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Northpoint is located opposite Yishun MRT Station and next to Yishun Bus Interchange. Asset enhancement works to the mall was completed in early 2010 to refresh the mall and integrate it with its new wing, Northpoint 2. With a combined net lettable area of 235,536 sqf, the new integrated Northpoint boasts a mix of services and retail tenants such as the Yishun Public Library, Japanese-themed food court Ishi Mura and Bakerzin, amongst others. Other tenants include Cold Storage, Harvey Norman, POPULAR Bookstore and Timezone. The mall also features a new 5,400 sq ft multi-play wet and dry playground on its roof top. These specially imported play structures are designed to provide a fun and interactive play experience for children. Northpoint won an Achiever Award for “We Welcome Families 2011” for providing family-friendly facilities in the mall. In May 2010, Northpoint won a bronze award in the BCA Universal Design Award for Built Environment 2010 - Refurbished Building Category. This award gives recognition to buildings which have good practices and take special efforts to raise awareness of the importance of providing an inclusive built-in environment that caters to users of all categories. Diaper changing stations are available in all family rooms at every level. Customer Service Counter is located at Level 2, in front of Bata #02-68/70.

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A mall that’s not quite there yet

Northpoint used to be a lot worse. But with the openings of trendy boutiques such as Cotton On or Rubi and popular eateries such as Pastamania, Seoul Garden and Manhattan’s Fish Market, Northpoint is slowly stepping up its game.

But even with all of its improvements and expansions, Northpoint is still but a sub-standard mall in comparison to its counterparts. I don’t really spend much time here, except for when I’m grabbing a quick dinner or visiting my dentist. I hate to sound someone who’s hard to please - but there is really nothing much to eat here. Dinner options are dominated by unhealthy fast-food chains, and the two food courts available are only sub par at best.

Bored with the old, Yishun residents are now only looking forward to the opening of Northpoint City, which is said to become the largest mall in the North. Hopefully, Northpoint City will deliver as promised, and become the vibrant hub this estate needs.

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Good Variety of Retailers

Northpoint is a shopping mall connected to Yishun MRT via an underground passageway. It is a heartland mall that caters mostly to the residents of Yishun as well as the neighboring Sembawang and Khatib.

I personally visit Northpoint a lot as it is the mall closest to where I live. There is a wide variety of dining options here. For example, PastaMania, McDonalds, Swensens, Subway, a Kopitiam Foodcourt, just to name a few. As for retail options, there are shops like Popular, Skin Food, The Body Shop, m)phosis, Cotton On and Royal Sporting House and many more.

I feel that there is a good variety of shops here that will keep you entertained for a solid few hours. There are also occasional events or sales that take place at the atriums of both the old building as well as the new wing. Be sure to check them out as you can often enjoy very good deals.

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All you need in one!

Exactly as the title says.

This is a place that caters to both the young and old - truthfully, I think there is everything one can ever need in this quaint little mall! Having grown up in the neighbourhood, I've seen the changes this place has undergone and I must say, it did make a difference.

We now have the convenience of having a 24-hour Starbucks (late-night studying spot #1), a library, supermarket, POSB/OCBC banks, Popular, retail outlets and eateries all together!

As a whole, the things sold there are pretty reasonable in pricing as well. From food to clothing, Northpoint offers a variety of goods that cater to the needs of both the young and old. Whether you're out with your family or friends, this is a good place to go!

One thing to note though, the traffic can be very high there. This is especially at timings after school, where hordes of students visit the place. Sometimes, these students may be quite noisy as well.

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Two is better than one

The current Northpoint is an expansion of the old building, where the old and new buildings are linked together. Prior to the construction of the the secondary section, the original Northpoint was small and limited in the number of stores and services available. As the Taylor Swift's song goes, "two is better than one" is indeed applicable to describe the Northpoint rejuvenated now.

There are more eateries, shops and there is even a new playground for young children at the top of the building. Most importantly, the Yishun Library has shifted from the old building near Chong Pang into Northpoint. Apart from the greater convenience ever since the library is situated within the shopping mall - which saves me from further travelling to the old building - the library is now more spacious, more modern-looking and has a wider collection.

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(Updated: November 10, 2012)

Complicated building

Northpoint has becomes so much more bigger every since it has been renovated few years back. I find the mall slightly complicated such that I can even get lost when I'm in it. There's nothing really unique or special such that one should definitely visit it. However, it's probably one of the biggest mall one can finds in Yishun.

Northpoint is like any other ordinary neighbourhood mall. It provides and sells all the essential items that one would need. To be honest, there's really nothing special there. However, there's this shop located at the last few levels of the mall that provides 'swimming pool' for the cute little babies. Probably this is the only shop that I find interesting in Northpoint which is not commonly seen in other neighbourhood shopping malls. I am not too sure of the rates but I often do see young parents bringing their few months old babies for a swim. It's pretty cool actually.

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Average mall, mostly popular with students.

I preferred visiting Northpoint prior to its renovation. I found the old Northpoint to be smaller, and more quality. My favourite store in there was... Toys R' Us!! I used to head there after school regularly with no agenda in mind and I would automatically wander into Toys R Us.

Nowadays, though it is bigger, I find that Northpoint has lost it's charm. It is now perpetually crowded and the clothes stores there do not really fascinate me much and seem to be slightly expensive. One thing still remains the same though: Northpoint has always been and will always be popular with students from schools all over the Yishun area.

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Typical mall

Once again, I don't have a lot to say about North Point. I used to come here quite a bit with an ex-girlfriend, as she had church in the vicinity. There are quite a number of food outlets here for people to enjoy, as well as some shops for people to look about. It has just underwent a renovation not too long ago, and the entire layout of the mall has changed - for the better in my opinion.

The library has got to be one of the better neighbourhood ones in Singapore. It has multiple charging points, a rarity in my opinion. Other than that, it just appears to be an average mall.

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Northpoint has a baby spa

And a Xin Wang restaurant.

I know they hold no relevance unless this review is about a Chinese dish that babies enjoy, but that's just what comes into my head when I think Northpoint.

I love kids and toddlers very very much, and it gives me great happiness when I visit Northpoint because it's such a homely place that parents often bring their kids here for walks and lunch. Everywhere you turn, there is a curious toddler looking at you and a baby fascinated by your eyes.

But of course, let's not digress. Northpoint is probably most known for their adorable baby spa. Although your baby probably will not remember your extravagance in letting him/ her into a spa, it's cute to watch them play with the water so I guess the money goes 2 ways into entertainment.

Northpoint also has a Xin Wang cafe that opens very late into the night so it's a good place for supper. Try their toasts and desserts here, their main courses are nothing too spectacular as compared.

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different from the 'old' Northpoint

Northpoint is just five minutes-walk away from where I live. Whenever I feel bored, I will set off to Northpoint, but I will avoid going there at evening period of the day. After semi-renovation, Northpoint has totally changed to a new shopping mall, not the one I used to know. When I was young, there was a Toys’R’us at the highest level but now it’s a little water park for kids which made me kind of disappointed. Other than that, you can find fast-food restaurants (MacDonald, KFC, SubWay), restaurants (Mayim and Thai Express). If you want shopping there are Hang Ten, Bega, Kiyo, The Underground and much more.

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Crowded and confusing for my first visit!

There are so many people in the mall. There are so many turns and blocks that you can walk. The design of the mall is really hard to appreciate. Though it is big and houses many shops, I do not think that I am that fond of that place.

The crowd makes the shopping experience there pretty frustrating. I kept having to mind where I am going and could not really shop properly; maybe it was because it was a weekend and I was carrying quite a big bag.

I probably won't be going back there specially for shopping.

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