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Blocks 532 - 534 Choa Chu Kang Street 51 Singapore 680534
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

Limbang Shopping Centre has a total retail space of more than 3,000 square metres. There are 33 shops, a foodcourt, a wet market and a supermarket to cater to the residents' needs.


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I like the zichar stall there! :D

In fact, I really like this neighbourhood market area because the zichar stall at the food court sells nice food. I once ordered fish and it was really fresh and the vegetables they cook are appealing yet not too oily. In fact, I went there at least 4 times with my family over the duration of 1 year. The chicken wing rice stall's chicken wing is really crispy!

Also, I like the stationery shop at Limbang because it sells interesting stuff at affordable prices and some items are suitable as gifts such as snow globes and photo frames. There is also a variety of soft toys there too.

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Nostalgic place

This place hasn't changed much since I first remembered it.

While renovations had been done to the food court on the second floor to be air-conditioned and more hygienic, the exterior remains in the format of shophouses. This place has perhaps all the necessities that the residents nearby need - a supermarket, hair salons, McDonald's, wet market, clinics and more!

I spent a great deal of time here with my family and even though it may not have any major 'happening' tenants, and it isn't completely air-conditioned, it is more than enough to meet our day-to-day needs!

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Convenient for heartlanders

One of the two attractions here is seemingly the 24-hour Mcdonald's. It's quite spacious and it's much less crowded compared to the one at Lot 1. Apart from that, the clinics here charge really cheap prices. And no, they're not of worse quality because honestly, how much different can a prescription of medicine be for general illness like sore throat and fever? The NTUC here is rather small and cramped so I usually shop in the one at Lot 1.

Limbang's has quite a nice design despite only housing heartland type of shops. It reminds me of the Clarke Quay concept

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The place I use to escape to from 2.4km runs

Limbang is a very boring place.

Save for the McDonald's, there's nothing here worth a visit. But I adore this place for the memories. My school is very near, and whenever there are 2.4km runs, me and my friends would jog over to the McDonald's here and camp till it's about time to head back.

When we're not bailing on exercise for this, we are studying in the McDonald's here. It is very conducive and the staff don't bother enough to other you so you can expect to have a lot of peace here.

I commend them on their birthday parties because my baby brother's friend held his here and they cordoned off their already-small area for them. It was a very adorable party and my baby brother was very happy so it gave that Mac's a homelier feel than ever.

Visit the McDonald's here.

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