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Crystal Pavilion North, Marina Bay Sands 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 18956
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Listing created by Melody on June 03, 2012    
The french for 'home' this Louis Vuitton "mall" occupies a whole floating island. It is 2 levels, with accessories apparel, also fitted with a bookstore consisting of travel, design and art pieces. The art gallery also has refined pieces of art for sale by famous artists. It is also the first ever Louis Vuitton Maison in Southeast Asia.

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Monday to Sunday 10am to 11pm


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When this floating island first opened, I was enthralled and thought to myself, "Wow, has LV gotten so popular in Singapore to the point that they can have such a grand store in Marina Bay Sands?" Intrigued, I took a look with an ex-girlfriend, trying to see what is different about this from the other outlets throughout our nation.

There are A LOT of LV merchandise here. From the classic print bags, to leather shoes, to kashmir shirts, you can practically find anything here. The one feature that attracted me has to be the 'art gallery' of sorts. There, you can learn more about the history of this brand, as well as purchase pieces from up-and-coming artists. My ex was so enthralled with a book she found, that she decided to buy it there. I have to admit that it was probably a steal.

Very interesting place. It's much more than a boutique.

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Quite amazed

I was quite amazed by this LV outlet and it certainly looked wonderful at night with its exterior. I actually took quite a few photographs of it.

Inside the outlet there's a 'museum' that showcased works of art and also a book store that sold books on various designers and artsy stuff. Quick note: It is actually connected to the LV outlet at MBS itself ! Like every LV outlet in Singapore, it is also infiltrated by many Chinese tourists but it also depends on the time that you visit the store.

The two-level store has almost every LV product in it but I think the atmosphere is quite intimidating with the staff looking at your every move.

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(Updated: July 06, 2012)

Look, but don't touch

I feel like I have to dress up and look presentable before I feel comfortable enough to step into the store. Why? The moment I am actually inside the luxurious complex, I feel the eyes of the employees on me, judging what I am wearing and whether I am here to actually purchase something or take a little look-see.

The store is gigantic! Housing scarves, handbags, menswear, ladies apparel, heels and accessories galore, this Louis Vuitton Maison is a sight for sore eyes! There is even an elevator for those unable or simply lazy to take the stairs, but I recommend taking the stairs and admiring the view of the entire store from the second floor.

Most of the patrons are tourists from all over the world, with little actually purchasing anything. Majority of the folks here are in the store for the same purpose as I am- looking, but not buying. Of course, you do have the occasional tai-tai with Louis Vuitton paper bags in tow.

An escalator leading to the basement of the Maison and connecting to the Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands houses art from artists all over the globe and Louis Vuitton coffee-table books for sale. Those would make good and unquestionably more affordable gifts.

Either way, I recommend you visit the Louis Vuitton Maison at least once. You definitely won't be getting anything, but the experience is fascinating and you can see the influence and impact this French label has made in the world, particularly Singapore.

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Marina Bay Sands
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