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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 15, 2012    

Anchorpoint is the first mall to introduce the concept of having a cluster of premium brand name boutique outlet stores in Singapore from retailers Billabong Outlet, Capitol Optical Outlet, Charles & Keith Outlet, FOX Outlet, G2000 Outlet, Giordano Outlet and Pedro Outlet. Anchorpoint is also home to Cold Storage and Koufu. The mall is also one of Singapore's first two Energy Smart Retail Mall recognized by by the National Environment Agency. Nursing rooms as well as free WI-FI are available in the mall.

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Most affordable mall in Singapore

I love going to Anchorpoint as it is so near my house and it has sooooo many shops like Cotton On, Billabong, Koufu, Subway and KFC. It has everything I need, and is by far one of my favourite malls. Anchorpoint is also home to many outlet stores which sells fashion at really affordable prices.

I reaaaally love the fact that the stores often have crazy sales, and I can get a Cotton On dress for as low as $5. Ridiculous, I know. There is also Billabong Outlet if you’re looking for casual beachwear, and Typo Outlet if you want to shop for cheap stationery. There is Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and Ma Maison, both fancy restaurants if you like, or Koufu, the food court with plenty of food cuisines to choose from.

Anchorpoint is amazing to me due to its convenience and affordability. If you’re looking for cheap shopping, Anchorpoint is also a must visit.

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comfortable silence

Being just opposite IKEA, it becomes an alternative hangout place for dinner when the cafe at IKEA gets crowded. It may not be a shopping haven like orchard, but it is definitely a place for cosy moments with you loved ones. I like the ice cream shop, ci gusta! the most~ their gelato ice cream are of affordable price and they taste really good. This little shop gradually became my favorite hangout ever since then! And I enjoy coming to anchor point for a simple walk after dinner, getting away from the crowd and visiting shops that are only unique to anchor point. But of course, too much is no good as there are limited number of shops and it would get boring sometime, so do visit after you're all sick of the crazy hyped up malls! This place is only suitable for those who want to break away from the fast paced city life, into a close-to-a-heartland-kind-of-mall. For once, you would feel that silence could also be

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Not much shopping

This is the shopping mall closest to where I live. It is not much but if I needed to buy something and was too lazy to drive out, I could just walked across to this mall.

This mall has a Cold Storage so if you are cooking and forget to buy some ingredients, you may be able to find them here.

Also, there is a Home Fix shop here so if something break down in your house and you need to do your own repair, you can look for tools and replacements here.

Other then these, if you are not so fashion conscious, you can get the out of season clothing from the many outlet shops here. Those that I can remember are Cottonon, Fox, Billabong, G2000 and Giordano.

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Convenient alternative

I go to Anchorpoint on a regular basis because I live nearby. It is a convenient alternative to nearby markets and Ikea, whose food I think is over-priced. Mostly, I go to Anchorpoint to eat. They have quite a price range for food there from Koufu to TCC but I mostly go there to eat Xin Wang and Subway. There isn't much to shop there though, which is a pity.

The most popular store there is probably the Cotton On factory outlet with permanent sale. And I don't even shop there. I think there isn't much at Anchorpoint because it caters more to the Anchorage residents, whom I believe would be satisfied with just the Cold Storage located at b1. They have this interesting shop which I go every time I go to Anchorpoint though! It has lots of board games there and birthday gift ideas. I think I bought like 4 items there for different people's birthdays already. That shop, which I have never seen anywhere else, is in my opinion the most interesting part of Anchorpoint.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

Nothing special

Unlike the other reviewers, I do not find anchorpoint a good place to visit if you are looking to shop.

Although there are lots of outlets (fox, G2000, cotton on etc), but the items they sell are all leftovers and not nice at all. 30% sales are plastered all over the shops, and yes, it really did attract me until I walked in and realized the clothes lack variety and quality (some looks really crumpled or dirty).

However, though I didn't get much shopping done, there's quite a few good places to eat! There's Jacks place, secret recipe, xin wang Hong Kong cafe and a lot more! Check out this dessert place next to four leaf bakery (I can't remember the name, sorry!), they sell delicious snow ice and great Chee Cheong Fan.

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For the budget-and-style-conscious

Anchorpoint is a haven for bargain-hunters.

Containing outlet stores with the likes of Charles & Keith Outlet and Billabong Outlet, it is surely a place for shoppers to go wild and stock up on cheap thrills.

I have been shopping in outlet streets in Australia, and I remember whining about how Singapore didn't have such a place - a place full of outlet stores for shoppers to score cheap bargains at.

Well I was certainly elated when I discovered the existence of Anchorpoint. I managed to purchase beautiful wedges from Charles & Keith and clothes and other accessories from Billabong - all for WAY below retail price. Needless to say, I was immensely pleased.

Its location is a huge plus point too, being located so near Ikea would mean that you get to get your fill of shopping, and then refuel and eat your fill of the meatballs that Ikea are so famous for. A day well spent, indeed.

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Outlet Shops Galore

Anchorpoint seems like a very atas mall at first glance, and it is in some way, but you can also find very good deals there. It is located right opposite Ikea in Queenstown and if you want a cheap meal, have a hotdog and drink from Ikea basement instead of eating at Anchorpoint. The foodcourt can be quite pricey and there aren’t a lot of other choices for food.

For good bargains, look for the outlet shops where the prices are generally cheaper than other branches of the same shop. There is a Charles and Keith Outlet, Billabong Outlet, G2000 Outlet, the list goes on. The styles are suited for people of all ages so everyone can find great bargains. I was very surprised shopping there with my friends one day at G2000 when the blazers were on sale for only $20+. My friends bought it for work but since I didn’t need one, I did not get one. I did love their long coats though, however, they did not have one in my size. Apart from the outlet shops, there are push cart shops around that you can find other cheap deals. I bought a handphone cover from one of the pushcarts for less than $10 once.

Overall, the experience at Anchorpoint was a good one and although it is a small mall, it is worth visiting for the good bargains.

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(Updated: October 21, 2016)



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Ikea with clothes

I never knew the name of this place.

I either always remember it as "the mall opposite ikea" or "an ikea with clothes". Though the latter makes no sense, this place became known to me as a place with pretty middle class brands. Everything here isn't too shabby and I'd shop here on a good day.

It's a little out of the way but it's good that it's so near Ikea. I could do with some strolling and window browsing after a predictably full meal at Ikea. Plus after the meal I probably would've gained 10 pounds so I could go into their Cotton On and buy myself a size L shirt and then cry my way into their KFC for more fat food.

Good food good apparels good alcohol and good electronics. Not a bad place.

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Mini outlet mall in the central area

Anchorpoint is like the mini outlet mall in the central area, as compared to IMM and Changi City Point.

Being located along Alexandra Rd, the "point" isn't actually convenient to go to, but crowds from the nearby IKEA and Queensway Shopping Centre often flows over, as well as the lunchtime crowd from the nearby offices. I myself was also one of those lunchtime crowds that gather there.

Anchorpoint has undergone upgrading from the first time that it started and its basement now houses a large number of small eateries and stalls, as well as a food court. The foodcourt has a rustic setting and I like to order from one of the stalls that sells zi char. There is also a western stall that issues you a queue number for the food, and you collect it when you see your number being flashed, and if I did not remember wrongly, this was one of the first stall that used such a system.

On the main floor, there are a few outlet stalls like Pedro and G2000. I went to Pedro before, and well, although it was a outlet stall, which meant that one would be expecting discounts for the items since they are off season. It wasn't really the case. The belts are price above $60 and out of the range, there was only one belt at $30, and that was not discounted, it was just the retail price. Seems a bit contradictory that this outlet does not have outlet prices.

Nonetheless, it is a nice place to browse for cheaper buys during lunchtime

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