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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 07, 2012    
Exciting opportunities await at the new lifestyle destination of choice - Junction 10.
Ideally located, Junction 10 reaches out to more than 380,000 residents in the surrounding neighbourhoods of Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang and Upper Bukit Timah. Junction 10 is also part of a mixed-use development - The Tennery, which forms a potential market from the 338 innovative SOHO-style loft apartments.

With about 100,000 sq. ft. of innovative retail and F&B spaces, Junction 10 offers a distinctive mall experience that includes an education cluster and lifestyle shops, essential services, beauty & wellness, chill-out cafés, eateries and restaurants. The mall will also house a Giant Hypermarket to serve all household and grocery needs.

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A dead town but I like it.

Looking so much better from its previous dull and unruly appearance, Junction 10 went through a revamp and emerged looking clean and fresh! However, the response of the public isn't one I would have anticipated. Instead of drawing more crowd to it, it seems like junction 10 had become even more quieter than in the past. Though a good stream of middle class restaurants have taken shop, they always seem to be lacking in customers and most of the time look super empty (even during mealtimes). The food court at level 2 is like itself, hungry for customers with many unoccupied stalls. Walking in, you will be greeted by vendors from different stalls touting.

The Giant supermarket though mega in size, seems to be freezing itself in a corner yearning warmth from its slow human traffic. In comparison, I think Shengsong supermarket was so much more bustling before the revamp. Basically, the only place I like to hang around in this place is Toastbox. It's so quiet that spending an afternoon sipping coffee and reading a book here becomes double an enjoyment. It's almost like you own the place!

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There isn't much here

I used to go to Ten Mile Junction for food all the time. After being torn down to pave the way for Junction Ten, I feel amused. Junction Ten is as pathetic as Ten Mile Junction.

The place is small. It is messy. Yes, it looks shiny, but all that will fade away in time. Giant replaces Sheng Siong, and the current Giant there is a lot smaller than the old Sheng Siong, which used to take up the space of two floors. The first time I went in, I went straight to the store listings. There was nothing much, except for more restaurants, a hairdresser and some japanese hardware/home store.

This place seems to be going the way of Ten Mile Junction. The management set up a shuttle bus service, but it doesn't seem very popular. This is unfortunate, really. It isn't that it is bad, but it is too small to offer any real competition to the much bigger and close Bukit Panjang Plaza.

The saving grace for me is that there's a J.Co.

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Just a little better than Ten Mile Junction

Junction10 was originally Ten Mile Junction. The mall is renamed after massive renovation. Ten Mile Junction was a really pathetic mall where only a few souls can be seen in there. It was much better after Seong Siong took place in Ten Mile. However, not long later, the whole mall was almost torn down and they rebuild it with the concept similar to Yew tee point, where there is a condo above a two levels high mall. However, if I were to compare Junction10 with Yew tee point, the former is definitely lacking way behind.

Firstly, Junction10 is just way too small. In fact, I find that mall a waste of land area. Secondly, they should not have remove Seng Siong and replace it with Giant, and their Giant is small too.

Overall, the only word to describe Juntion10 is small. It's so small such that I feel that it should not even be built at the first place.

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The revamp is quite pointless

Ten Mile Junction of Junction 10, it makes no difference.

The place has went through a revamp and it's much prettier now but just as boring. The weird infrastructure of the building means you'll have trouble navigating and will probably lose a kid in that maze. They have a cute concept in their Kopitam but besides it, I don't see how a revamp improved this place in the least.

I used to like Ten Mile Junction but the Sheng Shiong but it has since been replaced with yet another Shop n Save so that leaves me even lesser reasons to bother coming here. The only thing that is redeeming about this place is Kungfu Paradise. Thank you for bringing my favorite eatery so close to me.

Worth one visit. Just one. Unless you’re here for the Kungfu Paradise, then it’s worth moving here.

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(Updated: November 17, 2012)

Come for the food

Formerly known as Ten Mile Junction, I can't help but wonder whether the shopping mall has gotten better. I always find it a dread to visit there as there's nothing to see. There are no interesting shops around. Shoppers come mainly for Sheng Siong. Now that it's renovated, has it gotten any better?

Sadly, no. Despite that the mall is nicely renovated, offers free shuttle bus services and that there's 1 hr free-parking on weekdays between 10 am to 10 pm with min. spend of $$20(SAFRA members get 2 hr free), Junction 8 is still the dreariest mall.

The most interesting store is probably Pet Lovers Centre. There are many beauty and wellness services such as BodyPerfect, NK Hairworks and Heart Spring Spa. As for fashion and accessories stores, be prepared to be disappointed as there are only... 4! They are none other than Apsara, SPEX and ZESTA.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes around. Fans of Gong Cha, head down to level 1 for freshly brewed tea! Love Korean chicken? Well, check out BBQ Chicken at level 1 for a satisfying meal!

porn's SEXY. THAI. FOOD definitely stands out. I mean, with a name like that? Turns out that the boss of the restaurant is none other than TV host, Pornsak. I saw a cardboard cut-out of him. Anyway, you have to place a reserve which kind of ruins it. If you are lucky, do try the Thai green curry (Gang Keaw Wan)! It's got a brilliant balance of sweet and salty. Price: S$10.90+

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