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Wheelock Place 501 Orchard Road Singapore 238880
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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    

Wheelock Place is an exciting cosmopolitan destination that meets every demand of the stylish urbanite. Behind its distinctive conical facade lie 7 floors of the finest retail stores, services and dining options. The premier selection of tenants include brand names like Marks & Spencer, Clarins Skin Spa, Shinagawa Lasik Centre, Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe, and Epicentre – an Apple Premium Reseller.

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Borders gone

I was quite disappointed to see Borders gone. I've always loved how they allow people to read the books and magazines there and that we can always go there for a drink just to chill or to read books. Come to think of it, perhaps its because people always take advantage by reading the books and never buying them that it closed down.

Other than Borders, the only other significant place is Mark and Spencers. Now that they've taken up another floor, they have expanded to include a bakery as well as a frozen food section. For now, this would be the only main draw for me. Other than that, I would much prefer going to ION or Shaw

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Ghost Town?

Wheelock Place has a nice profile picture and from here it looks really like a Christmas Tree set up.

But for so many years, I only remembered 2 things about Wheelock Place. No 1, Borders at Level 1, No 2, Marks and Spencer at the lower basements. Well, maybe one more shop somewhere within that does man waxing as my friend once told me. But other than that, until now, I do not really recall what other stores there are in this mall.

Although it is in a fantastic location, it is overshadowed by the other big malls around it, places like Ion, Tangs, Wisma, Isetan. Even for myself, i would only walked from Wisma (Ion was not up yet), to Tangs to Isetan since all 3 are connected. The only time I would walked to Wheelock is to buy their strawberry/raspberry biscuits for my mother from MnS.

Now that Borders is gone, it is quite a dead place, but I realise that there is already a linkage from Ion to Wheelock and MnS has taken over and refurbishing the whole place, so hopefully some life will be brought to this place and we would have another bustling place at the start of Orchard region.

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I remember Wheelock as a bookstore place

How very ill to be known as.

The description very comically states Wheelock to be an exciting place. How very strange. Wheelock doesn't know excitement even if it's stared right at its face. It is more right to say Wheelock is a classy place.

This mall made close to zero impression on me. All I remember from it is redeeming an iPod from the Epicentre here and even that was a normal experience. There isn't even anything bad to say about this place because this place is basically just a blank ground.

How is there even 7 stories I have no idea, I've only heard and walked the first 2 floors and that's even to deter me from the rest of the building.

Come to Wheelock if you're determined to finish Orchard completely as a tourist, if not, just skip on ahead to ION.

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Nice facade, don't understand why it's still surviving

I love the shape of the building, it feels like a Christmas tree and with the lights, it's beautiful! However, I have no idea why Wheelock Place is still surviving as a shopping centre, especially without a main tenant and there's nothing that draws the crowd to it.

I have to say it greatly benefited from ion when people have to walk through wheelock to get to shaw.One good place at Wheelock is Sun Moon restaurant and perhaps the other restaurants on that level.

Without Borders, Wheelock place is like an empty shell that like what the other reviews say - In need of a revamp!

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(Updated: December 03, 2013)

Nothing, nothing absolutely nothing.

Wheelock is like another Heeren. I don't know which is worse. Perhaps heeren because all the brands are secondary-school-girls-craze kind of stuff while Wheelock has a more classy feel but there's nothing there. They are undergoing revamp so I hope better shops will appear and they do have restaurants like sun with moon which I have yet to try but these are all there are to Wheelock. maybe Epicentre might help.. If it's still there.

And the newly opened mark and specer which is huge. I mean it is h.u.g.e. They even have a bakery in the food section! their only saving grace.

Not recommending for now.. maybe we'll see what it turns out like after reno.

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Urgently needs a revamp!

I'm surprised at how Wheelock Place can still manage to stay open with such a minimal offering. I mean, other than the smattering of wellness shops and a chocolate boutique, there's nothing else that it offers shoppers and visitors to Orchard Road. I mean, when I say that the most popular aspect of Wheelock Place is the underpass to ION, that's saying a lot about the place!

As many would probably agree with me, Wheelock Place was in it's prime when Borders was around. Borders offered to Wheelock Plact what nothing else has done so far... A really really good reason to visit the building. It deserves a hip new tenant who can draw the crowds back there. I hope it doesn't fold before that.

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Nothing at all.

I used to love Wheelock Place for the Borders bookstore, but after Borders closed down, I found no reason to visit Wheelock Place anymore. There is barely anything to do there and given the fact that it is located on Orchard Road, you might as well visit nearby shopping malls like Ion Orchard. I think the only reason you will visit Wheelock Place is to shop at Marks and Spencer, but even then it is not like Marks and Spencer cannot be found elsewhere in the Orchard/Somerset area.

I would suggest shoppers or tourists to visit other shopping malls instead, and give Wheelock Place a miss, because really, you will not be missing out on much.

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(Updated: July 04, 2012)

Not for the window shopper

Wheelock has seen better days. It used to be a nice weekend hangout for avid readers who would browse the magazines and latest bestsellers in the sprawling Borders bookstore. Of course, only browsing and not buying led to Borders’ eventual closure; now there is no compelling reason to visit Wheelock.

To its credit, Wheelock has a fair selection of excellent eateries such as Sun with Moon Japanese restaurant and Cedele’s Bakery Depot (which I’ve reviewed too). There are a few classic lifestyle stores, such as Crumpler, Birkenstock and Dr. Martens. Not forgetting the EpiCentre for all your Mac needs.

Still, the shopping area is limited at Wheelock and the building designed in such a way that discourages the lazy Sunday window shopper. In my opinion, Wheelock is a good place for your specific needs and not for casual browsing.

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pales in comparison to other malls in town

Wheelock place used to be my hang out place when Kinokuniya was still home to that mall. After the closing down of Kinokuniya, I have stopped frequenting Wheelock place. It really pales in comparison to Shaw House and ION and the other malls surrounding it. Right now, the biggest store in Wheelock would have to be Marks & Spencers. I like the food there but I will not travel exclusively down to Wheelock just to buy stuff from M&S. I can get it from other places nearer to my house. Shops are selling things at a very marked-up price. I know i's town and there is a price to pay for everything in Orchard, but the things at Wheelock are not that nice. Maybe they are indie brands with good quality? I don't know.

If you are hungry, Sun & Moon at Wheelock is a good place to dine at. Expensive, good-quality Japanese food. Worthy of the price! Right now, the mall is undergoing renovations so it might not be the best place to shop at. You would be better off going to ION or TANGS. Wheelock has nothing much to offer at all. The whole duration I stayed in the mall last week was less than 5 minutes. Just used the underpass to get to ION. That's all.

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A nice shopping mall but lack of attractions.

After the construction of ION Orchard, the customers can enjoy a great convenience visiting the Wheelock Place which is located just next to ION. in the past, Wheelock Place did not enjoy any popularity due to lack of visitors coming everyday. Besides that, the shops were not too fascinating and most of the shoppers would visit this mall mostly for dining purposes. 

However, now, things do change a little. Wheelock place received quite a number of visitors and shoppers daily thanks to the major renovation which makes it more accessible to the visitors. However, I notice that the shops do not change much. Inside the mall, the well visited stores would include Epicenter, Marks&Spencer and Border bookstore but since the bookstore has closed down, it means that one less store to attract the customers. 

Nevertheless, this mall is still worth visiting. There are a few beauty and wellness center which is a great attraction for the female shoppers. 

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