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Gek Poh Shopping Centre 762 Jurong West Street 75 Singapore 640762
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 24, 2012    

Gek Poh Shopping Centre islocated in the heart of Jurong West Neighbourhood 7. This quiet neighbourhood shopping centre has recently undergone a face lift and now has a large retail podium and an attractive building facade. With everything from a fast food to a  foodcourt, gek Poh is a hot favourite with supper seekers in the area. 


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Gek Poh shopping centre is great for its convenience. There are not many shops inside but the few in there cover most of the daily necessities that we need. There is MacDonalds, a coffeeshop and a grocery store, which I think are the basic requirements for a shopping mall. It is a very simple mall but that is enough. There is also Gongcha which is newly opened which I think is a good addition given the milk tea wave that has swept Singapore. I think most people go there mainly for the food. I do, anyway. Given its size and location, I think the stores in the centre are sufficient for now.

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Face lift with minimal results.

I used to live near Jurong when I was young and Gek Poh is one of the nearest malls available. I didn't really have an impression of this mall then. It's simply an ordinary mall with a supermarket, food courts and some shops. I came here mainly to take my violin lessons at Christofori.

After I moved out from Jurong, I haven't returned back to Gek Poh until last year when my dad happened to bring me there. I was quite amazed by the number of changes they had. Firstly, the two food courts at the top floor were no longer there and were relocated at base level. If I'm not wrong, there are new shops and the mall looks bigger than the past. However, the number of people remains the same. There are not many people patronizing Gek Poh to start with. So is it really the right move for Gek Poh to go through such a great revamp?

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Came here for the shop n save once

Friend: Eh Nicole where are you?

Me: Gek Poh, why

Friend no longer: Why you so uncool why aren't you at a pretty sounding place like ION. Why are you at a place that sounds like troublesome in Hokkien when you could be at a place that where you can lose or gain an electron?

Friendless Me: :(

I am exaggerating as usual but regardless, Gek Poh is really a pure neighborhood mall. No cinemas, no multiple fast food restaurants, no libraries. It embodies the standard - a big supermarket, a CD store that's threatening to go out of business, a small pet store that it strangely quite the haunt, a food court that serves food not bad enough to hate on, and not good enough to love.

Really a place for old people who are too cool for Jurong Point.

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neighbourhood central?

Gek Poh is just a small neighbourhood mall which in my opinion belongs to a lower class than Pioneer Mall.

There is a supermarket there, i think it shop n save, and i find that it is very messy and cluttered. My impression of a supermarket should be clean and tidy but this is opposite.

In terms of the stores there, level 1 are mainly small retails shops found in neighhbour setting like your hardware store, shoes stores, stationary, bakery, video rental. But when you look at the way it is set up, they just seem to be down to earth stores in a air con environment. I won't really label it as a shopping centre, but more as a central instead.

Luckily, Gek Poh has seen its fair share of upgrading, and the outer appearance does look a lot better than before, toilets have been upgraded as well. and i think there is a food court now. However, this is as far as it goes, as the shops inside remain the same.

But the shops are nothing to complain of, as there are many things to be found in there. I have gotten my fair share of hardware needs such as wirings, and toilets accessories from the stores here as it is still cheaper as compared to DIY shop at Jurong Point.

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A neighbourhood shopping centre

Gek Poh is a 10 minutes’ walk away from my house. I guess I have been there way too many times and there is really nothing much they have for a teenager.

It is like a normal neighbourhood shopping centre. They have a supermarket, a bakery shop, electronic shops, etc. I guess it is convenient for residents at the neighbourhood as they not need to go far for their groceries. Plus, there are food court, McDonalds and KFC, so residents can simply get their food there.

In my opinion, there is nothing fun about Gek Poh as it is really small. So, I have been to almost all the stores they have. The only specialty about Gek Poh, for teenagers, is the arcade at the second floor, but if you do not like being in a room with ah bengs, you should not even think about entering the store.

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