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Jurong Point 1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-07 Singapore 648886
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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    

Currently, Jurong Point is the largest suburban mall in Singapore, housing about 450 retailers, showcasing their products and services to over 3.6 million visitors a month. The revamped Jurong Point houses a range of retail zones – Market Place, Takeaway Alley, Gourmet Garden, 24 hours hypermart, Japanese Precinct, Sun Terrace and many more. In addition, there is also a 67 bay air-conditioned bus interchange, two civic community hubs and to top it all off, a 610 unit condominium nestled above the retail podium. With a wide array of shopping, dining, entertainment and services, Jurong Point is well positioned to be the mall of choice for shoppers in the Western quadrant of Singapore. Its mix of shops includes anchors such as the 24-hour FairPrice Xtra, John Little, Courts, Harvey Norman, Kiddy Palace, and several popular brands such as Ding Tai Fung, Zhou Kitchen, Dian Xiao Er, Bakerzin, Starbucks, m)phosis, Nike, SingTel, adidas and many others.

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Easties, bring your map and compass

This shopping mall is so far west Zhu Ba Jie is still journeying towards it. People who live and work in the west will know it for its 24 hour Fairprice, and Boon Lay Bus Interchange.

It recently revamped and moved in exciting new tenants such as Llao Llao, 4 Fingers, Sushi Express, and Monster Curry. Jurong Point also has a unique feature where they have decorated sections of the mall thematically. There is a mini Mong Kok, Japanese Street, and a korean Themed section. They have also grouped all the electronics stores together at basement one.

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Large in Space, Small in variety

The other day i went to Jurong Point merrily. I had a few aims: to accompany my brother for phone re-contract, have lunch and light shopping. And they barely passed.

To start with, the mall next to Boon Lay MRT houses no major clothing or fashion brand. Being one who likes to immerse in nice clothes and stuff, I felt hopeless as only those "indie' shops with barely any cool fluff were present. Besides, I felt as if I have grown larger in size as I squeezed my way through throngs (really crowded ones) of strangers.

It's good, though, they have quite a large selection of food and Electronic stores and I guess only the IT whizz in me was satisfied that day. Being just next to the Jurong bus interchange, well, reaching there and going home was a breeze too, I am glad to say that.

To me, novelty and variety have to intertwined for a shopping hit to happen. Jurong Point, like a lot of other suburban malls, missed the mark as the shops available were like clones manifesting throughout Singapore. I would rather stick to my estate's mall.

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Perhaps the food selection
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(Updated: October 07, 2012)

huge shopping mall

This mall is big and has a variety of shops, from books and stationery to fashion and accessories and to electronics. This mall is accessible as it is located just outside Boon Lay MRT Station and Bus Interchange.
It is impossible to finish visit all the shops in just one day. There are quite a few fashion stores which sell fashionable clothes and accessories at affordable prices. My friends and I visit often during my Polytechnic days, sometimes there’s a three hour break, and we will go there and hunt for food. Also, if we finish our practical test with success, we will go there and celebrate, treat ourselves with the ‘Earthquake’ ice-cream.

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A mall not to be missed!

I love Jurong Point! Firstly it is big, and it has a wide variety of shops, you can get whatever you want or need from this mall, from books and stationery to fashion and accessories or even pets specialty! Secondly, you don't need to walk much, the mall is just located outside the Boon Lay mrt, how convenient is that! I can still remember Jurong Point giving out 150 worth of cash vouchers to 5 lucky shoppers and I am one of them. I had such a great time shopping with the cash voucher only to realize that there are so many things I can buy with it. Thanks Jurong Point for the cash vouchers! In addition, the bus interchange is situated within the shopping mall and is air-conditioned! I personally enjoyed my every shopping trip at Jurong Point with its high level of customer service at its various shops and go back home with great satisfactory. I simply love Jurong Point!

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After Jurong Point had its expansion, 'JP2', everything became much more better and less boring now. New shops, new things to try out, less boredom, more fun, etc. Has everything you need!

The cinema has also been recently upgraded, giving customers a more better and comfortable viewing experience! It's a good place for shopping too, as it's navigation-friendly, with food courts, restaurants anywhere as after walking in and out of many shops, etc, one must be tired and starving. You can pass by the basement, and you'll see a Japanese food paradise for Japan food lovers (Sushi, Ichiban, Wadori(Tori-q), etc).

There's also (like any other shopping mall) fast food restaurants, (LJS, KFC, Mac, Mos Burger, Burger King, Subway,etc) for shoppers to enjoy their fast meal while sitting down and chat with their friends!

You can also visit Comics Connection at the third level near Kopitiam, (ehem KPOP merchandise, mangas(japanese comics, etc)), Arcades, and UFO catcher to try your luck in getting that soft toy which you got your eye on.

Maybe another place you should try is at level 2, outside Fairprice Xtra. There's many retail shops to check out and yes! Girl's paradise - SHOPPING! Rather than seeing this review about how awesome Jurong Point is, why not just travel down to Boon Lay and experience it out for yourself? Definitely would be more enjoyable than my description of a few places in Jurong Point only.

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Everything you need is packed into JP

My friend who lives in The Centris (the condominium located just above Jurong Point) commented that she haven't been to town to shop in a while. That's because JP has everything she needs!

Ever since the extension JP2 popped up, the mall has become a favourite hangout for heartlanders in the Western quadrant of Singapore. The mall is home to many mid-range priced boutiques and the basement boasts a huge range of F&B restaurants. Being a student in NTU, I often frequent Jurong Point for meals. My favourite has got to be the Japanese food street. Inspired by the famous Shinsaibashi district in Osaka, the food street is a short stretch of Japanese restaurants, bakeries and sushi stalls. There is also a shop nearby which sells Japanese biscuits and snacks that are not stocked by supermarkets or ntuc. Simply delicious!!

Many have also raved about how good the shopping is in JP. While the prices of the apparel are reasonable, I feel that the shops are too similar to each other and lack the distinguishing factor. Besides the bigger names such as BYSI, Chomel and Charles & Keith, the other boutiques are merely extensions of one another. Therefore, I feel that there is still much to be done to improve the retail therapy experience in JP.

Due to its high accessibility (right beside the Boon Lay MRT station), the crowds during peak hours and the weekends are overwhelming. Long queues and overcrowded walkways are a common sight. At popular restaurants such as Thai Express, Pizza Hut and Ichiban Sushi, the queues can be horrendously long. So if you are intending to dine at JP, do remember to place your reservations!

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A large and easily accessible shopping mall

Located in the west of Singapore, Jurong Point has expanded over the past few years to become the largest heartland shopping mall, which is good news for the west siders as it is a good place to go shopping for when you are not in the mood to travel all the way to town. There are quite a few fashion stores which sell affordable and trendy clothes and accessories, many restaurants and takeaways which leave you spoilt for choice, a Golden Village theatre, and a 24 hour large two story NTUC Fairprice supermarket. Jurong Point definitely caters to everyone, from teenagers to mothers who want to do some grocery shopping. Furthermore, it is very accessible with an MRT station and a bus interchange, which explains the amount of human traffic there. Beware, it gets extremely crowded during dinner time!

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(Updated: July 05, 2012)

Jurong Point is a place that you must visit

Jurong Point is a really nice place to visit. It is convenient as it is near the MRT station and the bus interchange. After renovation, Jurong Point has become about twice as big as it normally was. There are two parts of Jurong Pint namely JP1 and JP2. There are many fashion shops and on every level there are at least 6 clothes shops. So for females this is a shopping paradise for you!

There are quite a lot of events going on in Jurong Point and I have seen many artistes there advertising their shows and holding performances. Some are really eye-catching which results in all the levels of Jurong points filling up with people which makes it so that you can hardly pass through the crowd.

There is a Japanese food street at basement 1 and the whole stretch of corridor is filled with Japanese restaurants leaving you with a wide range of restaurants to choose from. One thing about Jurong Point is that there are a lot of sales going on before and during Great Singapore Sales. The prices are crazy. I once bought a pair of jeans at only $7.90!

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Jurong Point Got All That You Need

Ever since the time when Jurong Point finished the renovations a few years back, many things have changed and the shopping mall itself became bigger and better. Seems to be one of the biggest shopping mall in the west that you can find. And some stores are currently under-going renovation to provide consumer better.

I was amazed ever since after the renovation of Jurong Point shopping Mall, they have bring in tons of retail stores, food-courts and restaurants, leisure and entertainments. You will find all you need in this shopping mall, be it hanging with family and friends for a movie at Golden Village, and go to Crystal Jade restaurant for lunch or dinner, and lastly you can get to catch on-going events that is happening on the first level, where there used to be live performance , variety shows, and there was once I got to catch a Korean Boy Group named 2PM, giving 2PM Hands Up Meet & Greet “High 5 for 300″ Session on that day itself!

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)


I try to avoid going to Jurong Point during Friday nights and weekends. I have nothing against the mall itself, rather it's the car park that I have an issue with. Despite that it's spacious with tons of parking lots, I feel that it's not enough. Best to go there via bus or MRT. Given the technical problems, I say go for the former, refrain from the latter.

To begin with, Jurong Point has an impressive range of stores around. The shopping mall is a social area that provides different kind of services such as cinemas, cafes and restaurants. You will find that Jurong Point is the place where you can dine, relax and do shopping inside one building. In terms of prices, it depends which stores you go to. There are new stores like Etude House, Awfully Chocolate and Sour Sally, which I've been waiting for this store for a while. For those of you who haven't heard about it, this adorable store sells non-fat frozen yogurt.

It's a pleasant experience to shop at Jurong Point. The mall offers a refreshing experience in terms of entertainment, products and services.

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