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Listing created by lizzzie on July 12, 2012    

A wholesale fashion center for clothes, shoes and bags located in the East of Singapore.


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Pro tip: buy in bulk

I can't really say that I absolutely love this mall. The areas worth shopping in were certain corners on the 3rd and 4th floors, which catered more to youth like me who love blogshop clothes but find them way too expensive.

Plus points: being able to bargain whenever you buy in bulk. It helps when you head here with 10 of your friends, so you can mix and match the clothing at affordable rates! Wholesale prices tend to range from $10 to $15 per piece. The amount of clothing required to receive wholesale rates depends on the shop itself but it usually varies from 3 to 5.

Also, I love the shop owners here too, who are extremely friendly. Since the customer traffic is quite low most of the time, they actually take the time to recommend you products. Most shops receive new stocks on Mondays or Fridays, so it's best that you head there on either of those two days.

And yes, Arnold's Chicken is so good & worth to sacrifice your diet for. It's a must try when you are here!

Lastly, it's just a five minute walk from Paya Lebar MRT station!

Cons: Rest of the mall sold apparels which seemed to appeal more to aunties or the older crowd.

In conclusion, you will enjoy shopping here if you hate squeezing with the crowd, and interacting with shop owners (like I do).

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Hidden gem

Despite the old and dingy appearance of this building, City Plaza is one of the best apparel wholesale markets in Singapore. Location-wise, this place may be hard to get to for some, but a trip down here is definitely worth it.

Affordable street apparel may be found here, at lower prices than other places selling the same items in SIngapore! I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the many levels of shops, and seeing what each has to offer. I managed to buy my prom dress here for just $13, whilst my friends spent hundreds of dollars on theirs. It is definitely a place for young shoppers on a budget!

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

The mother supplier of online blogshops

Don’t disregard the shabby and tired looking building at Paya Lebar — it is actually the supplier of plenty of the trendy outfits you see on online blogshops. Now that competition is so saturated, many of the wholesalers do actually retail clothing as well, therefore you might be able to chance upon some rare finds still. Many of the wholesalers do have online websites!

City Plaza is also known for Arnold’s Fried Chicken (call for delivery if you’re residing in the East — it’s really not worth it waiting outside the restaurant) and its Ban Mian (noodles) at the top level of the shopping centre.

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Another nostalgic palace

I've been to City Plaza more times than I can count. I live in the East, and I spent numerous hours in this old shopping plaza. Note that I call it a plaza, and not a mall, because in my opinion, that is what it truly is.

Despite it's rather shady and worn-out exterior, there can be gems and wonders found in the nooks and crannies of this place. It is famous for being home to blogshop owners in Singapore. From homemade toys to clothes, one can find practically anything here. However, i feel that this place can be made to look more attractive. Despite being around for so long, it has not been renovated (I think, can't exactly remember), and it's appearance turns off would-be shoppers.

Should be improved, but a lovely place nonetheless.

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Just for blogshop owners

City plaza is a really old building. I'm not sure of its history but it seems to be a place where some of the foreign labour workers like to hang out. I came across this shopping mall while I was sourcing online for apparels suppliers. I've been there thrice so far. Personally, I don't feel very comfortable in that mall as it's really old and the people that hang out there are not any fashionable teenagers but some elderly that are probably retired and foreign workers that are mentioned previously.

Despite that, I would be a shopping heaven for girls who constantly shop online as one of the corners of level three has a handful of shop that sell majority of the clothing seen online. I was thrilled when I saw those clothes that I've always yearned for when shopping online. Not only could I have a chance to try the clothes on, I was even more excited when I knew that these shops do wholesales, which means that they are able to offer you great prices when you purchase more!

Other than those girlies that love to shop online, people that love KFC should also visit City Plaza. There's this fast food restaurants located at the second level named Arnold's. It is quite similar to KFC, however their fried wings are really awesome! But do be mindful that it is way much more expensive than KFC. Thus, it all depends on an individual's budget.

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Wonderful place to shop and look for bargain buys!

I don't think City Plaza qualifies as a mall, I think it's more of a old-fashioned shopping centre where shops are crammed into every corner. But it's easy to get fooled by the run-down facade of the building.

Inside, there are numerous clothes shops! Real-life blog-shops! I love browsing through all the different jeans and blouses and bargaining for them! And when I'm done with clothe-shopping, I browse through for other stuff like home deco items, of which there are many! Everything here is priced at a steal, and the quality is not bad too.

I recommend this for anyone who's looking for something other than mainstream modern shopping malls.

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Pit stop for all blogshop owners

There should be no blogshop owner who doesn't know this place.

This place is full of cheap gems, but be hardworking and look through the shops slowly because there are repetitions and usually the lowest prices are tucked into the more unnoticeable shops. The better brands here would be New Future jeans.

The only restaurant I've tried here is Arnold's Fried Chicken! Food came very late but well worth it. Their buns and mashed potatoes are a must try! I opt for the bandung for a drink usually, pretty sure it's home-made.

Worth a visit, but not the time.

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Paya Lebar
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Bagged your blogshop clothes here!

Though I'm staying in the east but I didnt know of this shopping mall until last year my friend told me about it. It actually quite a small shopping mall that mostly sell clothes. It wasn't like other shopping mall where there are nice furnished walls and bright lightings. Instead it is quite run down and old building.

But it's a great place for people who want to start a small business on the Internet by starting up blogshops, they can go to CityPlaza to get their clothes. As many of the stalls there are wholesalers, which means if you order a big quantity of clothes from them you can get at a much cheaper price than anywhere else! Or if you have a large group of friends who want to buy clothes together, maybe you all can go City Plaza to shop instead because they give a lot of discounts when you purchased more pieces.

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This is possibly one of the worst, if not THE worst mall I've ever been to in Singapore. Wait, I don't think you can even call it a mall!

The whole building looks somewhat alright from the outside, but once you go in, it's a crying shame. It's so shabby, and you can't even find a decent store which sells clothes that aren't tacky or has some quality to them. Sure, they're cheap, but you can similar looking clothes with probably better quality in some other places which has a better environment/ambience.

I guess the whole place is catered to the maids/construction workers because you'll see huge crowds of them especially during the weekends. Not that I mind though, but you'll feel a bit out of place there during those times.

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(Updated: September 16, 2012)

Swamped on weekends

City Plaza is a mall located near Paya Lebar MRT station on the east-west line. On the outside the mall is old-fashioned (yellow and orange stripes anyone?), dirty and gaudy. Only those that knew better would ever venture in to find a treasure trove of fashionable and unique clothing. City Plaza mall is a place where smart local blogshop owners source for clothing at certain stores, aunties find their new favourite glittery top and most of all, it seems to be the chosen location of the indian and filippino foreign workers to hookup on Sundays.

On sundays, City Plaza mall is swamped. It's practically a sea of people on the first and second levels. The addition of a noisy crowd to an already messy layout of pushcarts and goods of brick-and-mortar stores do not help the overall clutter of the area. This is obviously not the greatest site for a happy family outing or even a outing with friends. Come back on a quiet Tuesday or Wednesday maybe.

Food here isn't fantastic, the food court looks sad and dingy with few patrons even on a sunday afternoon. Honestly, just eat before travelling to city plaza. I feel that the shopping here is pretty great, you get all the expensive clothing at wholesale prices even before the blogshops get a hold of it. However, all that shopping is only if you're determined to brave the crowd, endure the walk from Paya Lebar MRT station and the willingness to be thick-skinned and bargain you way into a deal.

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