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Blocks 1A - 6A Woodlands Centre Road Singapore
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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 17, 2012    

Old Woodlands Town Centre is located next to Woodlands Checkpoint and is easily accessible through the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). It serves about 58,000 dwelling units in Woodlands Town. With anchor tenants and major supermarkets, the town centre is buzzing with lots of activities. Old Woodlands Town Centre consists of 192 shops providing a wide range of goods and services ranging from cake shops, hair salons, provision shops, money changing services, fast food restaurants, garments and textiles shops, electrical appliances shops, banks, eating outlets and ATMs to serve the residents. One of the main attractions of Old Woodlands Town Centre is the market and food centre. In this centre, shoppers and residents are given a variety of food choices offered by the market and food centre and eating outlets. Some of the shops and food stalls open 24 hours! For families and jogging enthusiasts, Woodlands Town Garden is located nearby.

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An aged town

As the name suggests, it is a very old but not too shabby small town for the Woodlands and Marsiling community. This place is always bustling with activity from early morning to late at night which comprises of working adults, families and Malaysians (Since it is just next to Woodlands Checkpoint).

Every month without fail my family will visit this place in order to buy groceries from Sheng siong and to eat delicious and cheap food from the various coffee shops available. The place is full of cheap stores that sell a variety of things which includes clothes, shoes, food, toys and bags especially so when you need something urgently. Once, I accidentally damage my school shoes and I straightaway head down to the woodlands town center in my slippers to buy a pair of new ones for school on that day. It is that convenient !

Personally, I would like this place to stay as it is without any renovations. I like the ambience of it being different from the huge modern malls and department stores. I like it that it is moving at its own pace in this forever fast track Singapore.

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A change from most other places in Singapore

This is a place filled with childhood memories for myself. As a little girl, my parents often brought me here for breakfast, then grocery shopping every Sunday morning. Like, way before when Sheng Siong opened.

And before I got into the habit of lazing in bed right into noon.

It is unlike most places in Singapore, I'd give you that. Even after the renovations done a few years back. I went back after the renovations, but it didn't feel all that different. Which wasn't too bad for me because I don't adapt well to change.

The hawker centre carries many savoury food items though. My ideal breakfast from the hawker centre as a child is the roti prata - together with the curry now, though as a girl I preferred the white sugar (I was a victim of sweet tooth like most kids). I remember refusing to eat nothing else besides the roti prata and because of the long queue, I ended up with gastric pains - that's how good their prata is. Of course, there are other good food too - my family believe that their fishball noodles, laksa, lor mee and porridge are to die for as well.

The supermarket is a heaven for kids as well. After the revamp, the (much much) bigger Sheng Siong now offers a wide variety of tidbits for children at low costs, and groceries that are also sold at cheaper prices. Of course, they were all fresh as well. Many families can be seen stocking up their supplies over the weekends.

I haven't been there for a while now, given my busy schedule and habit of sleeping late. However, I'm definitely looking forward to the revamped version of the place after the 2016 renovations.

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(Updated: January 24, 2013)

Not like the rest of Singapore

I drove into the car park here and could only say the road was not as well maintained as other Singapore roads. The road leading into the parking lots were so bumpy that it was like driving on some Malaysian roads. The whole place felt like it was just waiting to be torn down and so I think they did not bother to maintain the roads.

Next come the hawker centre, it must be one of the oldest hawker centres and definitely one that had not been upgraded for a very long time. When I brought my children here for dinner, they initially refused to sit down, they felt the place was dirty. Personally, I grew up eating at hawker centres like this one. The hawker centres that my children went to were mostly the upgraded ones so they felt this place was out of Singapore. Actually it was Singapore from a different time period.

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I'll miss this place...

By next June, I should be moving to Sengkang when my new flat is ready for occupation. Even now, I have started to feel like I am going to miss this place.

It is old, about 4 decades and the buildings show their age. It is not a hip place to be seen if you are a teenager but for me, I love going to the shops there. I love going to Sheng Siong for my daily groceries, sometimes I go there twice a day. It is that convenient.

Getting a haircut at the Indian barber there would cost you $5 when elsewhere in Singapore it would set you back by $10.

If you are hungry, there is the food centre, fast food joints and coffeeshops that open till late, what's there to complain about? You want hip? Take the train and go to town.

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Old Place

Wow, this is an old place that I will never forget!
When I was young, my parents would always bring me here- either to the cheap Seng Song supermarket to buy stuffs or to go to money changers for RM when travelling to Malaysia. Sometimes my mom who go to the POSB bank there.
In my memories, Old Woodlands Town Centre is just a very old, boring place, nothing much in there at all! Teens who are looking at fun places! This is the last place that you all want hang out!
Conclusion: To me, no offence but personally, 1 word, boring... =/

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Best? On come on...
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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

Try Wei Wei Shi Pin at block 4A for seafood and fish soups!

When it comes to Old Woodlands Town Centre, I know it like the back of my hand. Reason being, I lived right down the corner. It takes about a 5 minute walk, so you can say that it's pretty convenient.

Basically, I come for the food. With both parents working, the whole family have no choice but to have our meals outside everyday. Everyday. I know I said it once, but I just want to emphasize on that. I normally have my meals at the hawker centre. Highlights include Nasi Lemak, carrot cake, hokkie mee and my personal favourite, Wei Wei Shi Pin. Note: closed on Monday. Fast food lovers, there are also KFC and MacDonald's.

Food aside, Old Woodlands Town Centre also features Sheng Siong Supermarket and Shop In. I like to think that Shop In is a spin-off of Shop 'N' Save, except that the former's a department store.

There are a lot of ATMs around, especially POSB. However, the queue can get mighty long during evenings and mornings.

Upgrading works will start at 2016, which is still a long time. Right now, I'm hoping for a library.

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Wei Wei Shi Pin at block 4A
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