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Sun Plaza 30 Sembawang Drive Singapore 757713
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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    

Sun Plaza has a striking color with its bright yellow façade. You can enjoy shopping with 6 levels of shops, restaurants, entertainment centre and services surrounding around a centre atrium. It is conveniently located next to Sembawang MRT Station and bus interchange

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A small mall getting too crowded

Sun plaza is getting more and more crowded! Boosting of a small array of shops, I will say that for now, this mall is small but good enough for residents staying around SBW. It is a place I would swing by every now and then for a quick cup of coffee or for manicure. There's a shop just adjacent to KFC where I like to get my toiletries from as it offers real great savings. There are new flats coming up to completion around SBW and I think to cater to the needs of the current residents and the influx of new residents, the mall might want to consider going into expansion. Otherwise, the limited eating places and restaurants are going to be way overly packed!

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nice shops

The nearest mall to sembawang mrt, I always had to walk past the plaza in order to reach the bus interchange. The mall is not as new and modern looking as other malls, but the basic shops are there. I would always pop by macdonalds to grab a bite before leaving for my lesson, and there is the famous gong cha bubbletea shop at the basement of the mall!

One time, when i need to settle in the mall, i went to the food court at the highest level of the mall. To my dismay, a few of the shops are not opened, and the choices are quite limited. Also, one bad thing about sun plaza is that the ATM machines are located at the top of the mall, so drawing money is a bit of a drag.

There is an arcade in the plaza that i went to burn a bit of time too. A nice mall which can be quite busy during lunch and dinner times.

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If not because of the library and Pastamania

Sun Plaza is like a typical neighbourhood mall but due to its location, does not seem to have the kind of tenants bigger malls in bigger neighbourhoods could attract.

Sometimes when I arrive in Sembawang much earlier before my tuition assignment, I would go to Pastamania for a quick lunch before going up to the library for some reading and relaxation. That much, I can have no complaints.

But if I had to go to the toilet, I swear that I would rather go to the bushes than use the toilets there. They look like the facilities manager lacks the budget to maintain the toilets. A huge shame.

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Just another neighbourhood mall

I think Sun Plaza is just another neighbourhood mall which enjoys more crowd flow as it is conveniently located just beside the Sembawang MRT. Although it is not like a big shopping mall, as a neighbourhood mall, it is much larger than those nearby such as 888 or Admiralty MRT.

Within the shopping mall, there a number of big tenants such as NTUC at the bottom, with Fei Xiong's EAT and Bak Kwa. There is also a food court upstairs and Star Factory arcade centre. Near the exits, there are some fast food outlets and a HK cafe. I think there was supposed to be a cinema there as a I saw an escalator going up further to another higher floor with the word cinema labelled, but when i went there, the escalator was sealed off.

Although Sun Plaza has quite a number of storeys, the stores are pretty much the same, it is like a mixture of neighbourhood retail store plus some of those we see commonly at the bigger ones. Other than that, in terms of shopping, there is nothing special or much to window shop. It is more of a place for the nearby residents to purchase their daily needs.

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A place for those staying around the area

This place only survives on the HDB crowd around it. I don't see why it still exists because there is practically nothing there. Granted there's a food court and NTUC there, which makes it a convenient place for families to dine there. There's a shop that sells cheap toiletries, even cheaper than Venus. Apart from that, I can't see why anyone would want to visit that mall if they're not staying around that area. The place also looks rather tired and old.

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not too bad for a small shopping mall

Sun Plaza is consider small as compared to other shopping malls like ION and Plaza Singapura. However, many residents and non-residents will visit this place. It’s crowded during evenings of weekdays and weekends. There’s a library, NTUC Fairprice, Kopitiam, Watsons and Mr Bean (which Northpoint doesn’t have). But’s there isn’t any bookshop, there’s a Popular last time but it closes down for some reasons. So if you need a bookshop, maybe you have to take a shuttle bus near the MRT Station to SSC. Sometimes Du Yi Bookshop will have road-show at Sun Plaza’s level one at the big space there. If not, there will be food fair at that big space.

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I think there is practically nothing to shop in Sun Plaza and there are no bookstores in this shopping mall, not even Popular. It could be a good place to get your daily necessities or groceries but if you want to look for clothes, it might not be a good place as there are not many places to shop in.

I think it could be because there are many HDB flats around Sun Plaza that their prices are rather affordable. The food sold at the food court are rather nice and affordable. It is not really an interesting place to shop in.

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There's no bookstore in this building!!

Sun Plaza is one of the heartland malls which I’ve been to when I am much younger. The building’s quite prominent, with a sunflower-like logo spotted at the train platforms of Sembawang MRT. Being a stone’s throw away from the train station, this got to be one of the places where the residents nearby get their necessities from.

There are quite a number of shops in Sun Plaza. For instance, Gain City, FairPrice, OSIM, Watsons, SaSa, Yamaha Music School, etc. From the entrance, you might have spotted few fashion stores along with dining restaurants like Pastamania. The interior of the shopping centre looked rather old, with yellow-white theme tiles. However, do not be fooled by its appearance. They do have yummy meals there and several restaurants like Sakae Sushi, Thai Express, etc. There is an apparel store which sells rather nice female dressed and tops. However, they might be rather pricey for the quality you’re paying as compared to these shops in the town area. It’s comparable to nearby shopping centres like Causeway Point and North Point.

If you have realized, there isn’t any book store in this entire building, which I think it’s kind of ridiculous where most residents get their necessities from. I believe that there are other shopping centres which are much better in terms of variety as compared to Sun Plaza. I’ll give it a miss.

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Yamaha Music School
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Sun Plaza
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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Sun Plaza - A Budding Shopping Mall

Everyone at the mall has one motive: to shop. That being said, I'm pretty strict when it comes to shopping experiences. After all, the only therapy girls ever need is retail therapy.I'm pretty sure ladies will agree with me on this one.

Unlike shopping malls like Bugis Junction and Marina Square, Sun Plaza is rather small. I find myself having a tough time walking through crowds, especially during evenings. You have been warned.

However, don't let this image fool you. The cherry looking shopping mall is home to 93 shops. It is full of exciting and interesting goods. Take Japan Home for instance. NTUC Fairprice, Gain City, Virtualand, Kopitiam, Pets's Street and Yamaha.Book lovers, fret not! There's a public library at level 3. Simply said, there's something for everyone.

It's extremely convenient to get there as well as the shopping mall is located just right beside Sembawang MRT station. Again, it's no surprise that Sun Plaza's crowded with people.
The prices are affordable as well. A plate of chicken rice from Kopitiam costs about $3.50, while a necklace from Aries can cost about $5 onwards.

The minus? The parking charges are rather expensive, as each entry requires you to spend $3.30. Thankfully, the car park at HDB flats made up for this fallback. No worries regarding the walking distance as it's just right at the corner. Note to drivers: Park your car at the HDB Car Park instead. You didn't hear this from me.

All in all, an enjoyable experience.

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I love books, so the library's my pick!
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