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Thomson Plaza is a suburban shopping centre under MCST, located in the heart of private & public residential estates at Upper Thomson Road. With 3 shopping levels and a basement carpark, Thomson Plaza has a GFA of approximately 467,298 square feet and NLA of approximately 239,316 square feet. Currently, it has 154 tenants and has achieved 100% occupancy rate. Many popular brands can be found in Thomson Plaza, such as FairPrice Finest, Yamaha Music School, Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa, Popular Book Store, Sushi Tei, Swensen's, Paradise Inn, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Kopitiam and many more. The carpark has a total of 413 lots and 3 handicapped parking lots. Free valet parking is available during lunch time on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays.

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Back in the day, when Thomson Plaza was old and not very attractive, I used to come here a lot with my parents. I vaguely remember always seeing this children's painting thing shop, where children can sit down and use a kind of special paint to fill in pre-made designs, which could be stuck onto glass windows when dried. My parents never let me try it, and I always wondered why. "A waste of money", they would say, but I was young then, and had not known better.

Among other things, I always went to the Popular bookstore there to look at stationery with my sisters. There were other shops that I went to, but I don't remember. Ever since the major renovations done to it, Thomson Plaza seems to be more lively, as more recognized shops like Yoguru, Starbucks and Crystal Jade My Bread came to set up stalls here.

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All you need in a day is here.

Thomson plaza sounds like the oldest of places to go but to be honest, it has all that you need. I like the fact that it is not crowded like most residential plazas. In fact, it is almost peaceful. Dinners (meals) can be settled here in a fuss free manner. Go budget, there's a foodcourt at the basement for you to get your regular local bowl of comfort food. Go little treats, there's Sushi Tei to curb your sushi cravings, Swensens for western food and ice creams, Pizza Hut, KFC, and nestled in a corner there's Peach Garden for Chinese cuisine and dim sum. What more for food?

They used to have Ya Kun but it's Wang coffee now at level 2 if you want a local cup of tea or coffee, else you can just swing over to balcony style Starbucks just at the entrance of the car park to chill over a western Cuppa. Fancy a cup of Gongcha or yogurt? They are available at the booth stalls at the basement. Can pop in some fritters from all-time favourite Old Chang Kee too.

Groceries shopping can be done at the huge NTUC finest and you might just bump into some Mediacorp actors and actresses. Many of them live nearby I guess.

Thomson plaza is probably the place I'll hang around even more when I have kids. They even have various enrichment centres at the higher floors. Parents probably can enjoy facials at the salons or settle their groceries at the supermarket while waiting for their kids to end lessons. Thomson plaza just have almost everything :)

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This place holds a sentimental spot in my heart, because it is the mall that grew up with me. Since my little days, I have been going in and out of this place, attending lessons at the Tumble-Tots school at the top level and having my daily breakfast bought from four-leaves. During my secondary school years, it was the place that my friends and I would always hang out at. Everyday we would have lunch there and then sit around to study or simply have a nice chat. I can safely say that I can walk around the place blind-folded and still not be lost, because I know this place SO well its like engraved in my head.

The new make-over that Thomson Plaza has adopted in the recent years, stirred up some mixed feelings in me. On one hand I very much preferred the old Thomson Plaza because of its familiarity but the new change that the mall has brought about has increased the capacity of the whole mall and even brought in many other stores that were never there. The popularity of Thomson Plaza nowadays, has increased tremendously since the days when it was just seen as the “rundown mall”. Fairprice has even evolved into Fairprice Finest to suit the increasing demands of tai-tais venturing into the supermarkets there. The changes of Thomson Plaza, I've seen it all, from the days when there was HVPER sport where I bought my first pair of skates, and the pet shop where I got my hamster, to it being a totally new mall with so many other food alternatives like Ya-Kun and Sushi Tei.

One thing is still the same though, it is still very crazy crowded during weekends, and impossible to find a parking lot.

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Surprise! Not enough parking lots.

Recently, I went to Thomson Plaza to buy a water feature for my home. My feng shui master recommended me to install a water feature. I searched the web and saw that there was a shop selling water feature in Thomson Plaza.

I went there on a weekday afternoon and it was still easy to find a parking lot. The water feature shop did not disappoint, it actually had a big selections of water features and we chose one we liked.

The water feature was delivered to us but unfortunately, there was some problem after using for a while and so I needed to bring the water feature back to exchange. I went back on a Sunday afternoon. I was surprised that there was a queue of cars waiting to enter the shopping centre. I did not know what special shops were at Thomson Plaza that were not in near by Junction 8 and AMK Hub, there must be something drawing the crowds there. May be the parking conditions were worse at those other shopping malls.

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Rather lacklustre.

This mall would be good to shop in only in the day, the shops close so early. Well, not that there are many shops nor are they very interesting. It looks rather old and torn down, but the shops were rather confusing such that it was a mish mash of up market and humble goods. Some of the shops were expensive labels, while some was what we can find in the normal non-airconditioned market places.

They had a variety of shops, from guitar shops, supermarket, clothes boutique to furniture shops, so a pretty all rounded mall for the residents living nearby.

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Just another ordinary mall

I didn't find anything exceptional about thomson plaza, after all, it has everything you'll expect to find in a typical shopping mall in Singapore. None of the essential elements missing, no extra element present.

Perhaps you'll have a brief moment of deja vu at the eastern section of the mall, where it is spacious and roomy, the comparatively smaller crowd does help, and in a way you have some privacy in a public location.

I feel that the main shortcoming that works against thomson plaza is accessibility, it is located now-where near an MRT station and only has a collection of bus services going through it. Moreover, should you be in a bus, it is easy to miss the stop as there is a turning before the mall and bravo, you missed it if your reflexes are not quick enough to press the bell. But overall, a good place for a family dinner, and a blessing for the private estates located near it

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I love Thomson Plaza

I came here on a work assignment and I'm happy to say that Thomson Plaza now joins the ranks of Great World City and Kallang Leisure Park as the top few reasons why I'll never leave Singapore.

The whole place is quiet and classy. It's a place with people slowly walking with drinks in their hand, it's a place where people eat quietly and smile to their phones, it's a place where customers get the best service because the stores care for every bit of traffic, and it's a place where reading a book here would seem like an idea from heaven.

After a pleasant shopping experience with the warmest staff I've ever had the honor to meet, I went downstairs for a Gongcha. The staff were polite and pretty cute honestly, and when I asked her for directions, she did not give me a haphazard map. She pointed the places out and repeated the directions a few times, making sure I really caught everything she said and god was I pleasantly surprised.

I then went to buy beancurd from a stall before I needed to leave that place, and the staff were so polite I could cry. They were from Hongkong and they had the sweetest Cantonese accent and I told them so. They laughed easily and made chit chat, mainly hoping I'd buy more but proceeded to say it's okay happily when I said I'm pretty full.

What a beautiful place.

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Been here countless times since I was young

I attended piano lessons at Yamaha and art lessons at Crestar as a kid. There is nothing much at Thomson Plaza except for its supermarket (Fairprice) , Sushi Tei and Popular Book Store.
There are quite a few spectacles shops, tuition centres and clinics too and caters to the "family" group. Not somewhere I'll hang out but I still go there occassionally for dinner.

There's KFC, Peach Garden, Pizza Hut and a food court too.

Things you may not know: There's a pet shop and a large florist. There are also several shops selling exam papers for primary school kids so kiasu mothers may check out this place!

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Neither a shopping nor food paradise

Thomson Plaza is usually not the place you would visit if you are not staying nearby. It is neither a shopping nor food paradise. Just a very boring shopping centre for you to run errands, send your kids to ballet or piano classes, have a quick meal or buy some groceries. However, because there is no crowd, students tend to prefer to study at the Starbucks alfresco area. Whether it is on weekdays or weekends, many people are seen with books and laptops at the Starbucks.

Thomson Plaza is a shopping mall with almost no entertainment. There are quite a few furniture shops and enrichment schools. If you observe carefully, most of their crowd are usually at the ground floor where are promotions going on at the atrium area and where most of the food shops are located.The only crowd puller of Thomson plaza would be their Fairprice at the basement level.

As for me, the only time I step into Thomson Plaza is when I dine along Thomson Road. Known to many, the whole stretch of Thomson road is filled with cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, etc. After dining, I would just take a quick walk at Thomson Plaza.

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Thomson Plaza is a place I’ve been to, since I was a child.

Located along upper Thomson road, my family and I would always frequent its compound after we end mass at our parish church, Church of the Holy Spirit, just further down and opposite from Thomson Plaza.

There are many shops within the shopping mall, much better than the previous years. Previously, Thomson Plaza was a basic mall with a couple of eateries and the very well-known Yamaha. The Thomson Plaza today is flooded with not just numerous eateries, it also has a large bookstore, shops which caters to different types of hobbies, as well as a large supermarket.

My mother and I enjoy visiting that branch of NTUC as we can find many items which cannot be found in regular NTUC outlets, such as the quality beef as well as some fruits. The mall also has an in-built multi-story car park, which makes it very convenient for mall users to park and also do their grocery shopping. I also visit the pet stores within the mall to purchase items for my cat, such as her litter and her food. Though the shop is within the mall, the cat litter is surprisingly affordable, even cheaper than major pet stores. It just took me quite a while to find the shop as it is situated at the corner of the mall.

Overall, Thomson Plaza is a place I would like to spend my time at, as it is one of the more “chill” malls in Singapore.

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