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Plaza Singapura is a one-stop urban mall with many fashion, entertainment and food stores catered to families and young adults. Over nine levels, each floor has its own theme.

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For the shopping and food!

If there was a single food joint that I could go to at Plaza Sing frequently and still not feel tired of it, it would have to be Riverside Indonesian BBQ located at Kopitiam in Plaza Sing. Plaza Sing is home to many chain retail stores, which makes it kind of similar to many other malls in Singapore. However, with the addition of Nando's, Daiso, as well as the extension wings which houses Tim Ho Wan, H&M and Uniqlo, Plaza Sing has become THE place to go to during my town outings with friends.

I'm also spoilt for choice when it comes to food therapy. There is Tip Top The Puff Factory in B2, which sells handmade delicious curry puffs. Then there is also Carls Junior, Four Fingers, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King to satisfy all your fast food cravings. Golden Village at the top floor offers students like me a getaway from studies; or rather, a distraction. But really, who cares!? Movies are awesome. Last but not the least, the arcade! Endless hours of joy watching people kick one another's ass in Street Fighter or Datona.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Can't wait to go back!

This is definitely the place to shop. Well, for me it is. I like getting my reading materials at SUNNY BOOKSHOP and my stationery items at SMIGGLE. The bookstore is located at level 6 while SMIGGLE can be found at basement 1. If you're a fan of cheap books and cutesy looking pens, this is for you.

I enjoy having my meals at LONG JOHN SILVER's. It can get awfully crowded during lunch times, but it's all worth it. Most fast food restaurants can be found at the basement levels, particularly basement 1. MOS BURGER and YOSHINOYA are the few ones. For pretzel lovers, be sure to check out AUNTIE ANNE'S at basement 2!

Another shop worth checking (if you're artsy) out is MADE WITH LOVE. MADE WITH LOVE is the first and largest scrapbooking store in Singapore and South East of Asia. The store also offers workshops. The price is a wee bit high, but the service made up for it. They were very understanding and patient.

Shoe lovers can check out MIMOSA at level 2 for pretty and affordable shoes. For cheap and pretty looking shirts, check out cache cache.

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Not for the ambience

Plaza Singapura or more commonly known as Plaza Sing or P.S. by locals is a huge mall with with lots of shopping - retail and grocery, and restaurants to boot.

The first and basement levels probably have the highest traffic, bustling with eateries from fast food like the proverbial KFC and MacD to a nasi lemak stall to a small chinese food restaurant. Due to the many small food stores jam-packed in basement 2, Plaza Sing has thoughtfully set-up tables where you could enjoy your food at, albeit standing while doing so.

There is also a food court at level 6 (correct me if I'm wrong), Yamaha music school and other music schools at that level. A GV cinema also greets you at the highest level. Shopping is not bad. You would find Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Dorothy Perkins, Flash & Splash and other not so common shops selling clothes which are pretty tasteful.

Despite the wide array of shops for shopping and food, I find Plaza Sing to be only... so-so. For one, there is just too many people and the ambience is not relaxing at all.

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spacious and good variety

Plaza Singapura is situated at the end of the stretch where you find Ngee Ann City, Paragon etc. It is a nice place to go to if you are bored of the glitz and glam malls in town. Plaza Singapura comes off to me as being a family-oriented mall, although there are definitely no lack of teenagers there. It is suitable for both teenagers and families to spend their weekend at.

It has more than what a usual shopping mall offers. The huge Carrefour store is an added bonus!!! I always visit Carrefour whenever I am there. Fresh and well-stocked variety, definitely a good place for grocery shopping. I don't usually buy clothes at Plaza Singapura as I don't find that their clothes are to my taste. The basement is a food heaven for all food-lovers! From fast-food to restaurants to snack shops, you are bound to find something to eat there. The food basement is located just beside the MRT escalator so you can easily access it once you tap out from the station. There is also a cinema at the highest level of Plaza Singapura! The good thing about having a cinema here is that whenever I do not get my ideal seat or movie slot here, I can simply walk over to Cathay. With two cinemas just 5 to 10 minutes away from each other, you do not have to worry about availability of seats and slots.

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a shopping mall that has seen drastic changes in its outlook and retail shops, but yet still has everything from shopping to food and entertainment

Dhoby Ghaut Station is strategically located on the intersection of the Circle line, North-East line and North-South line, and is a major transition stop for many passengers, especially for students and working adults. Plaza Singapura, at Dhoby Ghaut Station, has thus seen an increase in human traffic in recent years.

It is the most convenient shopping mall for me in town. Coming down from Serangoon, I am just 12 minutes away from town and school. It has a wide range of shopping and food choices, especially bubble tea options. Both Eskimo and A-Gan Tea are worth a try. I often eat at the foodcourt and its various fast food restaurants, including Long John Silvers and Mos Burger. Scrapbooking outlets, like Made With Love and Papermarket also makes it easy for me to get materials that I need for a gift. The aracade, at the top-most level of the mall, used to be a fun place to spend my secondary days with friends, playing virtual tennis and soccer. Plaza Singapura has probably covered all bases in terms of shopping, food and entertainment, and with all the fond memories it holds, it has kept me going back to it.

Alighting from Dhoby Ghaut, it is still convenient to walk towards Orchard, Bugis or City Hall. It is a great way for me and my girlfriends to workout, just by walking and shopping at the same time.

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An all-in-one shopping mall

Located along Orchard Road and facing Istana Park, Plaza Singapura is a prominent one in the heart of the city. The shopping mall is well known amongst the teenagers, young adults and even tourists.

This seven storeys shopping mall has various retail outlets, restaurants and fast food joints ( Kopitiam Food Court, KFC, MOS Burger, McDonald) , Carrefour, accessories and art shops ,book stores and of course Golden Village movie theatre which never fails to attract the movie lovers.

Plaza Singapura is going through an outlook renovation as the current one seems to be less attractive to the shoppers. Good news for those who are driving or riding to this shopping mall, the carpark has been revamped with more spacious parking lots and a more organized vehicle lane. Just for your information, the carpark entrance has been moved to another area. You might want to check out more on the mall's website.

As for shoppers who are taking MRT to Plaza Singapura, you can alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. The mall is very accessible by bus as well ; plenty of bus services coming to and fro this shopping mall.

If you want to avoid the crowd, you can visit the shopping mall during weekdays morning or afternoon. The mall offers a complete package of products and service outlets, definitely a must go for at least once.

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