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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    

CityLink Mall is the unique retail component of the One Raffles Link development. It provides around 60,000 sq.ft. of retail space in an air-conditioned subterranean mall, and links One Raffles Link to the City Hall and Esplanade MRT Station. The stunning subterranean mall with over 50 shops, offers international fashion names, exquisite gifts & accessories, home accessories and some of the best eateries in Singapore.

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Convenient, and with a nice collection of shops

Citylink Mall does two things: it serves as an underpass connecting City Hall MRT station with Esplanade MRT station and Suntec City and also serves as a shopping haven. I remember getting myself lost in the wide variety of shops, which stretched seemingly endlessly. The experience of walking from one end to the other was very wonderful.

Citylink has all sorts of shops: those that sell food, including chocolates and popcorn, those that sell clothes and even a music store which unfortunately closed down if I don't remember wrongly. The walk may be long but it is enjoyable. The mall connects many places and is a huge dose of convenient.

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The long walk from City Hall to Suntec
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Strategically located

Citylink is a prime location that connects the Cityhall MRT to other malls like Marina Sqaure and Suntec City, so i guess that Citylink is usually congested with people who pass by citylink just to get by other destinations.

Nonetheless, Citylink has quite a few finds as it stretches a long way. It has a variety of shops like Charles and Keith, New Look, Citychain, Etude house, TCC, which are very popular shopping places.

I will not go Citylink for just that purpose of patronizing Citylink and i believe others are similar, Citylink is strategically located as an access passage way for the crowd heading from the Cityhall MRT so it wouldnt hurt to pop by some of the shops while heading to your destination or waiting for friends at the MRT station

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Linkway of shops

Going to Suntec City, Marina Square or Esplanade from City Hall MRT Station, you would definitely not miss CityLink mall which provides you an air-conditioned shelter to these three destinations.

CityLink Mall is not only a sheltered link way but also a whole stretch of boutiques and restaurants and cafes. There are many well-known retail shops such as Levis, Aeropostale, New Look and Calvin Klein located at CityLink mall. There are also restaurants and cafes such as The Asian Kitchen, Toast Box and StarBucks located there for the customers to grab a quick bite or have a lunch while walking through the mall.

I think it fully utilise its passage way to meet the needs of the people.

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A mall which provides alternatives to its customer, I love it!

CityLink Mall is more of a walk way from City Hall mrt to maybe Suntec, Marina Square or Esplanade than it being a shopping mall itself. I mean, the concept probably isn't really strong. However every weak links has their strong areas. Though it doesn't really seems like a shopping mall to me, or probably to most of us here, it somehow has become a definite walk through mall! The main point is that there are crowds. As for me, at times I will visit the Sakae Sushi at the CityLink Mall when I find walking to the branch at the Marina square or even the Suntec, being rather inconvenient. The same goes to Starbucks. Thus I find CityLink mall necessary as it provides alternatives, making it more convenient for shoppers like me!

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Shopping & Dining hotspot!

CityLink Mall is a vast subterranean complex of designer shops, eateries and healthcare outlets. I always walk by it on my way to the Esplanade or to Marina Square. One thing I can say about CityLink Mall is the fact that they seem to be in a constant upgrading process, which reflects the quality of their tenants as well. I was pleased when Hershey's and Garret's opened up along with the flagship Manchester United store! Always good for a stroll and a snack, the CityLink Mall is also a good place to dine. Thai Express is situated over there along with The Asian Kitchen and Mezze Bistro. I never get tired of window shopping through this underground stretch of shops and I highly doubt that I ever will.

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Passing through not going to

CityLink mall has been an amazing addition to commuters who are working or going to Suntec City. Beside this, it is also a link to Marina Square and esplanade. The basis of this mall is simple, entice consumer to spend on their way to other shopping centers or place of work. However, the response has not been extremely great and the developers have to look into renting shops which cater to the fast moving food traffic in that region.

Shops that stand the test of time since the start will give you a glimpse of what can work in a mall like this and one of it is Guardian Healthcare. In essence, this whole shopping mall has to follow the idea of 7-11 to succeed.

Food has been changing again and again and its hard to state which is good but from my experience, breadtalk and starbucks are good choices of food for the morning or evening commuters whereas Thai express, Yomenya and tcc are great additions to kick back and enjoy great tasting food.

Shopping wise is a bore as it follows the concept of heartland mall; just about any fashion shops with little emphasis on well-known shops to support this mall up. Adidas, giordano and rubi are good addition but does little compared to the many novelty clothing stores coming from other countries and has yet to make a much-neeeded dent in the local market.

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City Hall
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(Updated: July 06, 2012)


The shops at Citylink mall have been changing for the longest time that I could remember from the days when HMV still used to be the attraction of the mall. Back in the 90s, Citylink mall was only a section of what it is today. It was the mall that was conveniently located at city hall mrt station that linked up all the malls underground and as an underpass it is definitely one of my favorites because it is lined up with an array of shops to keep me entertained. Today the mall has opened up to more alternatives to including MRT station entrances like the Suntec and even a walkway to Esplanade.

The mall in itself is not that complete because it merely just serves as an appetizer for the hungry shoppers as they proceed on from mall to mall. It is fitted with a few restaurants, and a few shops on the way but I personally would not specifically go to Citylink mall to shop because of its limited range of shops. That aside, it still has its value. Holding shops like Garrett's Popcorn and Gelato, dessert junkies would definitely flock to the likes of this mall just to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. Most importantly it also serves as an air conditioned walkway to the malls, imagine having to walk all the way from city hall mrt to suntec city without the comfort of the air con in the blazing hot heat!

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Great for target audience - transiting pedestrians

I think we shouldn't criticise CityLink for being what it isn't, and evaluate on what it IS meant to be - a mall for pedestrians crossing from Esplanade MRT side to City Hall MRT side and vice versa. Due to the transient crowd, CityLink doesn't boast specific amenities like childrens' playgrounds, cinemas, or an anchor tenant (a star attraction, basically). If there was something that attracted people other than the passing crowd, the mall would be overcrowded!

For its purpose, I think CityLink does a good job. For those working in the vicinity who have ended work, they can grab dinner at one of the many restaurants before taking the MRT home. In the morning before work, they can have breakfast at the bakeries or cafés.

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A nice distraction before I reach my final destination

I must admit, I only pass through this mall because it happens to be along the way to either the Esplanade or Marina Square from the Cityhall MRT station. However, I never fail to get sidetracked into the stores along the way. There is Adidas for the men, Rubi shoes (a part of the Cotton On franchise) for the budget Barbie, Aeropostale for the preppy American, casual style, New Look for your UK fashion craving, Hershey's Chocolate World for your chocolate, endorphin-inducing fix and il Gelato di Bruno for some delicious gelato flavors!

I don't hate or love this mall; it is merely there for me to be entertained whilst walking to my destination. I cannot help it if I end up purchasing something along the way though.

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Window Shopping
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To be honest, I have hardly shopped at Citylink Mall. Ok, maybe once or twice. It has always been used by me as a pathway to Marina Square and Marina Mandarin Hotel. Because of is structure, it is hard for it to be taken seriously by me. I usually just walk straight...straight and....straight. I do not walk with my head turned left and right here. I just go through it in order to reach my destination. That being said, the shops I have noticed are shops that can be seen in most huge shopping malls. Nothing really special or exciting about it.

Citylink Mall is generally empty and spacious to walk at. My guess is many people also treat it like a bridge to cross over to their destination. If you are really keen on visiting this place, do not be expected to be thrilled or surprised. Nothing is extraordinary here...
The only good thing I can think of for this place is that if Marina Square and Raffles City are too crowded for you to eat at or shop at then Citylink Mall can be a place for you to shop and eat at. :)

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