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Located in the West region of Singapore, Jurong Point is an easily accessible shopping mall that is situated right next to Boon Lay MRT Station. Featuring more than 450 shops, it is one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore. It houses a bus interchange as well, providing transport convenience to everyone.


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GEM in the WEST!

Jurong Point, my favorite shopping mall since childhood. To think how it evolves from a old, small mall into two big, new buildings (JP1, JP2) actually make me feel really touched, especially when people could get lost in it. I mean, it is basically a place of memories for me and I believe, for those who lived in the west all their lives.

If you want to go to a shopping mall that encompasses a good balance of food, entertainment and shopping, then Jurong Point is the one for you! Movies, arcades, many different types of food, as well as shopping that ranges from low to high-end makes it accessible to everyone.

Having seen many Long John Silvers closing down one by one in other areas (IMM, JE), I am really glad that it is still surviving in Jurong Point. To me, it is one of the best fast food restaurant ever, even though its portion had became much smaller compared to the past, but still, its crunchy shrimps and salsa cheese combination is a must try!

However, one downside is that there are not really many bubble tea stalls there like the more famous ones; Koi, Cupwalker. Instead there are two Sweetalk/Sweeties, which having spent lots of cash on the drinks there since young, I feel that their standards has dropped and no, I would not really recommend the drinks there.

Well ultimately, I think that Jurong Point is definitely the mall to go to if you are in the West. I would not recommend anyone to travel all the way to this mall if you live in the East as honestly speaking, I feel that most malls are similar, just that Jurong Point belongs to the more versatile range of malls.

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A sea of humans

Jurong Point is one of my childhood places. I’ve been going there my whole life, even before it had an extension and an indoor bus interchange. It has almost everything. NTUC, popular bookstore, golden village, clothing stores, you name it! It is like a shopping paradise for almost everybody.

The downside of Jurong Point though, is its atmosphere. It is very rowdy most of the times, with working adults and school kids. It is rather difficult to move around, especially during the peak hours. When you feel famished during those peak hours, it is rare to find a seat, even at those Banquet food courts. During the weekends, it is filled with foreigners and it is jam packed. So, I do think Jurong Point is a place for everyone, if you can stand the claustrophobic atmosphere anyways.

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Satisfies ALL your food cravings!

Before I start reviewing, for the benefit of the foreigners, do note that Jurong Point Shopping Centre is not located at Jurong Point MRT station. Many people get confused, even some Singaporeans! Jurong Point Shopping Centre is located at Boon Lay MRT! Few stops further away from Jurong MRT station.

I study near Jurong Point and frequent that area almost every single day I’ve to attend school. Jurong point is arguably the largest heartland mall in Singapore. Especially since they renovated and expanded their premises, it is much bigger now. It is so big that I often get confused between the new and old wing. At times when I want to dine at Swenson, I get lost very easily and ended up walking round and round the mall.

Mostly, I visit Jurong Point for their food( I am sure that’s the case for most people!!) It has an AMAZING variety of food chains now that their new wing is up. Whatever fast food you have in mind, they have it. As for restaurants, it consists of mainly mid range restaurants such as Swensons, Fig&Olive, Soup restaurant etc. They are also the first shopping mall to have this unique “Japan street” whereby it houses many Japanese restaurants! Perfect for Jap food lovers!

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Flexibility at its best.

Jurong Point really emphasizes the meaning of the word ‘flexibility’ as the array of shops it houses conveniently caters to most of our needs.

If you are looking for reasonably-priced pastries and buns, there is Mayson’s Bakery and Prima Deli at the first and ground level respectively. As for snacks and cheap drinks, you could simply head down to value dollar in the basement.

You could also visit the food court at the top level or if you prefer halal food, there is the Banquet at the basement level. But be warned, the banquet is especially packed during lunch, dinner hours, be it weekdays or weekends so you might want to come down earlier or simply takeaway. I have noticed that this Banquet serves especially delicious and flavorful Popiah, of which other banquet outlets do not sell. Dessert wise, you could head to Swensens (basement) or head to Andersons ice cream which has an ‘outdoor’ setting.

For those who are a fan of bubble tea from Sweetalk, there are two stalls, located at the ground floor (right below the escalator) as well as the first floor, towards the extreme left end. From experience, both shops are efficient in their service.

The fact that Jurong point has already been extended to accommodate an air conditioned- bus interchange makes it convenient for us to queue right after we have finished our shopping. A pleasant shopping experience indeed.

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Something for everyone

Being someone living in the West, there was hardly anywhere that I could go other than this particular shopping mall and more recently, the newly operating JCube mall. Throughout the years, Jurong Point has changed alot that it had now separated into 2 wings - JP1 and JP2.

Here in Jurong Point, there is so many variety of food, that you would probably have to stop to think of your preferences. The food are mainly in the basement of both building and the 2nd floor for JP1, the older of the two building. There's even a Japanese foodstreet at the basement if you're up for that particular cuisine. If not, there's always other choices like Carl's Junior, KFC, McDonald's,BK or Long John Silver's. If you're in for halal asian food, there's a banquet that offers extensive menu for the Muslims. There's even a Komala's branch within Banquet. My ultimate favorite would the small shop for the Gogo sausages that I love so much. It's hidden in a corner so you might have a little bit of exploring to do.

Shopping-wise, this might not be the mall for you as it is just the same old brands, but rest assure if you were to shop here, there's everything for everyone. The kid in me loves the Kiddy Palace, though it is a tad bit too small and cramp at the toys section. There's also this shop at the basement of JP2 that sells stuff for you to make your very own accesories. I bought stuff from to shop to make my very own charm bracelet and it turned out quite nicely, at a cheaper price too!

For movie goers, you could go to the newly renovated GV cinemas at JP1. Honestly, there isn't much difference, probably just a few refurnishment of furniture and that's it, I would assume but it's still pretty decent.

There's also Coffee Bean and Starbucks, should you want to take a break from all the walking/exploring/shopping. That's a plus point for me as a girl who doesn't really fancy shopping, and probably most guys who would rather wait than walk around with their other half shopping.

One bad point for the mall however is the fact that it's situated at the one of the few busy station on the west ( the other being Clementi and Jurong East). Also, dining would be extremely hard as I could hardly find space at any restaurant during dinner time especially, so if you want to have dinner, try coming earlier or have your friend come earlier to get a spot for you.

One more attraction for me to the mall is the fact that is just opposite the Jurong Park (I'm not too sure if that's what it's call). A little walk in the park with a Pure double chocolate frappe from Coffee Bean had started to become one of the highlight of my post-shopping trip with my friends.

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Mall with all your needs!

Jurong Point Shopping Centre is located right at the heart of Boon Lay, next to Boon Lay MRT. Some time ago, Jurong Point extended its building with a new wing extension. Right now, the expanded and refurbished Jurong Point caters to almost every need of yours. From shopping to eateries to cinema and everything else, Jurong Point is an answer.

When you’re looking for restaurants to dine in you will be spoilt for choices from Chinese to Japanese to Thai and Western. Pizza hut, Thai express, New York New York, Dian Xiao Er, Din Tai Fung etc. If you’re looking for cheaper dining alternatives, you have Kopitiam, Banquet, fast foods outlets, Subway etc.

For your shopping needs you have a variety of shops like BYSI, pepper plus, Levi’s, Charles & keith etc. Your electronic needs can be satisfied with Challenger, Best Denki and Courts. Telecommunications service providers, Singtel and Starhub can be found in the basement of Jurong Point.

With regards to the GV Cinema that has recently undergone revamping and re-opened as of 1 May 2011. The new cinema boasts ample leg room as well as improved cinema quality with better screens and audio system.

Jurong Point is definitely a boon for west-siders.

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Resorts Mall

Jurong Point may seem, on the first impression, very modern, spic and span with a resorts feel emphasised by the presence of coconut trees.

The first impression is strong. It got me excited to start exploring the mall and start shopping. The mall is vast in area with two fair prices within the very same mall and also, three food courts. By now, I think you can imagine how huge the mall really is. The only problem is, navigating your way at Jurong Point for the first few times can be very confusing and the customer service counter is just as frustrating to find.

You could also find starbucks situated at the top floor, which always looks very inviting with its island resort vibes. Nestled on the top floor is also a golden village movie theatre.

Basically everything you need is there. There are mobile phone operator shops like singtel, the indispensable Popular bookstore, gift stores, toys stores like Action City, electronic games stores (!!!), so on and so forth.

Shopping-wise, the previous reviewers are correct to say that it is not that fantastic to shop there. However, you'd find commonplace fashion stores like G2000, Cotton On, Rubi, bYSI, mphosis and FOX.

Hence, Jurong Point is a great place for food and movies... and that's really all about it. -Shrugs-

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average heartland mall

Jurong Point has definitely improved throughout the years. With its not so recent expansion, it now has two different buildings. I call it the 'new' and 'old' wing. The 'old' wing is where the string of fast foods and cinema are located at. The 'new' one boasts more recent shops like Etude House and M)phosis. Although it does not have a wide range of shopping catered to my liking, I like to go there after school to just soak up the cool air-conditioned air in the mall. It's spaciousness and cleanness makes it enjoyable to window-shop and walk around while waiting for your friend.

However, during peak hours, the area directly facing Boon Lay MRT at level 1 of the 'new' wing serves as a connector for commuters to get to the bus interchange. As such, it might be a little chaotic with the huge amount of people anxious to reach home.

I like to shop at the Fairprice there as it is really huge! There is also a shop selling all sorts of cutesy stuff. I do not make a special effort to visit the mall if I'm not around that area. It's something that you can skip if you do not have the time. This mall is also not a place for shopaholics. Just a good place to spend time at if you are around that area and just looking for a place to walk around. Nothing too special about it.

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Average heartland mall with good dining options but less-than-desirable shopping

I've been here on many occasions, given that I attend Nanyang Technological University, which is just one bus ride away.

Jurong Point has plenty of good dining options, including the all of the popular fast food outlets (MacDonalds, Long John Silvers, Mos Burger, KFC, Carl's Jr, etc.) as well as casual dining restaurants (Ambush offers good pasta for under $20, Bakerzin). There is also a Japanese food lane in the basement: a collection of casual Japanese restaurants, a bakery, sushi store and a store selling snacks such as onigiri and Japanese fishcakes.

It has all bases covered, with gift shops like Action City, big stationery store (Popular) and DIY stores. The 24-hour supermarket (Fairprice) on the 3rd floor has a wide selection of goods, including delicatessen and sushi.

Entertainment comes in the form of an arcade and the cinema.

However, it is slightly lacking in the fashion department, with no high-street fashion retailers (e.g. Topshop, Mango), and has mostly small individual shops selling clothes. Exceptions would be Spicy Colour (slightly pricy Korean apparel store) and The Box.

An average shopping mall, with unexciting fashion, but more than adequate dining and basic shops. Unfortunately too crowded most of the time (even during weekdays), which does not warrant a visit, unless to the supermarket or for some food.

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WIth Jurong Point, there is no need to go to Orchard

When I first moved into Jurong West, I lamented over the fact that it was so far from the 'civilization'. To me, Boon Lay is not the most ideal place to live in because of its very far location from the city area. However, to my surprise, Jurong point proves to be the mini orchard! In fact, it is better than Orchard because it provides the same enjoyment, but at a much cheaper price.

You name the shop you want to go or eatery place you want to visit. It is really very hard to find what Jurong Point does not have. GV? check. Fairprice? check. Thai Express? check. Popular? check. Bee Cheng Hiang? check. Money Changer? Check. Everything is there. In fact, near Jurong Point, at the MRT station there, there is this small coffee shop that sells a pack of chicken rice at $1.50! This is the rarest thing I have seen in Singapore. The quality of the chicken rice is not compromised at all! It's almost the same as the hawker centre kind of chicken rice!

The added point for Jurong point is that it is really huge.It comprises of both new and old buildings. With such a large building, it would take almost 1.5 hours or more to explore! For girls, there are certainly small and large gift shops to kill your time. I always find cute handphone straps from the stores in the basement.

Some more, Jurong Point is so near to the National Library and Sakae Sushi (just 5 minute walk away!). All in all, Jurong Point is really a great place for the family to relax.

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Jurong Point
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