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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    
United Square Shopping Mall is the destination mall for families. Positioned as A Kids Learning Hub, United Square is truly the place for fun play and learn.

The mall is fully equipped with kids-friendly features from a luxurious nursing room, colour themed levels, spacious corridor walkways, carpeted grounds, play features right down to animal-shaped bins for your rubbish! There is also a state-of-the art al fresco forecourt with F&B outlets for the whole family.

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Everything relating to a kid, found all under one roof!

United Square houses one of the most comprehensive kids related trades. Despite being rather small, you can find from PD services, child dental, kids food, fashion to needless to say toys and books. The enrichment centres available are also thumbs up, ranging from high end enrichments such as golf and fencing, to hobby-related- music, art, ballet, to the regular enrichment centres for Languages, Science. Some of which are reputable.

The best thing I like about the place is the themes, from facilities like the info counter, seats, dustbins to décor, everything is just so kiddy. The nursing room's a must use for breast-feeding mums.

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Nursing Room
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101 Thomson Road, United Square Shopping Mall
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Family Mall - All in One

I never knew about this place until I was forced to come here for English tuition at The Learning Lab. It was only then when I fell in love with this place. The floor that The Learning Lab was made me feel like I was in a paradise that had everything cool installed - the white lights; the automated doors; the mirrors that made me feel like I was being interrogated; the glass doors for the library; it was all so sleek and blended in with the white of the building.

Sometimes, on the way to class, I would also conveniently grab some Ben and Jerry's on the way up, or venture into Toys R Us before the start of class. Not forgetting that anytime my parents had a treat for me, they would pamper me and my sister with a Swensens treat from the Swensens outlet here.

While my personal experiences are limited, this place has struck me as a family mall. Not only does it have many learning and growing places for the kids, there are many stores that allow family-friendly shopping, not forgetting all the new food outlets that are available since the new renovation.

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For Family Outings

United Square is definitely not a mall for typical shopping. The retail outlets cater mostly to kids and the rest of the shops are restaurants. I have visited this mall a few times for the food, specifically, the Brazilian Churrascaria and Grandma Restaurant. But apart from planned get-togethers, I would not take the trouble to come here.

The mall is also segregated from VeloCity and Square2, hence it is rather isolated from what would seem the more exciting places. Nevertheless, they do hold several events catering to kids such as Pokemon meet and greet! It’s more of a mall for family gatherings!

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Children's Mall

The one-stop mall I’ll always go to when I need to get stuff for my kid. Regardless if I’m looking for books, clothes, toys, arts and craft materials and all, this mall has almost everything!

The starbucks is a wonderful rest place for daddies! When it comes to shopping, its always a woman’s job! To be it bluntly, I can conveniently ‘dump’ my hubby and my boy with him at Starbucks for them to bond over cookies, ipad and coffee while I enjoy shopping and browsing all the interesting stuffs in peace.

On top of all these shops, there are many enrichment classes available which is really good. Imagine your kids can go attend their enrichment classes, while parents can bond over snacks, tea, coffee etc at their many eateries outlets or can just shop around to browse new items for your kids. How cool is this? They have cold storage, for you to stock up your groceries.

Voted the mall with the best baby changing room in Singapore, this is really a great place for families with kids. You wouldn’t feel embarrassed having to hold up the lift simply because you are pushing a baby pram! Really a very family-orientated mall!

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underrated square

Oh, United Square, how I love thee. Probably my favourite mall in Singapore!

Practically everything here caters to kids, but I like it precisely because it's so family-friendly. The mall pulsates with the energy of its little patrons; their enthusiasm is infectious! Plus, kids are far too distracted here to get upset and start wailing.

You can even run around like a kid yourself in Connectz if you want, nobody really minds, and I should know. Although you should probably have at least one friend to play with or you might look a bit strange...

The best part about USq, though, is that it's also home to some amazing places. A beautiful music store with a small but tasteful selection; bookshops and stationery shops, cute art and craft shops.

USq, if you don't know it well, might seem like a bore. But take the time - if you explore a little, venture into all those kiddy-looking stores, you might actually find all sorts of little treasures you never even knew existed. I could spend a whole day here!

Oh, if you're not partial to the young ones, stay far far away, especially on weekends. Consider yourself duly warned.

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Not my kind of mall

I had been to this mall more frequently recently. It was the closest shopping mall to TTSH that was not too crowded. If I had a few hours between meetings in TTSH, I would take the longer walk to this mall than stay in the malls nearer TTSH itself.

It is not so much what the mall has that draws me there but rather what the mall does not have that makes me take the longer walk. The mall does not have much crowd especially after the lunch peak hours.

This is understandable because this mall does not have really good shopping. The big names shops like Toy R Us, Challenger and Popular are smaller branches as compared to those in other shopping malls.

The top level of the mall seems to be more for enrichment programmes operators. I have only been to this mall on weekdays but I guessed given the types of shops there, this mall may be more crowded on weekends when parents bring their children there for enrichment programmes.

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For smaller kids.

I would have enjoyed this mall if I were still a kid. But not anymore, though i pretty fancy how everything is targeted towards little children and families. The decor, wall papers and structures are all suited for little kids to have fun and ogle at.

My mum's office used to be situated there, so while waiting for her, i used to spend the whole afternoon there. The shops are more family oriented, and seeing so many families with little kids in tow does bring warmth and coziness to one. Even the eateries love kids. Like globetrotters which i visited that time, they had slides and a playground for the kids to play while their parents are refuelling.

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Family mall

I always come to United Square every time I need a quiet place to study - the place is usually only crowded during lunch hour and grows relatively quiet after that, until dinnertime. It is definitely a good place to go during the weekends if you want to eat out and would like to avoid the crowd.

There are many eateries in United Square, such as Soup Restaurant, Pasta Mania and even the famous Pon Tian Wanton Noodles. It also has a Crystal Jade Bakery, along with my favourite fro-yo store, Sogurt. And if your sweet tooth is itching, just pop by the Made in Candy store on the first floor!

United Square is pretty much a family mall - there isn't much shopping to do except the type of shopping you do with your family such as buying school textbooks at Popular Bookstore or buying toys at Toys R Us. It is also very child friendly, so I highly recommend this mall to families.

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Makes me wish I were a kid!

Whenever I think of United Square, I think of all the colourful furniture and the range of kids shops and wish I were a kid again! Whenever I go there with my toddler niece and nephew, it's so hard to pull them away, be it from the colourful and quirky-shaped seats, or the game machines, or the insert-a-coin rides! And the best thing is, they are amazed just looking at everything, we don't really have to pay to keep them entertained.

It's not just a place for kids though, as there is a wide variety of restaurants with all sorts of food, ranging from sumptuous buffet to fast food and food courts. There's a pretty waterfall thing accessorised with colourful round light "balls" outside the building where all the eateries are concentrated. Walking there at night is pretty romantic I think, just as long as it isn't swarming with kids!

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One of my favorite places since young.

Since young, I've always been to United Square every week without fail for tuition! I still remember walking around Toys R Us looking at the toys because my dad would always drop me an hour before tuition starts.

After many years, United Square is still somewhat the same place that I know of, only much nicer! The Starbucks has been renovated to have two floors, the Popular store has been completely revamped and new stores like Sogurt have opened! It has indeed become a more hip and cool place for teenagers like us to hang out!

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