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Listing created by Iswariya on September 24, 2012    

For residents living in Woodlands Neighbourhood 8, 888 Plaza is a one-stop shopping centre that can satisfy all needs for a wide variety of goods and services. Selling anything from clothes, groceries, stationery, baby goods, toys and even wedding gowns, 888 Plaza offers something for the whole family. The two foodcourts are popular and well- patronised by residents and offer a wide variety of options to diners.


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Everyone in Woodlands knows 888!

Second to the main shopping mall ( Causeway point) in Woodlands, 888 plaza is a place where all the more bustling happenings take place at. There are two coffee shops serving all your needed local food fare. The Fairprice supermarket is open 24hr and I like to drop by to get my night snacks. It is crowded most of the time as the plaza sits right amongst a densely populated area of Woodlands. With about 8 more new HDB blocks of residents coming in soon, 888 might see even more hustle and bustle and probably might have to see to some expansion in its area.

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Super convenient

888 plaza is somewhere you can get anything from. If you are around this area in Woodlands and you need to get something, eat or even buy Toto/4D you can come to 888!

It is really convenient for me to get anything because I just live opposite 888. They have a Fairprice NTUC supermarket, 2 big coffeeshops that close at around 3am+, KFC, Pizza Hut, bicycle shop, optical shop, bread shop and many more shops. Currently there is also a fruit stall, more like a durian stall, right next to the bus stop of 888 plaza. It also opens till midnight and there are even seats & tables, so you can enjoy your durian freshly opened there. Oh, durian is a must try in Singapore!

Other than that, occasionally there would also be mini events where there would be lucky draws, mini games and performances happening during festive occasions. There would also be Getai (stage performances) during Hungry Ghost 7th month festival.

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Small plaza packed with goodies

I've been to 888 Plaza quite a number of times. And each time, I'm usually hungry when I pop by! There're so many things to choose from over there!!

For starters, the food court there is pretty cool, with everything there priced normally and not jacked-up like at some other places. The Indian stall in particular is prominent among residents for their Roti Prata. There's also a Canadian Pizza outlet for take-away orders as well as a KFC and a Pizza Hut.

The fact that i love about 888 Plaza is that they're open 24-hrs and there're 2 coffeeshops always open at any time with all stalls open. that always satisfies a foodie like me! In addition to the food, there's also a NTUC open as well as the obligatory 7-11 store.

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Small plaza for nearby residents.

888 is one of the many neighbourhood plaza supporting the residents in the woodlands area. It has the basic amenities like a NTUC supermarket, Barber shop, tele shops, 2 x coffeeshop, KFC, and even Maybank has a branch office there.

I guess the presence of a Maybank branch there is something i find really puzzling since most banks would put their offices at more prominent locations like woodlands civic centre or causeway point or maybe at locations just beside MRT for easy access. 888 is actually situated in the middle of Admiralty and Woodlands MRT.

For drivers, do note that there is a multi storey carpark here and it is cashcard entry, but do not park in the wrong places during daytime, the carpark attendants are very "on" and I have gotten warnings before for parking in the wrong places.

There are two coffeeshops at 888, and from what I know, the zi char stalls in both coffeeshops actually belong to the same boss. If you cannot find crab at one stall, the staff would actually go next door and ask them, and one of the nearby zi char is also under the same boss, and I was asked before if I could wait while the boss delivered the crabs over.

Overall, it's just a simple setup to serve the basic needs for the residents.

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Good, not best

888 Plaza is "neighbourhood friendly" place to go. It has all the shops that residents need, from eateries- fast food or hawker centre, to department stores. Of course 888 Plaza cannot be compared to the nearest shopping mall, Causeway Point, but it is still a plus side for residents who do not wish to go to Causeway Point due to the distance.
In 888 Plaza, there are hardware shops, spectacles shops, a supermarket- Fairprice, all these shops are able to support our daily necessity however, if you are somebody who is seeking for more variety or higher quality products, 888 Plaza is not your option.

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Best Part:
Sells almost everything that you need in your daily life!
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