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45 Pekin Street #02-01 Far East Square Singapore 048775
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Listing created by bxbong on November 16, 2012    

Hougang 1 is nestled in the heart of the residential suburb of Hougang New Town and easily accessible via the major expressways. Located near Buangkok and Hougang MRT station, Hougang 1 offers a comprehensive network of amenities in the bustling Hougang neighbourhood with its retail podium that is occupied by anchor tenant, FairPrice Xtra.


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Boring Mall

This place never left a lasting impression on me - I have always thought of this place as a convenience stop for the people living nearby to frequent. The limited space of the mall explains the choice and placement of the stores - they are meant to be places that the people living nearby would frequent for groceries and essential products needed in the house.

When my grandmother lived in the vicinity, we would always accompany her to buy her groceries at the NTUC in this mall. However, other than that, there would be no other attraction that my sister and I would find. While we were bored shopping in the supermarket and wandered outside, we were met with other boring stores which made us decide that the supermarket seemed to be the most interesting place in the mall.

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Essential, convenient and modernized

After the renovation has completed, the mall has now transformed into a chic and modern place to shop at. (Though there ain't much shops there.)

Despite it's limited space, how it cannot compare to other gargantuan and large malls like NEX and Ang Mo Kio Hub that space out over hundreds of feet, it has all the essentials - Fairprice, whereby people can shop for their groceries, the food court, whereby people can have their meals at and even a stationery shop that allow students like myself to conveniently shop for pens, etc etc.

However, it also has shops that are somewhat redundant and less frequented by the people living in the neighbourhood. There are fashion boutiques that sell pricey dresses which people living around the vicinity would not patronize since it is not as essential in our daily lives.

I am so glad that I am lucky enough to live right at the block of flats behind Hougang 1.

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Name change again?

I remembered this mall as Hougang Mall and Festival Market during the years 2001 to 2010 that I lived in Hougang.

A typical neighbourhood mall, I used to visit it for groceries and maybe the odd times I had to get some food from KFC or McDs. The best thing that ever happened to the mall was the time when NTUC opened an NTUC Xtra outlet here. It was big, and it was well stocked and it opened as early as 7am. I had plenty of good memories shopping there.

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Ahh... the days when Hougang 1 was known as Hougang Point, or Hougang Festival Market. How times has changed again...

Having lived in Hougang for practically my entire life, I have visited these malls for more than a decade. When the former Hougang Point closed for renovation, I was rather stunned. Despite it's rather tacky interior, it was a fully functional mall which worked well. Now that it has reopened, I feel that a lot of work (and money!) has went into the project, and I have to say that it has paid off well.

It looks extremely chic and modern. Gone are the aged posters that dot the walls, instead the management has replaced them with glass panels and a fresh coat of paint. It looks much fresher, and there are more shops available here as well. Some of the stores from the old days still remain, while some new branches have opened.

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Pretty much like Heartland Mall...

During the period of time when Hougang 1 was undergoing renovations, I would take notice of the shops and eateries opening there as I was on the bus to school. I was really excited when they announced that Gong Cha, BBQ Chicken and Delifrance were going to be open there (FINALLY), and so overall, I was quite excited to check the mall out once it opened.

However, after the mall opened,the mall failed to meet my expectations. Other than the two restaurants I mentioned, the rest of the mall was pretty mediocre, rather similar to Heartland Mall (read my review about that place), but with LESSER things! They only have Hang Ten as a clothing store for guys. Most of the shops inside are food-related, with a few other stores for gifts and stuff like that.

The only thing left mentioning would be the NTUC at Hougang 1. Big. If the mall is near you, grocery shopping will be a snap for you as this NTUC outlet is pretty wide and sells a lot more things than the usual (quite sure it is Fairprice Xtra or something!). That's all I can say.

In summary, there's NOTHING to do here other than fulfilling your basic needs. One word: Meh.

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(Updated: November 16, 2012)

Your sweet and simple neighbourhood mall

After undergoing major renovations that took place for close to a year, Hougang 1 definitely has a much cleaner look. It really brings about much convenience to the residents staying nearby. Like myself, i stay 5 minutes away from this place. Ever since it started its operations again, i can visit Radiant Medical, drop by for breakfast at KFC or Mcdonalds in the mornings.

There's alot more food choices compared to Hougang Point (Its previous name before renovations). Like Delifrance and Wang Cafe, they are newly introduced to this place. With Delifrance, people will have an additional choice for high-tea and breakfast.

I'm also thankful that Gong Cha is here! However it can get really crowded during lunch time as there's office crowds and students from the neighbouring schools.

There's a Fairprice Xtra here too, where they have a good range of organic vegetables, apparels and also electronic items.

All in all, the toilets are clean (till now), the Fairprice Xtra is awesome and the food outlets are not bad. Can drop by for lunch/ dinner if you are staying nearby.

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