all dressed up in the various eateries waiting to head over to the club at night.

The mall is rarely crowded, even during weekends. There are probably more specific stores and services that draw the crowd, including Crystal Jade and Golden Village. Perhaps, the inaccessibility, coupled with the lack of services and amenities have led to low customer turnout rates at the mall.

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Quiet mall

I have always felt that Great World City is not a very nice mall to walk in as it is quite small, and has not many shopping outlets. It is also not convenient as there is no MRT within walking distance. However, it is quite popular among the foreigners as I guess there are many condominiums nearby and they probably stay there.

What I like about this mall is that there is a Golden Village and the cinemas do not fill up fast. I also like to visit the pet shop there to look at all the little pets. They have a range of rabbits and hamsters. However, their pricing is higher than the other pet shops.

As this mall is usually quite quiet and not crowded, it is a good place to chill with friends at the cafes or restaurants. There are quite a few cafes such as Starbucks, and also Ben and Jerry’s. There are also many fast food outlets like McDonalds, Yoshinoya etc. There are a few unique restaurants at level one.

Overall, it is a peaceful and quiet mall that I would not go to unless my friends ask to meet there.

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