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Listing created by bxbong on November 16, 2012    

Heartland Mall is a shopping mall in Singapore. A generally small shopping mall in area in comparison with other malls, it serves the neighbourhood of Kovan. It consists of four floors, with the fourth level serving only tuition centres. It is located at block 205 Hougang Street 21, just next to Kovan MRT Station.


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Compact but delightful shopping mall

I used to eat outside Heartland Mall, literally. The hawker fare there was just so cheap and marvelous, as compared to the jump in price I'd expect from more fanciful food barely 100 metres away. Pink on the exterior, Heartland Mall tried to project itself like an infant in the room, with glossier buildings such as Kovan Melody opposite and 2-3 story HDB buildings of a bygone era in the vicinity.

The mall itself boasts of a satiable number of shops, it had a Popular (Marvelous for students like me), great fast food restaurants (McDonalds, KFC) and mainstream restaurants like Sakae Sushi. The first floor boasts of a supermarket too (Great for my mum). There were also game shops and some specialising in software/hardware varieties.

However, the main attraction would instead be the snaking shops located just outside the mall which can go on for a few hundred metres, culminating in an NTUC Fairprice (A fairly big branch). Along this stretch, you can get everything from DVDs to durians and even hairdressing. I would recommend the beef noodles at the small coffeshop you'll encounter halfway. They sell the tastiest beef noodles I've ever tasted and I've been a regular patron of their since young. Other things to look out for would be the durians, and the DVDs you can occasionally get a bargain for.

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Few standard fast food and eateries

I used to visit this mall frequently when I were younger and since then it has changed quite a lot. The heartland mall now is rather boring and not worth going unless for convenient meetups.

I like its location as it is just next to the MRT, thus it is still perfect to get a simple meal if you live along the NEL. I like going to the Xin Wang cafe there (just outside the mall) which is opened till 4am if I'm not wrong, perfect for a nearby supper/dim sum fix.
However there is nothing special inside the mall, you can find KFC, cold storage, prima deli, watson etc, many which are common in other malls as well.
Although there are really a lot of shops inside, there is nothing to shop as I find the items and designs unappealing. Perhaps more suitable for window shopping.

Overall, I think it is only good for small dinners/meetups, buying of standard necessities or to pass time.

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Nothing special.

I used to study at SRJC, so visiting the mall was something my friends and I did on a weekly basis - especially when we had to stay back late for classes. I clearly remember eating some delicious Korean food at either the 2nd or 3rd level, and rushing to popular to get whatever stationeries I lacked. It's a very simple and basic mall that wouldn't really entice you to go there for any special reasons - except probably to get essential groceries (or free air con).

There's a market directly behind it, as well as McDonalds, the people who are lingering around seem to be pretty elderly, and probably live around that area as well.

Nothing fanciful, and I haven't visited it since graduating a couple years back.

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The mall in the heartlands - as the name implies

It meets the minimum of a mall. Having being located in the heartlands, don't expect it to be as polish as the malls in town, with famous brand names. Nonetheless, you still can fulfil your basis shopping needs within the mall compound for there's a Cold storage supermarket and numerous, affordable food options.

When I was studying in SRJC, that's about 2 bus stops away, this is often the place for us to hang out after school for lunch, having most of the food options affordable for students. It's nice to recall having Pizza Hut student lunch set as a group, which cost only about $10, or many other fast food options. Vaguely recall the HK cafe used to be Burger King as well. You can't find fanciful things to shop there, with only a few shops selling apparels, sportswear or gifts.

I only used to frequent Heartland mall when I'm a student for it's the nearest mall. Went there recently since my dentist is just about 200 meters down the street and don't really enjoyed it for it feels more like a market than a mall with the rowdy crowd, especially on the ground level.

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heart-land mall indeed

Heartland mall, like its name suggests, is indeed a heart-land mall. Conveniently situated outside Kovan MRT, it is the place where people staying around the area will go to buy groceries, buy food, and get their daily necessities. It is nowhere near "happening" nor cool but they've got quite a few fast food restaurants which attract quite a lot of secondary school kids who would head there for a meal after school. Hence, the place can be quite rowdy after school hours.

What I like about heartland mall is that they've got a Hong Kong cafe which opens till late. It used to be 24 hours but it recently shortened its opening hours. Nevertheless, it still opens till late and is a good place for supper.

Heartland mall, just like other neighborhood malls, meet the basic needs of people staying in that area. Nothing too fantastic but indispensable too.

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Boring mall

I have visited this mall on several occasions, as my family frequents an optical store there often.

Heartland Mall definitely isn't the go-to mall for avid shoppers. The stores at Heartland Mall can hardly be considered trendy, and a few of the boutiques sport extremely outdated and unfashionable clothes, which really makes me wonder how the residents nearby manage to get their shopping fix at such a mall.

However, I would definitely come to Heartland Mall for food. The dining selection at Heartland Mall is undeniably pretty extensive as compared to other malls. It boasts several restaurants like Sakae Sushi and Pizza Hut, and there are food booths on the ground floor selling appetizing finger food.

True to its name, Heartland Mall is definitely a mall for the heartlanders. Shoppers ought to only expect to fulfill their basic needs at this mall, as it is certainly a mall for the basic necessities.

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Revamped mall

Although the revamp took place some years ago, I am still amazed at how the mall has changed since the early 00's. I lived at a HDB estate near Kovan in my primary school days, and it used to be so run-down. I remember a period where the Popular bookstore wasn't even hosted in the mall itself; we had to walk outside and take a lift into a decrepit extension, scary indeed!

Of course, Heartland Mall is now fully renovated and functional. Although not a mega-mall by any means, I am sure that residents of Kovan-Hougang can find their basic necessities here. There are also a couple of new restaurants here worth trying; I myself am looking at sampling the Korean eatery some time next week.

Nostalgic mall, especially for the North-East people. It serves as an example of how much has changed in merely 10 years.

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Meets the minimum.

Being the mall nearest from home, I honestly find Heartland Mall a rather boring place to be. I know the whole place at the back of my hand, but as boring as it is, it is after all convenient for me, so most of the time when I am lazy to go further for a meal, I'd settle for Heartland Mall.

In terms of shopping, there isn't much to find here. Maybe you can check out the top floor for some gift shops, but other than that, clothes, maybe for the girls, there might be one or two interesting things, but definitely NOT for us guys. Totally boring choices, serious!

At Heartland Mall, I can no doubt satisfy myself with food. They have a number of nice restaurants there, such as the lovely Ivins, and the usuals like Pizza Hut and Yoshinoya. Eating is my main priority at Heartland Mall. If I am not going to eat, I definitely won't even consider coming to this mall. Outside the mall, there are coffee shops, as well as McDonalds/McCafe and the ever popular Nakhon nearby.

Other than food, Heartland Mall has a Cold Storage outlet, so grocery shopping is also convenient for me. Plus, there is a Fairprice just a short walk from the mall too.

One more positive thing I can list here would be that Superbowl is really near, so I can play pool and bowl anytime, which are some of the activities I really enjoy doing, oh yeah!

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Dirty toilets

No offence but do get yourself prepared to get into the stinky toilets if you're staying here long enough. I do visit this place when i'm nearby but only when i need to visit DBS bank or Cold Storage.

Food wise, they have fast food restaurants like KFC and Pizza hut, the rest you can just head over to the hawkfer centre beside it with famous stalls like the Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice and Lee Wee Brothers.

They do have some good shops around but the maintanence of this place is really bad.

Unless they clean up this place, else even with the banks around it wouldn't boost the popluarity of this place. I mean, the location is good, just situated beside the MRT station and a hawker centre they should just make use of the traffic flow.

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