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Paragon 290 Orchard Road Singapore 238859
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Paragon Shopping Centre is a shopping mall for up-market shoppers, with a wide range of luxury products and quality services.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Upscale mall dedicated to luxury shopping

Paragon is an upscale mall dedicated to luxury shopping, so it is not surprising to find that much of its clientele are adults (or just wealthy foreigners). Growing up, Paragon was a must visit whenever I’m out shopping with my mother. The posh status it upholds in my heart has not wavered throughout the years.

On the other hand, you’d be surprised to find that dining places may actually be less crowded as compared to neighbour malls like Ngee Ann City. The basement level, as with any other mall, is devoted to restaurants and eateries that are actually affordable. I actually frequent Paragon now for Sushi Tei and Ding Tai Fung.

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Canele Chocolatier's the best!!

My main purpose for visiting The Paragorn has always been and will always be to visit Canele Patisserie Chocolatier! It is without a doubt the best chocolate patisserie in town! they have like so many different kinds of chocolates in their little store at B1, and I'm crazy about them!

Another reason why I visit is to go to the Starbucks located at B1 also. It is the perfect place for studying, because it is so peaceful and eternally quiet. there are always loads of customers streaming in, but it doesn't get too noisy and everybody seems content on their tablets or phones or books.

I hope these two outlets never close down, for then I would have no reason to visit The Paragorn anymore.

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Second only to ION

Paragon is the go-to mall for those who have a high net worth. It is truly a place for the posh and high fashion, a premier shopping centre. From Ermenegildo Zegna to Raoul, practically any fashion label that has models gracing the walkways of Milan and Paris has an outlet here.

You can often find foreigners and expats here as well. A hint, keep your ears out for well-dressed ladies in their late-twenties or thirties speaking in Hokkien - those are rich Indonesians who have taken a one hour flight from their home country to shop here, before heading home.

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A high end mall

The mall is almost too luxurious with so many luxury brands. Even the BreadTalk there is called BreadTalk Silver. I usually go straight to the basement for the food. And of the food selection there, I always go to Canele to get some desserts for afternoon tea.

The mall is lit with yellow lights to give it the high end feel. The place is spotless and even the toilet is spotless. However, unless you have the money to splurge on luxury goods, there's nothing much to do there.

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An 'Atas' Feel

Paragon has an 'atas' or high-class feel to it. Filled with shops with all the luxury brands, it is a great place to shop for a new branded bag. There is also an occassional theme - During the Christmas period there is a collaboration with a school where customers pay $10 to take photos with "Santa" for charity.

For budget shoppers, skip this place. If not, have a meal at the Basement. There's a good Japanese restaurant that has relatively affordable soba sets ($20++) or tea set (below $10). Opposite this Japanese restuarant (located near the ATMs) is a Western restaurant - Big O Cafe & Restaurant that serves fantastic Chocolate Durian cake.

Overall, it is a shopping centre for those who splurge or window-shoppers.

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Come in for a 'high class' feel...

Paragon is a shopping mall located at Orchard, and just hearing that it is from Orchard would simply give one the impression that it is going to have pricey shops and restaurants, and one would be right to think so!

I tend to go to Paragon Medical for doctor appointments, but after I am done with that, I almost never stay inside Paragon. I used to when they had Spageddies, because I loved that restaurant, but now, I'd either cross over to Takashimaya or Orchard Cineleisure, where they have places to eat that wouldn't be as heavy on my wallet as Paragon.

Of course, being such a classy sounding mall, you are guaranteed a clean environment, with clean toilets. The toilets at Paragon Medical even play music that can make you feel as though you are using a restroom at a classy place... The whole mall has a very cooling and some what quiet atmosphere, so it can be nice to just walk around and look at some of the shops; maybe look at some restaurant menus and consider coming by when you feel like treating yourself to good and pricey food, haha...!

Don't expect to find fast food or cheap eats or boutiques here. There are many malls around Orchard, so you are better off exploring than staying here unless you are feeling extremely generous for yourself...

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I titled it toys'r'us because that's the only place I can afford in Paragon hahaha.
Okay other than the food level (basement or something).
While paragon is an atas place where brands like coach, burberry etc have their place, they also have affordable cafes (compared to all these atas shops) like P.S cafe. They used to have another cafe above P.S but it moved or closed I'm not too sure.
Anyway, they do have marks and spencer so it's not all that atas!

At the food level: soup spoon, big 'O', grandma's, starbucks, subway niche, some jap restaurant selling healthy food next to starbucks.. yep. Quite affordable but they also have gastronomia by da paolo and canele.

Like any other shopping malls for the food level, I would say.

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Too atas.

For the average student like me, I have no reason to visit Paragon. Most of the stores there sell luxury brands, and as I am neither rich enough nor a brand fanatic, I tend to give Paragon a miss if I am ever in the Orchard area for a bit of shopping or window shopping. The marble-floored mall is clean, quiet, and immediately gives off that "high class" feel. If you are looking to buy a luxury brand, Paragon is definitely one of the places to go, as it houses many names like Ferragamo. Unlike most other shopping malls, all you can do here is shop. There is barely any entertainment here, which can be quite boring.

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a shopping mall consisting of many high brands

Within Paragon, it is rarely crowded, except for the basement, which consists of many stalls for food and a big supermarket. The mall is spacious and peaceful for those wanting a break from the bustling Orchard Road.

Most of the stores in Paragon sell high end products including Miu Miu. Without much entertainment or shopping for the average individual, it is little wonder why only the food areas are more crowded. The places that I usually visit would probably be just the basement for food, Marks & Spencer, Muji and Toys R Us. The basement provides a wide range of food choices, including The Soup Spoon and many other food options that range from affordable to expensive. I will settle for a food outlet there, perhaps The Soup Spoon or Spageddies, should I be too lazy to move to another location. Paragon would be a passing mall for me, for tea and biscuits at Marks & Spencer and Muji if it was along the way and I wanted to get something specific from there.

Paragon is generally not a very crowded shopping mall, since there are not many people walking within it and there is ample walking space along the pathways. There is only slightly more crowd during the festive seasons.

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High class shopping mall in the midst of the city

Existing since many years ago, Paragon is a famous shopping centre in the midst of the bustling Orchard Road. Personally, I feel that Paragon is closely associated with high class brand names, such as Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Miu Miu and more. Be it the exterior or the interior designs of this shopping mall, both look appealing in the eye of the shoppers and passers by.

When you enter Paragon from level 1, you can see a whole lot of famous designers' boutiques which are the best destination for those shoppers who are looking for luxury and high class quality.

Going up to the next level, you could find Marks&Spencer which is also linked to the third level. Other than that, other shops such as Aussino, Times Bookstore, Adidas, and Crumpler are available here as well.
This mall has become more complete with the existence of Metro and Toys "R" Us which is a great shopping place for families.

Don't worry if you are hungry while shopping as you can go down to basement 1 where you could find a wide range of food stalls and restaurants that you could choose from.
Other than that, there is also supermarket catering to the shoppers who need to get their home necessities.

Paragon is definitely one of the best shopping malls along Orchard Road for the glamorous lifestyle.

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