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Listing created by TammyC on July 24, 2012    

PoMo is a Mallternative – a fresh and colourful alternative to routine shopping and malls. It houses unique tenants that inspire creativity and spark individual expression. A gateway to the lively cultural and arts district, this is a place that aims for vibrant social engagement. You can get all your popular conveniences here too.

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good food!

PoMo is a very unique shopping center. Located just beside School of the Arts, I visited PoMo as my friends and i wanted to go to the music shop at the basement to use their jamming studio. Only then i realise, this is a very quiet shopping center, which is very different from Plaza Singapura.

The thing i want to recommend in PoMo is the FOOD! Just beside the music shop at the basement, there are a cluster of restaurants which serve good and cheap food. There is a fishball noodle stall which cost only 4 dollars per set, and there is another western food store which is one of the cheapest i've seen in Singapore; each set only cost 5.5 dollars. And of course, there's a subway and some other higher end restaurants.

I will recommend this shopping center if you are with large groups of friends looking for a place to have cheap and good food, as there is quite a bit of space too

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(Updated: January 23, 2013)

Only for the 'legal gamblers'

I guess the best reason why anyone should visit this place is to collect a huge sum of winnings from one of Singapore Pool's gambling games such as 4D or ToTo. The place is rather inaccessible, with the nearest MRT being the Dhoby Ghaut MRT which is blocks away. Perhaps one of the only shops which is frequently patronised is the McDonalds, which I also go to when I go to the pool hall also in PoMo or the chambers LAN opposite the road go to for a meal.

As for the rest of the businesses, they sell probably about everything you can get at the nearby Plaza Singapura, and the shopping centre is not about on the best rating for being clean or being in a good condition. Perhaps the only other shop I feel is worth a mention is the pizza shop, the little pizza slices really can make a good meal.

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nothing much

The first time I heard of PoMo was when my cca mates were hard pressed for a practice space, and discovered the dance studio here. Located near School of the Arts, it is rather empty, I'm not surprised if some of the businesses go out of business soon! There was nothing much that caught my fancy, in fact, I think the only reason I would head here was for the dance studio. Prices for the studio is not cheap, and you'll need a relatively big group of friends to offset the individual cost. The studio has a glass wall lining one side, where any passer bys(should there be any) can look in at the class.

I think the only reason I would visit here is the fact that it is quieter and less crowded. Other than that, Plaza Singapura and Cathay would be where I would go.

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A waste of space

Unlike most shopping centres, this does not contain fashion retailers. With only food, several gift shops, convenience stores, a open dance hall, etc, this relatively small shopping centre is a waste of space. How many people would actually visit this place unless necessary when there is bigger shopping centres such as The Cathay and Plaza Singapura nearby? Furthermore, it is rather inconvenient as the nearest MRT station is Bras Basar at SMU and it is not sheltered to anywhere.

However, this "shopping centre" is a good place when it is not raining, and when you want to find a quiet place to dine. It also provides an alternative for the students from the arts school next to it.

But, if I'm given the choice, I would not travel there as I feel that there is nothing attractive about Pomo and it is rather boring to teenagers.

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No fun

I chanced upon PoMo when I attending a 2.5 day workshop nearby. During breaks and after the course in the evening, I walked around the mall only to be disappointed. There was really nothing much to see. I didn't find anywhere interesting to lunch at either. The only amenities were a dance school located at the top floor and Singapore Pools HQ in one of its lower levels.

Given a chance to go to that area, I would probably visit PoMo only to use the restroom because its relatively cleaner than the older malls by its side or for the air-conditioning.

This is definitely not a place for teens, tourists and basically if you are looking for surprise and fun.
Perhaps it might be more interesting to Singapore pool gambles and enthusiasts.

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Place for the big winners

Singapore Pools HQ is located here. If your winnings from 4D, Toto or Big Sweep are more than $2000, you will need to collect your winnings from the HQ.

With such a good tenant as neighbour, I was surprised that the shops there were not doing better businesses. My old office used to be opposite this mall and once in a while, we would go the basement food court for lunch. The mall was usually very quiet and even the food court was not extremely crowded during lunch time. Most of the customers there were people working in the offices above, mostly staff from Singapore Pools.

The mall management should really help the other tenants benefit from the big winners that visited the mall and make the mall into a livelier place.

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

Good for some "Me Time"

I have discovered POMO accidentally. I was walking around town like a lost sheep when i saw this building. I went in and discover a few shops and some boxing or martial arts gyms inside.

It may not be as classy and big as ION, Paragon or even Takashimaya but this place has something to offer. They have these cute shops where they sell those cartoon character inspired pencil case and stationers. They have unique cafes too. I went to this shop on the ground floor that sells pizza, and it is not bad. Fresh pizzas from the oven and friendly staff. Cafes where you can just spend your time with your book and some finger food.

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Ghost town

The only reason why I would visit PoMo would be to visit the pool place over there, which is usually not crowded and I can play for hours at an affordable price. Other than that, there is really nothing to do or see there.

Each time I'm there, the eateries are either closed or extremely empty. Hardly anyone frequents this mall except to play pool or head to dance classes at the dance studios on the upper levels. There is also nothing much to eat, and the mall is really small.

I strongly urge the management to revamp the mall if it wants to secure more traffic. Otherwise, PoMo will eventually die out. As it is, it is already overshadowed by Plaza Singapura.

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cheap, interesting cafes

I used to work near POMO and would head there for lunch with my colleagues on some days. At the basement, they've got small eateries that sell relatively cheap food. It is really quite difficult to find cheap and good food in town. But POMO has small eateries that are affordable and yummy too! I personally like their western food on the basement level. The serving of food is generous and satisfying. On the first floor, they've got small cafes which do offer good lunch set promotions too.

POMO is not exactly the most interesting place to be at. However, it can be a life saver for those who work nearby. While Plaza Singapura may offer more selections of good eateries, it can get really crowded during peak hours. POMO on the other hand, is less crowded and serves cheap and good food as well! I am not complaining.

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A small mall that's not exactly popular despite being after the revamp

PoMo is just a small mall, off Dhoby Ghaut (and not exactly that near to the MRT station) which is not exactly as popular as the rest of the shopping malls along the Orchard area. I used to be working part-time in that mall and my gf was coming to look for me after work. Not knowing where it is, she started asking people for directions. According to her, many have never heard of the building or some even pointed her to the wrong direction. That's just how secluded this place is or perhaps she asked the wrong bunch of people. Youngsters of the 90's would have known the place as Paradiz Centre (sp) where it's the home of pool parlours and LAN gaming shops.

PoMo, even after the revamp, doesn't have any much strong attractions to make it stand out. Perhaps the best of which is the HQ of Singapore Pools on the first level. During late soccer games, it's not uncommon to see punters gathering around the area, placing their bets since the branch allows live betting, even if it's in the wee hours.

There should (still) be a shop at the basement, selling Japanese Anime TCG (Trading Card Game). The TCG is still relatively new and fresh in local industry. I stumbled upon the shop the last few times I went, always crowded with the TCG gamers, holding their own battles and tournaments within the shop. Despite having watched animes myself, I'm not a huge fan of them, yet, but I often wonder, if these players are well-versed in Japanese language since the cards are imported directly from Japan and are all in Japanese wordings.

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