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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    
Just steps away from world-renowned Orchard Road, the heart of Singapore shopping, TripleOne Somerset unveils a new shade of retail - surprising, exciting and in sync with the well-travelled urban professional.

Designed for the discerning, whose ahead-of-the-curve sensibilities are shaped by the latest innovations in lifestyle and leisure, its merchandise mix reflects a progressive, international perspective. The emphasis is on quality and design, including premium retail concepts, cutting-edge new-to-market brands, niche international and home-grown labels.

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Nice place with the right people

Situaed in the heart of town, this place is happening during the weekends. One of the biggest malls, opened in the central vicinity of Singapore, has become a hotspot for almost everyone of all ages. Weekends, this place is packed to the brim, with many shoppers patronising the stalls. Even on weekdays, this place is people crazy - teenagers in school uniforms stroll along alongside formally dressed people that walk quickly and jostle past people to get ahead.

For me, the place greets me with its welcoming smell of garretts popcorn - my favourite. Not forgetting that the long walk from the MRT to 313 is always a good place for concidence meetings with friends who happen to also be in town.

While it has gotten a little bit boring to constantly frequent this mall (and the fact that I know the mall inside out), I will never totally want to stop visiting the smell of town after a long break. This welcoming smell and the familiarity of the place leaves me with the knowledge that I love this place, especially with the right company.

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Singapore Power

I was there to visit the Singapore Power show room. Singapore Power was the only shop that sell gas water heater. I read that gas water heater can help me save on my utilities bills. The show room also display a few brands of gas stoves. Buying your gas appliances here had a one stop service because Singapore Power would take care of the installation and post installation inspection and it would be safer to let certified people install your gas appliances in case of gas leak.

I was there earlier than my wife so I loitered around in the shopping mall, there were really not much shops, other than NTUC and a candy shop, the rest of the shops were either restaurants or some not interesting shops. My wife told me she would be thirty minutes late and the shops inside could not keep me occupied for that time. How sad can a shopping mall become.

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one for those who appreciate the peace and quiet

TripleOne Somerset is one of my favourite places in town. One, because there's Fairprice Finest, and I absolutely adore Fairprice Finest!

Two, even though it's clean and classy, it's pretty quiet, rare for anywhere in town. You can often find skateboarders from the nearby youth park here, but they usually just get some drinks and go.

I haven't explored the stores here much; I usually eat at Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong. Everywhere else looks a little too pricey for me.

I usually come here when I have some time before meeting friends, just to walk around Fairprice or sit outside on the steps while waiting.

There isn't much here by way of entertainment, but it's a nice place for a meal or just to get away from the crowds for a bit, if that's what you're looking for.

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Deserted mall

TripleOne Somerset is situated just behind 313 Somerset. As compared to the traffic at 313, TripleOne Somerset is so much less crowded. I have never explored the mall before. The only time I am there is to park my car. The carpark is generally cheaper that most malls in that area and the carpark lots are very spacious.

There isn't much shops at TripleOne. Probably only a few restaurants like Applebees, Imperial treasure which is slightly different from other imperial treasure outlets in Singapore, a few hair salon and that's about it. The upper floors of TripleOne Somerset are offices. I guess that is why hardly anybody has heard about TripleOne Somerset despite its central location.

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Literally my "parking" mall

When parking rates are atrocious in town, especially around town area, one has to really scout and hunt for lower priced parking there.

I often have to be in Orchard, at least 3 times a week - either to attend dance class, wait for my gf class to end or shopping/dining. TripleOne is definitely my choice of parking during the weekdays evening for:

1) It charges a flat rate of $3.21/entry after 6pm. Comparing with 313 (which is just across the road) charging $4.50 for first 3 hours or Orchard Central (the mall I'm mostly in) charging $3 for first 2 hours, parking at TripleOne really gives me a peace of mind.

2) There are always ample parking spaces when I went there so there's no need to wait for queue. Pretty hope it remains the same after I made this review :(

3) The lots are huge, making parking an ease. Unlike some of the other parking around Orchard I know of, which charges hefty prices yet have incredibly small lots which makes you skip a heart beat when you've to barely squeeze between the car and the wall, parking at TripleOne lots would be a piece of cake.

4) Last but not least, the location of course! It's near to all the major malls around Somerset and 313 is just a stone throw away.

(You probably still can get cheaper parking from the coupon parking areas outside, like the one in front of Cineleisure but I rather hate coming back to my car seeing it stained with bird's dropping all over.)

Personally, I have never shopped much at TripleOne for there really isn't much to shop. The higher levels are actually offices, leaving you with only the ground floor for your shopping or dining needs.

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Parking rates!
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Calling all shopaholics!

I must say I am a HUGE shopaholic! Any place with good shopping can lure me in and this is definitely a great place if you are in the mood for some girl time especially! How can you not want to visit a 4-storey Forever 21 store? The place is really amazing! Also, stores like Uniqlo, Zara and New Look are all found here, it is indeed shopping paradise at its best.

After shopping, you and your friends can head to Marche which serves really great food! The crepes with ice cream and rosti are definitely must-tries! If you are looking for something cheaper, head down to the basement level and you will find Subway, Yoshinoya and other small stalls selling cheap food! If you in need of something cool and refreshing, you can enjoy some Yami Yoghurt or Gong cha too!

This place really has everything that you need all in one mall!

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triple one number one

Triple One is a mall I go to rather often. I gym in the Somerset MRT area, so I always need places to go to for coffee and food. I really hate crowds, which rules out 313 Somerset. I hate teenagers too (ditto 313). I take public transport, so I’m a slave to locations that are linked to or near MRT stations.

This makes 111 the inevitable choice. Fortunately for me, it has a great little café (Café Black at the main entrance) as well as cheap eats (Imperial Treasure group fast food concept and bakery). I even do my grocery shopping at the NTUC Finest there sometimes.

And all this a hop and a skip from Somerset MRT. Oh and the loos are clean too. What more can one ask for?

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Great place for dining.

TripleOne Somerset is not the place for teens. That is, if you're shopping for clothes. The mall only features 3 stores that sell fashion wear and accessories.

CLOTHESMITH sells beautifully crafted shirts, pants and suits. This is the store for guys who wants to look good at a fraction of the price. Suit up!

Face-Match Optical caters to your optical needs. Check out their collections! Note: You have to book an appointment.

OOI.i.n.c Jewelry & Leather Bags is another store that features genuine leather bags.

Candy Empire, located at level 1, is by far the most interesting shop at TripleOne Somerset. The store has the biggest selection of chocolates, buscuits and many more.

In terms of food, Lucky 13 shines. And they say that 13's an unlucky number... The cuban beef stew and cuban "medianoche" sandwich are definitely MUST TRY! If you're a fan of Miami/Cuban style delicacies, this is it. The diner & bar is located at level 1.

Price/Pax:S$33 – 50
Happy Hour: 5 – 8pm Daily

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Lucky 13
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