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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on January 31, 2013    

Queensway Shopping Centre opened its doors to the public in 1975 and now after 37 years, this mall is now popularly known as the Sport Mall in Singapore.


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Sports, spice, and everything nice

Ah, the sports haven for all athletes. Queensway is the complete provider of all athletes’ needs, be it shoes, apparel, bags, or equipment.

I always make it a point to come here on an empty stomach, just so I could kick off my shopping trip with a delicious bowl of Katong Laksa. With two equally yummy Katong Laksa stalls, you will be spoiled for choice. After having your fill, you can easily make your way through the stalls on the same level. The layout of the mall is reminiscent to that of Bugis Street, so it may get a little confusing and cramped.

The prices of everything in the mall are approximately the same, with the issue only being whether or not the store has your size. Otherwise, shopping here is always a pleasant experience. Don’t forget to haggle a little!

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The sportswear haven

Everyone knows that Queensway Shopping Centre is that place to go to if you need anything sports related. Queensway has practically everything there, from sportswear to sportsgear. There are so many shops selling all kinds of things, you’ll surely find what you need.

Some shops also have really awesome sales for branded sportswear such as Nike and the prices are much cheaper than elsewhere. Surprisingly, the quality of sportswear is also as good and comfortable. There are many shops selling school shoes and sneakers too at affordable prices. It’s a really good place to check out for school shoes, bags, water bottles and other stuff.

Don’t miss out on their famous tu tu kueh! The skin is so soft and smooth, best eaten when steaming hot. The aunty is quite generous with the coconut filling which is really sweet and delicious. They come in a paper bag of five, and it’s really worth it.

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Good Sporty Deals

Having been in the badminton team in school, I was introduced to Queensway Shopping Mall for sport supplies, and to restring my racket every now and then.

The organisation of the mall can be really intimidating, especially if you're new. It's really confusing and all the shops appear similar. But once you get used to it, you'd be pretty happy to come, since you'd find nike/adidas/asics/newton/all-those-sporty-brands shoes and clothes and equipment here. It is the ultimate stop for a blooming athlete.

Girls will probably love how you can find all sorts of colour-ed fbts here ;) I was definitely one of those who indulged in them. Stringing of rackets are also very professional and not the least bit sloppy. So no worries out there. They're normally really affordable too. And if you go in a group, it's likely you'd be able to get a better price. Just try bargaining a little. They might just throw in a free grip! :D

The food here was heavenly in my secondary years too. The renowned curry chicken and laksa were definite must-haves, and were affordably at $3 (now $3.50-$4). But the standard has decreased in recent years, as I realised after trying it with excitement lately, just to be disappointed. But their muah chee at the second level is amazing. The peanut is finely mixed and with just the right amount of sugar. Definitely go for this if you happen to be around the area!

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cheap sports equipment
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(Updated: July 15, 2013)

Variety Of Choices For Shoppers

I always find Queensway Shopping Centre flooded with students, NSFs and shoppers who are looking for sport merchandise. In short, it is a shopping paradise for sport lovers. The building is filled with shops selling sports shoes and other sport equipment. This always give customer the freedom to choose which shop they want to buy from. If a particular shop runs out of stock for a particular shoe size or design, you always have other shops to try.

Besides sport merchandise, Queensway Shopping Centre also sell trendy apparels targeting from teenage groups to adults. Jeans, Shirts, T-shirts, Caps and many other accessories can be found at this shopping mall. However, some of the shops may not have changing rooms and you might need to estimate your size if you are keen on getting any of those apparels.

There are also several spectacle shops in Queensway Shopping Centre. You can easily find the design or brand of the spectacle you want with the variety of outlets to choose from.

Located at the top floor of Queensway Shopping Centre are several printing shops. If you are looking to print your own course certificates or class t-shirts, this is the place for you. Some of the shops also provide trophy making services.

At Queensway Shopping Centre, there is a 24 hours McDonalds. It is a ideal spot for students to study even after midnight. There are also other eateries located at level one of the shopping mall selling food like laska and curry chicken.

In conclusion, Queensway Shopping Centre definitely deserves a thumbs up because it provides shoppers with variety of choices for the product they are interested in. Despite being a old shopping mall which have yet to gone through any major renovation, it is still able to provide shoppers with a good shopping experience.

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For sports junkies and geeks

Queensway is widely known as a shopping haven for sports enthusiasts hunting for great bargains for everything sports -- ranging from sportswear to sports gear. You name it, they have it, and at discounted prices as well! Given the numerous shops and their haphazard arrangement, it's easy to get lost even if you have been there a few times. Hence, it's advisable to check out online forums or seek the opinion of friends who are more familiar with the shops before you head there. It is also important to bargain!

It may sound odd but Queensway is also the place to go to if you need to make a decent pair of specs at a good price. Similarly, it has numerous small optical shops. I always go to A-Z Optician to make mine because quality is assured, and I can get a pair at a much lower price than that made from one with a more prominent brand name. Service is efficient and most customers get their specs on the day itself. However, the shop tend to be rather crowded at times so it's advisable to go early in the day or on a weekday afternoon to avoid having to wait.

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Bargain Buys

This is the place that I will always go to whenever I need a new pair of boots, or some guards. It is not the most accessible of places, nor is it the most fancy to shop at but it does have a wide variety of sports wears at an affordable choice.

I would constantly find myself back at this place because of its vast collections of shoes and sizes. One trip there and I would definitely have a pair of shoes that I want in my size as there are just so many shops to choose from so if one disappoints, just hop to the next one and there would definitely be sizes available. Prices are also mostly negotiable, and if buying more than one item, some of the times the shop owners would throw in freebies or discounts. There are a few food stalls too, with pretty good food although the seating space may be a little limited and it might get a little crowded at times. The top and bottom floors are mostly filled with stores for mainstream sports equipments,while the second floor consists of some other apparels and clothing suppliers. The whole mall is not really that huge and it is structured in a circular shape, although the shops can get a little confusing with its messy layout.

If not for buying sports wear, there is really nothing much to shop about this mall besides sporting goods.

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THE Place For Sporting Goods

One would not know its main draw would be the variety of sporting goods bar the giant billboard ads and screen playing commercials from Nike, Adidas or any other brand. The unassuming exterior makes it comforting to visit, akin to a throwback to the 80s or 90s.

However, pick any sporting equipment and you would most likely be able to find it at Queensway Shopping Centre instead of any official retail outlet in Singapore. Personally, I found this to be true on a number occasions, only being let down once. For example, I was shopping for the Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ and I found out only 2 places in Singapore carried the Flyknit line of shoes. Queensway Shopping Centre's iRun and Nike in Orchard Central.

Regarding value for money, if you've a thick skin, do bargain. What's there to lose by doing so? Another shop in the mall would probably sell the same item at a lower price. Personally, I'm thankful for the variety present at Queensway Shopping Centre, no matter the items being sold at retail price. Be it the new shoes from the LeBron signature line or that new football jersey you've been looking for, Queensway is the place to go.

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Sports enthusiasts’ paradise?

Every time you tell a friend that you need a new pair of sports shoe, this is the place you will definitely get directed to.

I was really curious about how big the price difference would be and went there once to buy a pair of running shoes. I wasn't particularly amazed by it though. I think the overcrowding effect makes the consumer decision process difficult. Yes, there are really a lot of shops selling sports-related items, but it is so hard to decide which store to visit, let alone which shoes to buy. The prices weren't exactly super cheap either. And I recall that many of the items do not have prices put up, thus you have to keep asking the owners every time you see a potential item. With that said the many items make it hard to make price comparisons, unless you have a particular model in mind or have really good memory.

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Of eye checks, photocopying and sweet corn

Despite its run-down exterior and narrow walkways that would often be teeming with people during weekends, the Queensway Shopping Centre has always left a particularly strong impression on me as a frequent childhood haunt.

As a child, my trips to the shopping centre were almost always characterised by routine eye checks and a hunt for new spectacle frames. With the relatively high concentration of opticians within the complex, optometric services were generally more competitively priced and often left customers with a higher bargaining edge, making it a favourite for my parents. Of course, we also had to be very careful not to offend shop owners while snooping around the different optic shops - and that often led us on little adventures trying to escape the watchful eyes of closely competing shop owners.

After my mum went into teaching, the top floor of the complex soon became our regular hangout, with its wide range of low-cost printing and photocopying services. My mum always had a way with the service staff at the shops there - I would always find them caught up in friendly conversations with my mum and exceptionally efficient in fulfilling almost all her special requests. Till today, the place still offers one of the lowest prices for printing that I've found (about 3-4 cents per page), and has become one of my preferred places for printing school-related materials.

The highlight of my visits to the complex was always the sweet corn from a small stall on the ground floor - a treat that my parents would regularly pamper me with. Though ordinary, the piping hot cup of sweet corn was always a fond reminder of home and of family times together.

Though I frequent the place a lot less now, the shopping centre will always remain a special place of childhood memories for me.

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Still very popular

If you ever drive pass the road during the weekend, you will notice that there were cars queuing to enter the car park. This shopping centre was within walking distance from my house so I did not need to drive there but I did know they have very limited number of parking lots.

I had been to this shopping centre a few times after moving here and I could not understand what was so attractive inside this shopping centre that cars were willing to queue to get into the shopping centre. I was not into sports but my ex-colleagues that were active soccer players always talked about coming here. It was something about the products that they could get here and the better prices for these products.

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