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680475 475 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 Singapore 680475
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

Sunshine Place is near to several eateries located at nearby buildings such as Kopitiam Avenue 3 and reasonable distance to Shop N Save Supermarket and Keat Hong Shopping Centre and Lot One Shoppers' Mall.

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There may not have the best food or shops, however it acted as a mini-mall to many living far from shopping malls.

I had stayed here for over 10 years and Sunshine Place is probably where most of my childhood are spent at. However there are a few dissatisfaction. It is unpleasant for me to sit under the hot sun in the middle of day enjoying my snacks as there are no tables and chairs provided.

Apart from that, Sunshine Place pretty much have everything from Giant to clinics and bookshops. I would recommend to get an umbrella on the way to your visit there as after all, it is 'Sunshine' Place, hot and warm! Literally.

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Owner's reply

"Sunshine" place hahah punny.

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Dead quiet

I guess the name already tells you that it cannot be called a mall. There's no air conditioning and it's of open air concept. This place is really really quiet and I wonder how the tenants survive when there's no traffic. The only consolation is that there's a shop at level 2 that sells really cheap winter clothes that are of reasonable quality.

Apart from that, my guess is that it only attracts the tai tai's to do their grocery shopping there and maybe buy some lunch home from Kopitiam

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A waste of space

Sunshine Place was the place of my childhood.

But instead of it being nostalgic and loved, I hate it to bits.

There is no good food here. So it means everytime my mum got lazy to cook, me and my sister and brother would be reduced to eating the ill-cooked things of the Kopitam in the mall. But we can't complain because that's the only food within an arm's distance.

There is no good books here. I am a fanatic about books and when they opened the 2 bookstores here, I thought they could be this place's salvation. And as usual, I am wrong. They sold everything weird from wrapping paper to Habbo Hotel cards.

There is no cinema/ fast food restaurants here. At this point I cannot even be bothered to elaborate anymore but just know that any place that even KFC and McDonald's gives up on, is a place not worthy of visits.

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