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Eastpoint Mall 3 Simei Street 6 Singapore 528833
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Eastpoint Mall is a family friendly mall in the East that is located right next to Simei MRT Station. From fashion to sumptuous food, this mall provides you a great shopping experience with more than 190 retail outlets such as NTUC Fairprice, V Hive, Challenger, Popular Book Shop, Starbucks, Citispa, Amore Fitness, Watson's, POSB & OCBC Bank, shopping is made easy for you. It also features two unique attractions - the Learning hub of the East which provides a range of enrichment programmes for all ages, and also Singapore's only Pet Safari.

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Before they revamped the mall, East Point was pretty boring and I would only visit for the sake of the huge Pet Safari where you can see puppies, hamsters, rabbits and maybe chinchillas looking all cute and begging you to bring them home.

However, after the renovation, I felt it became more worthy of visiting, especially with the opening of Daiso. Finally, a Daiso in the east of Singapore! Although the other shops are still rather uninteresting, the existence of Daiso alone is good enough to make me come here. They also hold events such as piano performances, but I suppose you have to be there at the right time to catch the atmosphere. Still a convenient place for those who live nearby!

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Daiso, Pet Safari
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Old and run down

The adjectives that I would use to describe the shopping centre would be as above; Old and run down. And the renovation that it is undergoing now is indeed timely.

Pet's safari that was once located on the first floor of the shopping centre (whose shop area later shrank) used to be my favourite place as I was a kid as I was able to visit the many pet shops and look at the pets on display so I am hoping that it would still be there after the renovation. The Fairprice at the basement is also convenient for the residents that live in the estate to purchase their groceries. Eighteen Chefs at the first floor also used to be a place I frequented for meals after school. But in general, it was an unimpressive shopping centre and I am looking forward to visiting it again after renovations to see if my opinion of it would change,

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

Good for drivers

Eastpoint Mall being a mall less visited meant that it would not have difficulty finding parking even during lunch hours. My company colleagues knew about this and took advantage of this point to organise our special lunch there.

My bosses would organise special lunch for those people that require extra motivation and Eastpoint Mall had a few restaurants suitable for such purpose. My bosses would drive those people there and would not have to worry about waiting for parking lots because most of the time, there would be available lots there even during lunch time.

Another winning point from the mall was that there would not be a requirement to make reservations at the restaurants, you could walk in anytime and they would welcome you even if you needed a bigger table.

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Quiet and boring place.

Even before I first visited Eastpoint Mall, I've heard of it being a "quiet, boring place". Having been there, I couldn't agree more. Both the exterior and interior of the mall look dull and old-fashioned, since it has not been renovated for years. There seems to be nothing interesting there, besides a Daiso outlet, a few fast food restaurants and Popular bookstore.

Crowds are usually seen only when performances or celebrity meet-and-greet sessions are held there. Nonetheless, the number of people who visit the mall is miserable, as compared to malls nearby such as Tampines Mall, Century Square and Tampines 1.

Despite being so mundane, Eastpoint Mall actually provides many shops that cater to our basic needs. Homemakers, especially, can go to NTUC Fairprice for groceries. Parents can enrol their children in tuition classes at the Learning Hub at the top level of the mall. There are also quite a few hair salons, apparel stores and restaurants.

For me, I wouldn't go to Eastpoint Mall as there are better malls nearby, but it is a wise choice to shop there if you wish to avoid the crowds.

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Pet Safari, Daiso and that's about it.

Like a typical neighbourhood mall - it's a far cry from malls in Tampines. It is usually quiet, but the recent opening of Daiso has attracted quite abit of people to the mall. Students usually hang around the mall as well, due to places like starbucks, eighteen chefs, popular, etc.

When Eastpoint is mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind would definitely be Pet Safari - a place where you get to purchase pets, or be like me, look at the through the glass panels and wish that one fine day, I can eventually own one of those furballs.

Nothing spectacular. The fashion over there is limited to places like Hangten, Giordano, etc. I find it a little redundant infact, when you have such large malls just one stop away (tampines)

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Used to be good...years ago

A decade ago, Eastpoint can once be considered fun and great place to go but not so anymore now.

The top level used to be taken up by a cinema (Eng Wah if I didn't remember wrongly) and that alone at least provides some entertainment value to the mall itself. Now the top level is occupied with tuition or enrichment schools for children, beneficial to the typical "kiasu" (scared of losing) parents but not so to others.

The hip about Pet safari was raving then too, a stretch of pet shops, ranging from dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits or fishes together with their accessories all combined and can be found in a mall was a relatively new idea. Having the same concept for more than a decade now, the novelty tends to wear down, a lot.

The only reason why I would go to Eastpoint Mall now would be dining at Paradise Inn, a part of the Paradise chain which serves affordable good Chinese cuisine for it's the nearest to me. Then again, I can always go a little further and dine at Seafood Paradise at Defu Lane.

Previously, the Sony Playstation workshop is also situated in Eastpoint. Not that I'm hoping for but that gives me another reason to go to Eastpoint when my PSP or PS3 starts giving me problems. However, the workshop has now shifted to Funan.

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Absolutely boring.

I know of several friends who take the train down to Eastpoint Mall just to be able to do work in its Starbucks outlet, as the mall is probably the emptiest and quietest mall in the whole of the Eastern side of Singapore.

As a mall, Eastpoint Mall is a total bore. It houses only the mere basic confectioneries, bookstores, clothing stores, and restaurants that can pretty much be found in every other mall. The DAISO at Eastpoint Mall is a little too small, in comparison to the other outlets, and I'd really much rather travel an extra train stop down to Tampines for its bigger, better and newer DAISO outlet.

Definitely a mall for the heartlands, as residents can easily satisfy their basic needs here. Don't expect quality shopping at Eastpoint Mall though. Housing outdated brands like This Fashion, Eastpoint Mall is hardly a shopper's paradise. As for food, Eastpoint Mall loses out to even other heartland malls as there are not many restaurants there. Thankfully, Eastpoint Mall houses Eighteen Chefs, a remarkable restaurant that definitely brightens up the stale food scene at the mall.

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Nothing special

East Point Mall is almost never crowded with people, and it is easy to see why. Even when there is an event being held at the atrium such as a DVD sale, the only people you would see are those who are only passing by.

For casual shoppers, the only store worth visiting is Pet Safari. They also have other stores like Popular, Challenger, Starbucks, and Daiso, but the mall lacks of a leading retail fashion outlet like Topshop or G2000. Parents should stop over at the uppermost level of the mall where they offer many enrichment centers for children in the areas of the arts, music and language.

Only visit East Point Mall if you have to. The mall only exists for the convenience of the citizens residing in Simei or Tanah Merah, and even then, you're better off travelling a bit further to Tampines MRT where there is Tampines 1, Tampines Mall and Century Square.

There is confirmed to be a huge revamp at East Point Mall in the near future, so hopefully there will be new, more exciting stores that would attract a bigger crowd.

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Pet Safari
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