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Listing created by poppy on May 03, 2012    

Some of Millenia Walk's flagship stores include Harvey Norman a specialist in electrical & electronics and many other furniture and electric appliance shops.

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Japanese restaurants worth the extra mile

Millenia Walk is a really quiet place

I have been there many times but I have never seen crowds or any events held there. If not for the classy interior, the silence would have been slightly intimidating.

More than anything, I reckon that its unpopularity is due to its location. Even with the circle line stations, most people would still find it out of the way because it is quite a long walk from City Hall MRT station. That said, I frequent Millenia Walk for the good Japanese restaurants. At Level 3 of PARCO, a Japan based mall inside Millenia Walk, there is a food hall Itadakimasu that houses several well-known Japanese restaurants such as Keisuke and Nantsuttei, both of which are famous for its ramen. Keisuke, the less well-known sibling of Tonkotsu King at Tanjong Pagar, is my favourite ramen restaurant to date. What beats me is how secluded the place is. Nonetheless, except for long queues on some occasions, that is probably the reason why I can usually dine in peace at Millenia Walk, away from the hustle and bustle of Cityhall.

I'm also intrigued by some of the boutiques there because they seem to sell very interesting stuff such as vintage items and quirky ornaments. However, they seem slightly overpriced. Once, I bought a pair of flatform shoes from one of the shops, but they broke after a few wears.

All in all, I wouldn't travel all the way there to shop, but the Japanese food is certainly worth going the extra mile, literally.

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there's really nothing much here

I've only been to Millenia Walk for probably two to three times, and honestly, had to rack my brains for my experience at this mall, as there was nothing much that caught my fancy, and I have not been back since.

What I do remember was PARCO next NEXT being one of the interesting points of this mall, with edgy, unique fashion on display. However, products sold could be rather pricey so it was 'touch, feel, no buy' for me. The other thing was the Aranzi World Caravan, by Aranzi Aronzo, a Japanese brand selling stationery, fashion and the like, which was at Millenia Walk in 2011. Unfortunately, it has obviously moved on, and Millenia Walk does not have the interesting draw.

Another shop which I recommend is Woods in the Books- The Picture Book Shop, which stocks lovely children books which are more unique. Other than that, Millenia Walk has nothing appealing, and this can be reflected in the lack of crowds. Hopefully, the mall will be able to come up with something which attracts consumers so that it does not close down.

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Still cannot find its identity

Millenia Walk must have had a few makeovers but till now, I feel that it is still looking for its identity. There was once when Harvey Norman occupied almost the whole of Level 2 but now, Harvey Norman is taking less than half of level 2.

At one time, there were also some education centres on Level 3 or 4. My daughter used to learn ballet there when she was younger. I think now there is a fitness centre there at Level 3.

The only reason I visit Millenia Walk now is to have the herbal soup at the food court. The food court must also have many makeovers but this one seem to be the one that will stay. The herbal soup business was very good, sometimes when I arrived, they would tell me they were sold out.

A mall needs an identity to draw the crowd, I hope Millenia Walk finds its identity before it close down totally.

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One of a kind shopping mall.

To be honest, i wasn't really interested in this mall whether before or after i walked through it. In fact, i thought it was a rather boring mall, i'd rather shop at the neighboring malls.The only thing interesting about this mall would be that they have rather interesting F&B outlets which are rather rare to find in the other malls.

Still, i wouldn't step in here unless i want to visit the courts store on the top floor to do some furniture shopping. This courts outlet seem to be newer and bigger than the other ones. However if i do want a place to spend a quiet afternoon, i would highly consider this place.

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Not the usual crowded shopping centre

This shopping centre is a good place for a retreat, as it is peaceful and quiet, allowing one to shop without the presence of large crowds. I like this place not only because of its environment but also because of the fact that the area is nice and cool as well as well lit by daylight during daytime, which gives me a feel of an outdoor walk while remaining cool in the air-conditioned open environment.

There is some entertainment venues in this place worth visiting, from a pool hall to a bowling alley and cinema, and as they are not as crowded as other entertainment venues of the same kind, but are just as good, they are one of my favourite hangouts with friends.

Do check out the speciality stores there which sell some unique items, one is the die-cast model shop on the second floor, which sells excellent detailed models of things like planes to anime characters. There is also a shop selling Taiwanese goods in the basement, including one of a kind products like cow's tongue cookies.

Getting there is easy, as it is near promenade MRT station.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

Not my choice of mall for shopping

The only 3 reason why I would go to the Millenia Walk are:

1) Harvey Norman - this branch being usually quiet and the lack of crowd allows me to do my shopping for electronics at peace (on the rare occasions where I wished to purchase electronics). In fact, I purchased my room's Sony Bravia right from this Harvey Norman. Being "secluded", I've all the time to seek the promoter's recommendation and advice on the different TV sets.

2) The hobby shop located on the ground floor (called Nikko if I'm not wrong). This shop is mostly for die-cast model collectors, ranging from cars to planes. Although I'm not one, I've friends who are avid collectors so I usually accompany them to this shop. The die-cast car models can range from $100 up to thousands, not something that someone like me, a non-collector, would really appreciate paying for it but hey, looking around while my friend makes his selection is free! I haven't been to this place for quite sometime so I'm not exactly sure if it's still there though.

3) Speaking of cars, I usually see real posh cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini parked outside the cafes along the other stretch of Millenia Walk. Not having the chance to own one, looking at them from up close does satisfy my thirst for supercars to a certain extent.

Other than the above, I really wouldn't venture into Millenia Walk for the shops tend to be too atas for me.

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Yet another mall

Millenia Walk is situated at within walking distance from the Marina Square. However despite being so near, it is usually pretty quiet around there. No much crowd, which I have noticed and the air con there is usually colder. Usually I merely go there for a haircut at the QB house, if otherwise for Starbucks Coffee, however that is only when the Starbucks at the Raffles City and both the CityLink Mall and Marina Square are all full, then will I consider going Millenia Walk for Starbucks. Starbucks is a place for my friends and I to chill, catch up and relax. However there won't happen if the air con is so cold. I understand that it tends to be colder due to a low human traffic, probably, but nonetheless that is a fact. Mentioning about Koufu, there are not much variety to choose from as compared to that of Marina Square, thus I find Millenia Walk poses not much of an attraction for shoppers, for there is not much to shop and eat, i guess.

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a quiet retreat and resting location after shopping at the nearby shopping malls

Located close to Raffles City and Marina Square, Millenia Walk is often overlooked. Within the mall, there are limited eating or shopping outlets to start with, which probably explains the low human traffic.

For eating choices, they have a foodcourt, Mos Burger, Medz and several others. What is worth going to Millenia Walk for would be to try the breads sold at Pullman Bakery, like the chikuwa bun and chocolate chip melon bun. For a full meal and beer, Medz will be a good choice. There is also a Sins chocolate outlet at Millenia Walk and I like to get their almond milk chocolate coated with chocolate powder. For a cheaper alternative, a wide range of biscuits, candy and chocolate can be bought at Candy Empire instead.

There are few shopping outlets and they generally sell high-end products, where a pair of pumps costs more than $200 as they are made by local designers. The prices of the clothes are even more expensive.

Millenia Walk caters to the working class within the area or people with no idea where else to go but to just get out from the constantly packed and crowded shopping malls nearby. Nothing much to see, eat or do here.

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The quiet retreat in the area

My impression of Millenia Walk is that it is very quiet, and almost attracts only the working crowd, being situated beside Centennial Tower and Millenia Tower.

Surrounded by Marina Square, Suntec City, Esplanade, SIngapore Flyer and several 5-stars Hotels, Millenia Walk is easily the place that simply doesn't stand out and it is easy to see why; Marina Square has movie theatres and a bowling alley, Suntec city also has movie theatres, along with supermarket, banks and even a post office. Millenia Walk, on the other hand... is really just another mall.

Conveniently located at Promenade MRT and with linked walkways to Marina Square and Suntec City, I would recommend you to check out Millenia Walk only if you have grown bored of the other malls in the area.

When visiting, do check out Parco, a relatively unknown departmental store as compared to Metro or Isetan, it boasts several female fashion boutiques on the 2nd level, which I think one can find several good bargains once in a while.

There are also several restaurants at Millenia Walk that I thought can be highlighted. While I have not been to most of them and cant say sure of its quality or price, I feel that the restaurants are pretty exquisite, in the sense that they are not the usual restaurants found so commonly across Singapore.

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