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Listing created by poppy on May 03, 2012    
Scotts Square is located between the Grand Hyatt and Marriott hotels in Singapore’s shopping precinct, Orchard Road. Sculptures by world-renowned artists - Three Indeterminate Lines by Bernar Venet, Working Model for Sheep Piece by Henry Moore, Victoria & Albert Museum Chandelier by Dale Chihuly, adorn the wide pedestrian promenade and triple-volume entrance to welcome you to our shopping podium.


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So quiet

I was at this shopping mall once on a week day afternoon. The whole shopping mall was so quiet that I thought it was not open for business. I walked around for a while inside the shopping mall and was impressed by the renovation, the whole place looked very classy with the polished tile walls and expensive looking shops.

If I seriously counted the people in the shopping mall, the people working in the shopping mall, be it cleaners, shop assistants or the security guards would total to be more than the customers in the mall. I spent less than a hour to walk through the whole mall, there was no shop that interested me.

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Mainly for eateries

The newly built Scotts Square opened it's doors last year, but surprisingly,not many people walked in. As one of the newest buildings in orchard road, Scott's Sqaure seems a little deserted, although it is in the heart of one of the busiest places in Singapore.

The shops in Scott's square are mainly luxury boutiques and restaurants. Many people who walk into Scott's square are usually only there for the food. For example, wild honey is quite a popular all-day breakfast place, and as it's flagship shop is usually very crowded, people come to it's second outlet located at Scott's square.

Scotts square, like most malls in town, has it's own scent. I think it smells quite nice and pleasant, but too much of it can make me a little sick.

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I have no business to be here except to ease myself

When Scotts Square reopened in its latest reincarnation, I was very impressed by the facade. My son was amazed by the shallow pool just outside the building that almost looked like it is not there. The interior was totally unrecognisable from what I used to remember it to be.

There used to be a foodcourt at the basement where I was first introduced to Pastamania, back in those days when Pastamania still served on stoneware plates. It is not there now of course. But looking at the shops that are there, I quickly decided that I had no business to be there nor could I afford to give any of them my business.

I did love the toilets though. They are spacious, well-lit and classy with a pretty unique layout for the wash basins. I spent quite a bit of time soaking in the "atmosphere". That was in 2011 when it reopened. I went back there in 2012 to use the toilet and this time I found a cockroach gleefully crossing the beautiful marble(?) tiled floor with some paper towels strewn on the floor. What a difference 6 months make.

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The old kid on the block

Scotts Square is fast becoming the second Centrepoint. With the popularity and accessibility of other modern and large malls such as ION Orchard, Paragon, and [email protected], many of the brands that were once synonymous with Scotts Square can be found in other places.

My favourite store here will probably be the Hermes outlet. Though most of the goods here can be found elsewhere, I feel that the service staff here is much better than those elsewhere. In addition, the crowd isn't really a factor here, allowing you to shop in peace.

Sadly, unless they do some aggressive marketing, I fear they may be neglected in the near future. There just isn't anything too special about this mall to justify a premier spot in town.

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home to the best Hermes boutique in SG

It's a blistering hot afternoon, and I'm halfway shopping in town - I badly need a secluded spot to get away from the crowds, but I'm not keen on going to the post-apocalyptic Zombie town (aka Orchard Central).

That was when the recently revamped Scotts Square caught my attention. I originally approached Scotts with the sole purpose of seeking respite from SG's patented perpetual heatwave - but as I cooled down to the welcoming breeze enveloping me in their spacious walkways, I began to notice gems hidden within the unassuming facade.

Notoriously expat-centric but still delicious Wild Honey has set up shop in Scott's Square, with their staff proving to be less snobbish so far. Maison Kayser offers bread-hipsters yet another hotspot to see and be seen, with their popular croissants selling out before one can say "C'est Bien!". Gourmet foodies can even kick their ante up a notch with NTUC Finest groceries. The best of all, though, are the friendly sales assistants peddling their wares in the luxury brand shops dotting the mall.

In fact, since my first visit, Hermes in Scott's Square has been my boutique of choice for purchasing and getting updated on Hermes' collections - their service level is only rivaled by the Changi Airport T1 outlet. Probably because the SAs are younger, and Scotts Square receives markedly less attention from the shopper crowds in Singapore?

Maybe so, who knows? Meanwhile, I'm milking this great service while it lasts.

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Another Atas Place that's quite desserted

Scotts Square is another high-class place that is quite desserted. I actually spotted a local actress here once, and I guess shopping here is reserved for the rich. Hermes? High-end watch brands? Don't think I can afford them!

For those who have not been to Scotts Square, it is worth going only if you are going for Wild Honey's new outlet, or the cafe at the basement (Maison Kayser). It also has a small supermarket at the basement and UOB (Privilege Banking- How Apt!) at the top level.

If you're on a shoestring budget, skip this place and head to Far East which is just a 3-min walk down the street.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)


Shopping is convenient and satisfying in Singapore when you visit a major shopping mall, namely, Scotts Square. The shopping mall is located at Orchard Road and provides a shopping experience for Singaporeans and tourists.

The mall features big box stores such as Pierre Balmain, KITON and HERMES. Yup, all branded goods, which is why you seldom see teens around.

Since I rarely buy branded products, no wait, check that. One thing I observed was that the staff were very professional and courteous.

Anyway, quick question! Are you a fan of brunch? If you are, like me, you should visit MAISON KAYSER. The cafe can be found at basement 1. This is definitely the place to chillax after a heavy lunch. The ambiance was wonderful. It's peaceful and comfortable. The must try pastries? It's a tie between the Croissant and the Pain Aux Yuzu. Service was great, the staff were polite and friendly. The price is pretty reasonable, I spent about S$5. If you're a fan of freshly bake dough, this cafe is for you.

Other than MAISON KAYSER, Scotts Square also features other dining places such as LA LUNA ROSSA, SUSHI ICHI( for sushi lovers) and CRYSTAL JADE KITCHEN.

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