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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

HarbourFront Centre is a shopping mall in the heart of the 24-ha HarbourFront Precinct, an area bursting with vitality. Its three-storey retail podium offers a wide array of fashion, food and beverage, electronic goods, sporting equipment and more, serving tourists and shoppers of all ages as well as the office crowd. HarbourFront Centre, which also houses ten levels of offices and an international cruise centre, is linked to Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination, VivoCity, via walkways (Level 1) and two link-bridges (Level 2). Getting to HarbourFront Centre is a breeze. Besides being well-connected by major expressways including the ECP, AYE and CTE, HarbourFront Centre is also linked to the rest of Singapore via HarbourFront MRT station which is currently served by the NorthEast MRT line and the future Circle Line when it is completed in the fourth quarter of 2011. On weekdays between 11.40am to 2.15pm, specially chartered buses ply HarbourFront Centre (near Lobby C) and The Comtech and PSA Building. Shoppers can now enjoy free and unlimited wireless Internet Surfing when they shop at HarbourFront Centre.

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(Updated: May 20, 2012)

Serves its purpose

When you hear the word 'Harbourfront', the first shopping mall that springs to mind would be 'Vivocity' instead of the 'Harbourfront Centre'. It's pretty sad, but ever since Vivocity opened its door to the public, seldom would you see people decide to shop at Harbourfront Centre. The vibrancy of Vivocity, be it the crowd or the availability of food and shops, definitely beats Harbourfront Centre hands down.

Most of the time, Harbourfront Centre would only serve as a link to the bus stop opposite where I can take a bus into Sentosa, but now, with the monorail that goes straight from Vivocity, I don't even pass by that place much anymore. Usually, I would only be there if I were taking a ferry out, perhaps to Batam or to Bintan. Tourists can also visit the Harbourfront Centre if they are looking for a more interesting way to cross the sea to Sentosa - via the cable car!

If you are a tourist, you might also want to take ferry out on a day trip to Batam from the Harbourfront Centre. There are shops that sell souvenirs and other local products which you might find fascinating.

Also, there are no lack of eateries and fast food restaurants at Harbourfront Centre, and they are most often less crowded than the eateries in the neighbouring mall.

All in all, I feel that this mall needs a renovation, be it just a splash of new paint, or some upgrading done to the place. It's old and wouldn't attract a young crowd, but it definitely serves its purpose well as a ferry terminal.

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A Malaysian Mall Much?

Harbour Front Centre pales in comparison with its mega mall and younger neighbour, Vivocity. It is very much a Malaysian mall with an old interior and sub-standard shopping.

Though shopping is cheap in Harbour Front, where you can get loots and souvenirs at discounted or whole sale prices with presence of a Poney outlet for instance, shopping is rather dismal due to the lack of variety and things you buy there are also lacking in quality.

The only thing I like about Harbour Front Centre is that fact that they offer a cheaper and wider range of food. I can afford to save money or refrain from queuing at restaurants at Vivocit and also to take a breather from the stifling crowd.

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This mall might seem old and dull but don't be deceived by its looks

Harbourfront Shopping Mall is located just next to the Vivocity shopping mall. With a very different concept from Vivocity, Harbourfront Shopping Mall is not so popular among the teens. Actually, if you really explore this shopping mall, you can find a lot of unique and cheaper items. 
Located nearby the ferry departure hall, there are some shops they are not really well patronized by the customers ( such as electronic shops, apparel shops, etc) . When I entered the shops, I was surprised that some items' prices a relatively cheaper compared to other shops that are selling. The shops might not be grand, but people who are looking for cheap deals, this might be a good place to shop. 

Not to worry if your stomach is rumbling while you are shopping, as Harbourfront Shopping Center provides a wide variety of restaurants that might cater to your likings.  Starting from fast food joints, such as McDonalds and KFC to buffet restaurants, such as Sakae Sushi. 

Your shopping experience needs not be just limited to the shops and the stalls, most of the times, there will be open sales going on at the main entrance of the mall and along side, items sold in the pushcarts might attract you from buying more and more stuffs. You will definitely be spoilt for choices. 

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shopaholics stay away. foodies might like it.

I find myself stepping foot at Harbourfront only when I am departing from or arriving at the ferry terminal. The lack of shopping varieties is insufficient to capture the fluttering heart of shopaholics. Yes, there are shops selling clothes, accessories and shoes but they are not as edgy or trendy as compared to the shops located at Vivo, just beside Harbourfront. There is a mini Cold Storage there though, in case you need to buy a bottle of water. Groceries wise, I would advise you to check out Giant hypermart. It is indeed giant in size with double stories carrying a dizzying array of goods.

Harbourfront does have some delish food worth checking out though. The Orange Lantern is a Vietnamese restaurant. It's usually packed!! Seoul Garden Hotpot would be a good choice for rainy day gatherings or when you simply need a hot meal to perk you up. Pastamania is a great choice for a quick Italian fix. The Starbucks here also serves as a great alternative should the Vivo outlet be too rowdy or squeezy for your liking.

There is a shop selling discounted perfumes and beauty products as well. That is worth checking out too. I've seen perfumes being sold at 30-50% off market prices. It is easy to spot the store as it is literally filled with products. If you walk past a wall of perfumes, that's it. Your nose will tell you too.

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Not suitable for shoppers

Harbourfront Centre is not as interesting as VivoCity due to the limited shops. I seldom head to Harbourfront unless I'm bored or need to go there to withdraw money from DBS atm. Sometimes I find great deals on the apparels but those shops has closed down. You have a easier access to fast food like KFC and MacDonald, and Sakae Sushi is located on Level 2. However, for Japanese cuisine I prefer Sushi Tei which is located at VivoCity Level 2. 

You can find great deals for sports equipment at Level 2 though, it is very near Pastamania. Other than shopping and dining, Harbourfront is also a port for boarding cruise to other places. Overall, I find it is a boring place and I hope there are more improvements to attract customers. Such as implementing special food outlet and apparel stores or create more attractive sales. I would be delighted to see all this upcoming events.

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Not really for shopaholics.

Harbourfront Centre is a shopping mall with quite little to offer, sad to say. It is mainly for people to spend their free time before boarding the ferries and cruises. The interior of Harbourfront Centre looks old and not modern. I personally feel that it could do with some refurnishing and renovations. Maybe more shops could be brought in too? After all, many people who are boarding the ferries and cruises to islands nearby usually have quite a lot of time to kill before that. Thus, if shops are attractive enough, more shoppers or patrons will definitely visit the shop and boost its sales.

For foodies or patrons who would like to grab a meal there, there are always fast food restaurants such as Macdonalds, Mos Burger and Pizza Hut. There are quite a variety of snacks available too, ranging from Taiwan street snacks, Breadtalk to Bee Cheng Hiang. Quite a number of retail shops are available too, however, I don't think they are suited for the youngsters. Not many people visit the retail shops there as the clothes are not very pretty nor trendy.

Overall, I guess it is a quiet place to chill out with your friends if Vivo city gets too crowded and too noisy for your preference. You can always visit Starbucks or O' Coffee Club at Harbourfront Centre to not fight with other people for seats and have a coffee. Otherwise, it is not really very fun to shop at.

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Not much of a shopping mall

There is nothing much at Harbourfront Centre. It is more of a port for those who are taking ferries to the other islands belonging to Indonesian such as Batam.

Whenever i am around this area, regardless Sentosa or Vivo City, and if there aren't much food to have at Vivo City, i will come here for my meal. There are a few restaurants such as Macdonald's, Starbucks where you can chill and Pizza Hut if you want a larger serving.

The mall is not crowded as compared to Vivo City but if you are looking for a less crowded mall and a place to relax while having a coffee, you may want to drop by Harbourfront Centre.

Nevertheless, if you are a tourist, you can check out the various ferries companies that will bring you to other places nearby Singapore. It is located at Level 3.

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