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638A Jurong West Street 61 Singapore 641638
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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

Pioneer Mall is a 4 storey building located at Jurong West. It is situated near the Nanyang estate and has facilities such as a HDB service centre, and Giant hypermart, Koufu food court and a number of small retails stores and shops.


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Has the necessary stuff

Pioneer mall is just another mall within a HDB area. It is decently near to the MRT, but does not offer much convenience. Given that the MRT is almost at my doorstep, I would rather just travel to Jurong Point instead.

The mall has a decent food court, and also a McDonald's outlet, so among other things it is a good place to makan. The rest of the mall does not offer anything much, other than a stationery shop, a flower shop and a supermarket which I remember.

Probably the only thing here of value is the Giant Supermarket, which sells clothes, food and other stuff. Otherwise, a nice place to relax at the eateries.

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Selling point would be its convenience

Pioneer Mall is just a basic shopping mall to me which fulfills the basic necessities of a mall. I think the best part of the mall is the MacDonalds because I love MacDonalds. I wouldn't go there to shop because there are limited choices there. I think Pioneer Mall would be more relevant to the residents there because of the locality and convenience it brings. For someone like myself who lives so far away, Pioneer Mall will definitely not be the top choice mall to go for anything. It is just another neighborhood mall but I think because I am not the target audience I don't feel much about the mall.

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Another neighborhood mall

I have a couple of tutees who live around here so I've been to Pioneer Mall a couple of times but I never expected too much, so this won't be a merciless review.

I guess for the people there, Pioneer Mall would be homely and their idea of a nice quiet date but Pioneer Mall holds no good memory for me, only ones of me rushing my guts over to buy quick sushi or bread to sustain myself during tuition and rushing again there after tuition to buy a drink for my dead voice and then finally to Jurong Point for better food.

So Pioneer Mall is my appetizer mall of sorts. I won't hate on it because it has saved my life at my tutee's so, come here for the supermarket and the CD rental, but for all else, you can take a quick bus down to Jurong Point.

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For basic needs only.

Don't bother coming here if you want to do some hardcore shopping. This place has no air conditioning so some may be annoyed shopping under Singapore' s heat. The shops are meh too, selling clothes not really up to fashion. However, if you're staying near by, this mall would be rather convenient to you.

With a Giant hypermart, you can do your daily grocery shopping here. The basic shops allow you to purchase stuff you need urgently without travelling far from home. There are also fast food chains here to satisfy your fast food cravings now and then.

Basically, a very basic shopping mall, nothing much to expect here.

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Basic Mall

Pioneer Mall is a small neighbourhood mall that houses basic needs catering for the residents around the precinct. It is located in between Jurong Point and NTU, thus serving to bridge a gap for residents living in Nanyang area since Jurong Point is rather far away.

The biggest shops there are Giant hypermart (which occupies the whole of level 3 and 4), while McDonalds and Koufu are located on level 1. In between this, there are shops selling cakes (bengawan solo), saloons, phones shop, tibits, gaming, doctor, dentist and even a HDB service center is located there.

I would usually visit Pioneer Mall for dinner especially when the weather is wet, as I would just drive down directly into their carpark and then have a meal at Koufu without getting wet. Also a point to note is that the beancurd barley dessert at this particular branch appears to be much better tasting than other Koufu and is worth a try. Giant is always very crowded with customers, and I really try to avoid it during peak hours as the queue is really long, yet the aisles are really narrow. Imagine queuing all the way into the fresh food section.

There is nothing amazing to brag about this place, but it does serve its purpose well.

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