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Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC), which was re-developed and re-opened in December 2008, is situated in close proximity to Yishun and Sembawang MRT stations. The mall provides a free shuttle bus service which plies between SSC and the Yishun and Sembawang MRT stations as well as between SSC and residential estate at Woodlands Avenue Six and Seven. On weekdays, SSC also operates a free lunch-time shuttle bus to the nearby industrial estate. With its positioning as a one-stop family-oriented necessity shopping destination, SSC appeals to residents from the surrounding estates, uniformed personnel from nearby military camps, as well as workers from the neighbouring industrial parks.

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Nothing much here

'Shopping centre' is not the most apt term to describe it. There really isn't much to shop in SSC. It is more like a little plaza for the nearby residents to conveniently get their meals, groceries and maybe just hang around for coffee. A few beauty parlours and hair salons are also in place to see to the grooming needs of the people staying nearby. I see that a couple of learning centres have also stepped foot into SSC recently so probably the parents around are happier with new learning centres to send their kids to. I'm a northlander and would swing by every now and then to SSC to grab a coffee and some groceries. So unless you stay around the area, this place is pretty out of the way and has nothing much to rave about.

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Value found though limited shops

Another shopping mall that is situated near my camp, Sembawang Shopping Centre is the hangout place for those living near that area. Though small, it has a few nice restaurants such as astons, and also teoheng karaoke, that allows my camp mates and i to relax and enjoy our nights out there!

Just 5 bus stops away from yishun or sembawang, i first stepped into the shopping centre when we went for dinner at astons. Needless to say, we enjoyed our time at the restaurant. The ambience of the astons there is different from its other branches, as we sat outside in the open air. The astons is significantly bigger than the others I've been to, and the service provided is very adequate.

Afterwards, we went to walk around the center and supermarket. One thing good about SSC is that there is a free shuttle bus transport that allows you to go to either yishun or sembawang, and the frequency of the buses are high!

A typical shopping center, though the shops inside are quite limited, Would recommend to friends living near there, or the NSFs living in camps near there!

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Not Bad Although Small

I have been to Sembawang Shopping Centre a few times and I have to say that even though it is quite small, it is quite self-sufficient and convenient enough for the people living in that area where the nearest place to shop would be Yishun or Sembawang MRT.

There is a direct shuttle bus from those two MRT stations as well which makes it even more convenient for those coming from the MRT stations. Residents of the area can choose to take the shuttle bus home even if they are not intending to visit the mall.

Some notable shops in the mall include Daiso and Giant where you can find practically all of your homely needs. There is also a popular bookstore for your schooling needs. However, the mall lacks in eating places, the most substantial one being the food court. The rest are just expensive restaurants. There is also not much entertainment as the there is no cinema and the only arcade is meant for small kids.

I suppose this mall suffices in providing daily needs for people rather than being an entertainment mall as these facilities can be sought at other malls nearby as well such as North Point.

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An attempt at CPR

I do not have very much to do here except going to Giant Hypermarket at the basement during emergencies.

I do like the current interior layout, it is spacious and does not feel cramped like it used to be and because of that, your first visit there since its reopening would be like visiting a brand new mall. Well, in essence it is brand new.

I do not like the roof top parking space though. It feels cramped and it seems like there is never enough space to cater to visitors who drive there. A good choice is to go public.

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Quiet place, but good to pop in once in awhile.

The old Sembawang Shopping Centre was a dreary place, looking almost run-down. I love what they've done with it, because it's looking all new and sitting prettily with modernized architecture.

the main reason I head there is usually to head to Giant to shop for groceries. The giant hyper mart is huge and covers practically half of B1. There're always good offers going on here , and whenever I'm hungry, there's huge plethora of eateries to choose from, like New York New York, Subway, Thai Express, etc.

All in all I feel it's a quiet place to chill out as it's not really a crowded place.

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out of the way

Sembawang Shopping Centre is another mall that is out of the way for most people, especially those that does not drive and mainly serves the residents around the area.

First thing, i used to drive and when i drove to the carpark, I do find that it is a little difficult to negotiate the turnings to go up the carpark, and if i am not wrong, there is very limited carpark slots available there. There is always a queue of cars waiting to move in and out and there is also petrol stations beside the mall, adding woes to the congestion there at certain timings.

Second, well, it is really a quiet place but with 4 levels of shops, it is actually quite nice to just spend some quiet time. I remember that was a small Timezone there and a while back when I had this craze over the fishing arcade game, I actually came over to this place to play as it was not as crowded as the rest. The Kopitiam here is also pretty huge and when I need a quiet break, this is where i can get some cheap coffee and dessert and enjoy a few hours of quiet.

There is also a HK cafe at one of the floors and I do find that the quality of this outlet is much better than others. The staff was friendly and smiling all the time. there is also a MOF but I am not usually a sweet tooth, so I have not tried that place before.

But nonetheless, without a car, it is not a place I would go.

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Food - Yes; Shopping - No to some

It seems to be nothing that is interesting about Sembawang Shopping Centre but I still like to visit this place with my family and friends. Maybe there are not as many shops as compare to Northpoint and Sun Plaza, but it is good enough to have Daiso and Astons. It is a good place for a meal. Previous Kopitiam has now become Food Junction and it is crowded than usual. Previous New York New York has also changed to Fat Fish Steamboat. To me, this place is more like a food paradise, so if you want shopping activities, maybe this place is not for you.

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Nothing much

There seems to be nothing interesting about Sambawang Shopping Centre. I find that there are not that many shops to shop in except for Daiso and Cotton On. It may be a good place for a meal as there are many restaurants available like Fish & Co and Astons.

It may be fun and interesting to shop in the first and second time you go, but it gets boring more and more afterwards when you go there again. There are not many place to shop in and I normally go there when I need to get something from Daiso or have a meal.

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(Updated: November 16, 2012)

Boring with a capital B

If my memory serves me right, Sembawang Shopping Centre, or SSC for short, has been renovated 2 to 3 times. Unbelievable right? Back then, I visited the mall for its pineapple rice. Sadly, the seafood stall has moved.

It appears as if the shopping centre's cursed somehow. People rarely visits the mall, which explains why it's often empty during the weekdays. Although, it's slightly better during the weekends.

There are free shuttle bus services from 9.30am - 10.30pm.(Departure from SSC) To and From Woodlands, Yishun MRT & Sembawang MRT. It's pretty convenient, I'll say. Only issue, the bus can get rather crowded during the weekends. I believe most people shop at the mall for the sake of Giant, which is located at basement 1.

If you're planning on a shopping spree, I'm sorry to say that this is not for you. I don't want to bore you with details, so I'm just going to stop here.

In spite of all this, I visit the mall every Saturday. The reason being, I like having my meals at GOOD MORNING NANYANG(level 1). If you have the chance, do try their laksa. Sure, it can't hold a candle to Katong Laksa, but it's got a generous portion and the prawns are really fresh and yummy. No doubt about it, laksa's their signature dish.

Other shops include Astons, Fish & Co, Popular, just to name the popular ones.

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