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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 13, 2012    

Vista Point is noted for its architectural design and its symbolic clock tower. This neighbourhood centre housed a new market, 2 Foodcourts and also a Family restaurant. The centre also provides facilities for children's learning and education. To date, Modern Montessori Centre, Learning league Education Centre & Cristofori Music School are located here. Vista Point also has a number of furniture & lighting stores which definitely makes it different from other Neighbourhood Centres!

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Nothing more than a plaza for your convenience

A very interesting observation is that in the morning, you will see throngs of housewives around this plaza. They will be here for their market shopping, salons services and of course their morning gossips. When night falls, it seems to take on a different vibe being male dominated as the 'uncles' start to stream in sitting around the food-courts drinking, chatting and chess-ing.

There are two food courts and I'll come here for my morning coffee and snacks every time I go to the nearby field for morning jogs. There are many clinics and enrichment centres at the second floor too and I like to be amused each time at the solemn looking, I-don't-like-tuition-class faces of children in the mornings. Other than that, this is just your usual plaza for the convenience of the residents nearby.

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Lots of eateries

Having my church just beside vista point, I frequent here for meals often. I have to say that this neighbourhood mall has a wide variety of food to choose from, and also to cope with the crowd that comes here at peak hours. There are 2 food courts and other small shops like a bakery and bubble tea shops. The items sold at the food court and at these shops are relatively cheap, and the quality is rather good. I guess this is one of the perks of neighbourhood malls, things do come relatively cheaper than in other more high-end malls.

I like how there is a supermarket here because it is very convenient to get snacks and drinks and bring it back to church should we have a small gathering there. Other than the eateries and the supermarket, there are a few shops selling clothes, CDs, phones among other things. I think this mall is more suited for older people because young people would probably find this place a bore.

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Done in 5mins

I love to visit neighbourhood malls too, but for Vista Point I can leave in 5 minutes.
A couple of tired looking stationery shops, two big foodcourts in one tiny mall, a row-ful of clinics, and a Shop n Save with bad service crew.
There isn't one shop that I even remotely have the intention of entering.
I was there to wait for a friend, and because the mall so uninviting, a 10 minutes wait felt like a year.

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You must be desperate to come her for no good reason

Vista Point is not that old given probably less than 20 years old but it is one of those places that has started to look tired before its time. I was here simply because my daughter was attending Modern Montessori and while waiting for her to be done, I would normally adjourn to the Banquet foodcourt.

I am quite sure the foodcourt is no longer there, but when it was there, it was home to Thaksin Beef Soup stall, which IMHO is the best halal beef soup stall around. The other shops around there are not quite worth exploring. Though I won't doubt the poor service at Shop & Save

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(Updated: November 26, 2012)

if dirty toilets could kill, there'd be a massacre at Vista Point

Vista Point is just like your neighborhood nuclear town - self contained, sufficient amenities, yet fiercely lacklustre.

There's a Shop and Save that boasts perpetual queues, if only due to inebriated customers and incompetent, sparsely distributed staff members. Being a 24-hour outlet, some of the staff really look the part of overworked slaves who haven't slept a wink since the first day of operation - to drive the point home, each staff member even comes free with a serving of their signature grouchy turpitude! Each encounter with Shop and Save (VP) has been a frankly sickening one, every time I had the misfortune to be reduced to shopping there.

More discerning shoppers can find everything else outside of Shop and Save - with cheap lingerie shops, opticians, hairdressers, stationery and tidbits galore. This little place even comes with two convenience stores (Cheers and 7-11). With all the shopping you do though, please remember to equip yourself with two essential items - Toilet Paper and Air Freshener. These are your only line of defense from the unforgivably filthy toilet. Beware: the stench is so far-reaching that the Vista Point Management could probably save on the signages for toilets - even someone with the flu can trace the scent.

Luckily my home is separated from Vista Point by an arterial road, no need to hold my breath for too long. Phew.

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(Updated: November 15, 2012)

yong tau foo and stationery shopping!

If you happen to have your meals at Viva! Food Court(level 2) at Vista Point, do try Poh Yong Tau Foo. Service was excellent. The two stall holders took note of their attire and hygiene. The food was equally good as well. The tofu was juicy and tender and the seaweed chicken nugget was crispy. Only issue was that yam cracker tasted too bland... A typical yong tau foo dish costs S$4+.

It's extremely convenient to shop for your basic necessities at Vista Point. If you run out of notepads and pens, head down to Basic Point Book Store at level 2. *coughs* Their pens are slightly cheaper than other book stores *coughs* You didn't hear this from me. However, the service can be rather slow...

The wet market and supermarket are located at level 1. Beware: Avoid shopping at Shop 'N' Save during evening times. The queue can get really long. Very few cashier around... This has happened many times, which is really infuriating.

There are a couple of ATMs at Vista Point. They're near to 7 Eleven and Cheers! Do note that queue can get exceptionally long during evenings as well.

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