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nex offers a wide range of retail, entertainment, lifestyle, food and beverage with over 360 stores. FairPrice Xtra and 7-Elven at the mall offer 24-hour shopping. SkyGarden is located at the rooftop of the building, and is a family hub with KidzPlay and K9 Park for children and pets.

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Food Haven

NEX is more of a food haven than a shopping centre to me. It’s home to so many food establishments, deciding on what to eat is as hard as deciding on your baby’s name.

Even for fast food joints alone, there are countless of options - Carl’s Junior, Texas Chicken, McDonalds, you name it and they’ll have it. Add to that the legion of restaurants and cafes, and you’ll have more than a hundred places to choose from. For that fact alone, NEX is fast becoming one of my favourite shopping centres.

Besides food, it’s also home to a library, cinema, dog park and water playing area for children. Nex is essentially a town in a one building - there’s nothing you can’t find here.

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(Updated: November 03, 2014)

Not For The Casual Window Shopper

As someone who lives in the northeastern part of Singapore, Nex is one of those malls that I have a love-hate relationship with.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the largest malls in Singapore with a myriad of stores and services available to its patrons. I love that you can literally find anything you want or need in this mall from supermarkets to boutiques to salons. With the recent openings of Sephora and Uniqlo as well as the upcoming opening of H&M, people who live around the area would not need to go all the way to Orchard Road to get their fix for fashion and beauty, something I am appreciative of. If you have children, there's a water playground and if you have a dog, there's a K-9 Park on the rooftop. Please note that they are not interchangeable in case you were wondering.

Other than that, Nex has proven to be crowded on weekday evenings and weekends. Walking around can get a difficult especially if you do not know your way around. But once you get the hang of it, you should be fine.

All in all, it's not the best place to take a stroll while window shopping but if you are anything like me and go to shopping malls with a specific purpose, Nex should be on your list of malls to visit if you live around the area.

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A labyrinth of delights!

If I were to describe Nex in one word, it would simply be "confusing". Nex has many shops that appeal to a great range of shoppers, but it lacks greatly in organisation. Stores are just all over the place and even though I've been there quite a few times, I still get lost. It's a mess and makes the shopping experience really bad.

Putting aside the lack of organisation, Nex has many attractive stores that cater to a wide range of shoppers. It is brimming with all types of shops, from clothes to accessories to restaurants. Surely, if you are able to navigate this confusing labyrinth, you would most likely enjoy your time here.

One thing that really frustrates me is their signs. I always end up getting lost just looking for a bathroom. Not only that, there was a time where the toilets were all closed for cleaning. I was so bewildered because who in the right mind would close all the toilets for cleaning, at the same time, in a bustling shopping mall?

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Everything and anything can be found here

I frequent NEX because it's so near to my house, and because it has EVERYTHING. I'm not kidding. You name it, they have it.

NEX has an astounding amount of food places and restaurants, so one can always find something suitable to eat at NEX. My favourite place would be the cluster of Japanese restaurants at the basement because they offer different types of Japanese food which are all very delicious. NEX also has a pet cafe and a playground at the top level.

The bad thing about NEX is probably the layout and the crowd. The whole layout of the shopping mall is very confusing and sometimes I have to walk around the different levels to find the shop I want. The electronic directories somehow seem to always be out of use, which isn't very nice. Also, although NEX is big, there is always a huge crowd at any time of the day, which might be frustrating for some people.

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Large but somewhat confusing

There is alot of stuff for you to see and do here. To start, there is a neat little water playground on the roof. I've found that the roof is the best place to go if you are unable to find a seat in the usually crowded mall as there are benches for you to sit on, assuming that you are fine with the occasional ants crawling near the bushes.

If your main purpose here is to eat, you will not be disappointed. The mall has a wide variety of food stores for you to pick from. From the (somewhat) cheap Burger King located on the ground floor to Jack's Place, which can be on the 4th floor.

The movie theatre here is quite large, but the individual cinema halls are actually much smaller because of how they were split. The cinema here offers arguably cheaper tickets than Golden Village so if you have some extra money on you, you should drop by to see if there's anything you like.

My only complaint is how squeezed this mall is. The place feels rather cramped at times, and I attribute it to the rather poor layout. The stores are wrongly located, and on the third floor one of the paths to the escalator is completely blocked by a stand. Aside from that, everything else here seems to be fine.

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All over the place

This is the mall where you can actually find many affordable yet trendy fashion stores, phone gadget shop, eateries, basically its almost like a all-in-one mall! I really love how you can literally shop for anything in the mall for cheap prices. Fashion clothes in Roxz! are cheap and trendy and I normally buy my clothes there. There are actually shops that sells good quality skincare products too like Fancl and 'Premier' by Dead Sea Premier.

Setting aside the good points of the mall, the bad part of the mall is that the whole design of the mall is just too complex. If this is the first time you visit the Nex mall, there is actually a higher percentage you would probably get lost in it. The whole mall is so huge and all the shops are all over the place.

If you get familiar with Nex mall you will actually realise that there are actually two sides in this huge mall, each leading to their own side of shops. It is quite complicating and all you have to do is take time to walk around and familiarise yourself with the whole mall itself.

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Whoever designed this place needs to rethink it.

My relationship with nex is a love-hate one. I love how you can find practically anything here, and it's located relatively near my place, but I hate the human traffic and layout of the mall's floorplan.

Starting with the good, you have not one, but two supermarkets, and you have a a cinema too! Restaurants are abundant, with good variety. The mall features an area for your pets to play, and the roof area is a good spot for kids and teens to hang out.

Now for the bad... The mall's layout is just plain horrible. There are posts located almost right in front of the escalators, jamming up the area. The corridors are narrow, making people bump into each other often. The location of some stores [i.e. Smiggle] are ill thought of, because people tend to stop and look at their stuff, blocking the way of people who are making their way up to the next floor. It used to be the customer service counter, and might I say, it was even worse then. I'm quite glad that they decided to move it elsewhere, easing the human traffic on that particular floor. The restaurants are not located within just one area, they are spread out all over the mall.

There's nothing anyone can do now besides rebuild or renovate the whole place. However, they just opened and it wouldn't be logical to do that. I suggest avoiding nex during peak hours, Mon-Fri, 5pm onwards, and the entire weekend. Besides those times and days, it's a good place to go because you can find everything here.

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Best place to hang out.

Fancy a movie with your friends? Go to nex. Fancy Karaoke with your friends? Go to nex. Fancy playing video games at the arcade centre? Again, go to nex! nex has everything, from fancy handbags to delicious food. Before nex was built, my usual hang out place with friends would be Plaza Singapura. After nex was constructed, however, me and my friends preferred nex. Here's why:

nex has everything, like I just said. My favourite place to eat at would be 'Food junction' on the top floor, while my favourite places for entertainment would be...well, 'Party World Karaoke', although I go there less now because of the idiotic service that they provide. I haven't watched a movie at nex yet, although I've had a few encounters with the gaming arcade. With all these places of entertainment, I still do not enjoy the experience.

The only reason why I still go to nex is their Sky Garden. Sitting on the floor, my friends and I would often chat late till night while the strong winds hit us. Watching the day go by very enjoyable. At times, dog owners would bring their dogs to the Sky Garden too, and we get to look at those beautiful dogs. Buying a few snacks at the dollar shop in nex would be our best partners to hanging out. After chatting, we then walk down to the MRT station, to which the mall would be extremely quiet and empty (which again, is what I love).

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This mall has everything!

This is the mall I frequent most! It's huge and has anything and everything that I can think of. It's especially best for dining. It has so many food outlets, I sometimes take longer deciding what to eat than eating itself! Because of its sheer size, I've never felt like I have truly shopped the entire mall and I sometimes find new shops that I've never come across before. That's what makes it kind of interesting though.

Perhaps some might think the layout of nex is confusing and a terror to walk through. I used to think that way but after many repeated visits to it, I've learnt the short cuts and the right escalators to take to get to where I want, etc.

The special thing about nex that separates it from the other local malls is that it has a pet friendly section located at the roof level of the mall. There is a two level pet store (Pet Lovers Centre), a dog park and a dog cafe. They also have a big and new library which I love going to.

If you are turned off by big malls and confusing layouts, I say try to give nex a chance. It has so many stores, you're bound to find something worth going back for again and again! Once you get used to it, it's a really good place to hang out at. You can plan an entire day of activities in that mall. It provides food, play and shopping for an entire family. It does get very crowded at night, during the weekends and on public holidays so do brace yourselves for that!

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(Updated: July 04, 2012)

Very Complex and Different

Most people that are looking for wide range of food and looking to dine in a much different shopping mall can definitely went down to Nex Shopping Mall. It is not advisable to go there during holidays or the weekends, due to high traffic issues to travel there. It have a very unique and messy-like walk ways and narrow corridors.

I wonder why is there limited main entrance where the shopping mall is really big, its kinda hard to get in as well as getting out of Nex... The biggest thing that people are complaining is the narrow way walks layout in the mall and the lack of car parks for families that are heading down there for lunch or dinner. There isn't much attraction in the mall because most of the stores is much similar to Jurong Point Shopping Mall.

However for those that really want to try out the new and complex way of shopping in narrowed walk ways and messy layouts of shops can give it a try at Nex Shopping Mall, though I don't really recommend anyone going to this shopping mall if they're looking forward to shop for clothing, games, and many other merchandise that most shopping malls are suppose to have nowadays.

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