Delfi Orchard

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402 Orchard Road Singapore 238876
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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 07, 2016    

Delfi Orchard is home to many bridal shops, beauty salons and enrichment centres. It is a quiet getaway from the bustling crowd in Orchard.


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The place to pamper yourself

Delfi Orchard can be easily spotted due to the large Starbucks outlet on its ground level. Opposite Forum the Shopping Mall at the end of Orchard Road, Delfi is home to many skin and care treatment centres, music schools and language schools.

From the outside, you can get a glimpse of beautiful evening dresses on display at the huge windows. It's a quiet area, perfect for getting away from large crowds noise to have some alone time. It’s a great spot to get your nails done, a facial, or hair treatment. There’s not much else to explore in Delfi if you’re doing regular shopping.

Delfi is a great place to stop by if you are attending an event or having a wedding as it offers a decent selection of such services. If not, I suggest skipping this mall and heading down to Ion instead.

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