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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

Challenge the norm, at Singapore's dedicated sports and lifestyle mall.

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simply sports

On normal days, Velocity is quite a boring place to visit. For the past week, however, there was ice skating performances right at the atrium! Having always wished to be a a 'pro' ice-skater, I stood by the rink mesmerised (wide-eyed with a silly smile) by the real 'pros'.

Apart from the performance, Velocity - in my opinion - has an edge over its neighbouring mall, Square 2, because of its simpler and definitely more consumer-friendly layout. No more mazes or secluded shops you cannot find!

Despite that it is more of a sports mall, Velocity has a great variety of F&B outlets and retail stores as well. Of course, it is paradise for the sports lovers after all.

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The dedicated sports mall

Velocity is a kind of boring place for me despite its convenience to my house. Perhaps that is because i am not so much of a sports person, so many shops and events held there are irrelvant and uninteresting to me.

There is a wide range of sports apparel and equipment shop selling NIKE, Adidas sport shoes, mountain gear equipment, the North face so sports lovers will be able to find a lot of interesting stuff here. Ocassionally sports events will be held at velocity and i have come across ice-skating events, hockey and climbing.

Crowd wise is pretty normal, defintely not as crowded as Orchard Road but still is relatively popular probably due to the nearby Tan Tock Seng Hospital/Skin centre. People can come here for food or study at Coffee bean/Spinelli as its usually more peaceful at velocity.

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Perfect hangout for sports buffs

Velocity @ Novena Square is the go-to place for sports buffs, with its huge variety of sports brands and shops. As a runner, what I find really helpful is that the staff at many of the sports shops here have been well-trained, and mostly tend to be sports enthusiasts themselves. This means that they have good product knowledge, and can make helpful recommendations to suit your needs.

Besides sports specifically, there are also shops catering to those actively engaged in rugged outdoor activities. I sometimes find it useful to shop here for some backpacking travel essentials.

Personally, I can wander around gawking at sports equipment. However, if you're just there for fun, besides a good variety of food places and a big screen showing football highlights, I don't think you'll find much entertainment at this mall.

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In my opinion, Velocity is the go-to place for sportspeople in Singapore. Located at Novena, this place is full of major sport shops and brands. To be honest, I have never bought anything here - I am an advocate of Queensway; prices there are cheaper, and there is an even better range of sporting goods there.

The one thing that catches my attention is the basketball court here. You don't really see outdoor basketball courts outside shopping malls in Singapore being used, but this is one place that I can say is not a white elephant. Whenever I go over to Spinelli or the MRT station, I would often see groups of teenagers shooting 3-pointers and just having a good time.

You may not find extremely indie products or highly exclusive pieces here, but for the essentials, this is the place to go to.

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Refreshing, definitely worth a visit for sport fanatics.

Velocity has a interesting and refreshing concept. Catering purely to athletes, sport fanatics and lovers of physical activity, the mall is filled to the brim with sport apparel retailers and sport shoes stores.

My visit there was boring, since the closest I get to playing a sport is probably a movie or shopping marathon, or a go on the Wii. Not being a particularly athletic person myself, I couldn't really justify a second visit.

I can see how all the sport junkies out there will be able to get their fixes here though.

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A haven for my marathoner friend

The kind of fervent adoration in his eyes when he talks about it is crazy. I never bothered going with him because I'm the worst fan of shopping for sports equipment.

However, I did end up accidentally going when a friend who broke his leg insisted I follow him to a nearby hospital for a routine checkup. So Velocity I was at, 8am in the morning grumpy as all hell and exploring the place while all the lights were still down.

I remember the atrium was beautiful and the basketball court was a nice touch, but for all things else, I'm quite sure they're the same level of interesting when the lights come on.

He finally reached and we went for Burger King, and that is most likely the only highlight of my day, finally eating the BK Breakfast.

Wouldn't come again.

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Quite boring

I think Velocity would be a nice place to shop in for those sports lover as there are many shops selling sports related stuff like the attire, shoes and other accessories. However, for people who love shopping, it might be a little boring as there are actually not many shops to shop in other than sport related stuff.

I do find that Velocity do get boring if you were to go there and shop for a few times. However, there are many places to eat and Velocity is easy to go to as there is a MRT station which is Novena Station.

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Sports Goodies!

This mall is cater for sports enthusiasts to get their sporting goods. [email protected] is very similar to Queensway Shopping Centre in the sense that they have a huge variety of sporting goods at cheaper prices.

As I do Boxing and Muay Thai, it is difficult to find equipment at the usual malls. I was surprised to find focus mitts, not just one but a few brands. The cheapest cost about $30 to about $120.

For running enthusiasts, the New Balance Factory Outlet is also located at [email protected] If I am not wrong, there are only two factory outlets in Singapore. One at Alexandra Technopark and the other one is at [email protected]

There are a couple of specialized shops that cater to hiking and rock climbing. Definitely had a good time shopping for sports goods!

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Very specialised mall

Located conveniently, Velocity features various sports shops such as New Balance. What I like about the mall is its close proximity to my house. Velocity also offers many different food outlets like Ramen Monster (my personal favourite ramen place to dine), Mos Burger, TCC and more. It is located next to Square 2, where you can buy various snacks such as Yami Yoghurt, Each a Cup and more. I like the fact that the mall constantly organises challenge events or basketball competitions- it adds to the hype of the mall itself. Also, there are big screen TVs which screen football matches, and regular bazaars take place in this mall. However, one cannot expect to find daily necessities like stationery here.

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Sport lovers, this is your paradise!

[email protected] sq

Never heard of any shopping mall in Singapore specialized in sports? Then you should pay a visit to [email protected] Square. Located just distance away from Novena MRT Station, you can find all your sport- related equipments and necessities at this shopping mall. Aside from selling sport- related merchandises, there is California Fitness for those who want to keep fit in the middle of bustling city. 

[email protected] Square is not an ordinary shopping mall, it holds many sport related events just at the field outside the mall. When it is vacant, the field is turned into basketball court where you can see a lot of boys and youngsters having fun playing basketball. 

There is Hans Bar at the end of the shopping mall; a lot of working adults can be seen chilling out or holding party during weekends or public holidays. 

Velocity is recommended for sports lovers and party lovers as the place is very spacious and more relaxed. A big TV screen installed in the mall and you can see many soccer fans crowding around to watch the match, especially during FIFA WorldCup. 

So, for soccer fans, here is a good place to gather with your friends and watch the match together. 

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