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Haji Lane is a shopping district that caters to the young and fashionable. Many boutiques can be found here and is popular among young Singaporeans. 


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I hate to say it, but this place is so difficult to find. My friends and I must have walked miles just to locate the actual place, and we were dead beat from all the walking before we even started shopping. This is perhaps a reason to stick to malls instead of go traipsing down streets - streets are un-air-conditioned, without good reliable food and beverages outlets within close proximity.

Although once we got there, the area is a treasure trove. With all these indie boutiques lining the street, there's something that caters to every single individual's preference. Hipster? You got it. Rocker chick? There's something there for you too. I suppose if you're in the midst of defining and streamlining your own style, this would be a good place to start.

The stores, nevertheless, are quite unreliable - there were quite a few that hadn't opened for the day when I was there, so I missed out on a fair bit of shopping.

If you're in an adventurous mood or are a veteran Haji Lane shopper, go to/stick to it. If you prefer the safety of your comfort zone, this is not the place for you.

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(Updated: October 25, 2014)

An Unconventional Lane

During the day, Haji Lane is usually a little quiet. Once in awhile, the lane will be filled with booths where there will be random set ups such as taro card reading, organic food, palm reading etc. Some of the fashion stores have indie and unique pieces that cannot be found in conventional shops. The walls of Haji Lane are filled with instagram worthy graffiti, you won't want to miss that out, so do remember to charge up your camera!

The hype begins later in the evening, because that is where all the night activities starts. The bars are illuminated with colorful lights and this is also one of the popular places for sheesha. I have heard that the prices are lower than elsewhere and there are a wide variety of flavor to chose from.

Even if you don't drink or smoke, it is nice to just take a walk down the lane in the evening and explore the cafes, you never know what fun knick knacks you will find!

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Hipster Street

This place screams a little bit too much of "hipster". To me, the definition of a "hipster" is something that is not so mainstream. However, there has been a general consensus on what a "hipster" should look like in terms of fashion, dressing, and even the manner of which one acts. This transforms the idea of a "hipster" into another fashion trend; another model for people to follow after. The idea of someone being different in the way they dress, act, and portray themselves are being molded into a stereotype - its frustrating.

Haji Lane is the place where "hipsters" are made. Many of the things seem to adhere to the "hipster" trend too much: the type of apparel that they carry are exorbitantly priced and seem to portray an image of trying too hard.

On the bright side, the sheesha available in haji lane is considered to be cheap by many with the variety of flavours available.

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Deserves at least 1 visit

Haji Lane was a nice place to while away a lazy Sunday. There were many quirky, weird and interesting things that were sold there in cute little boutiques. These ranged from clothing to accessories to home decor.

The time I visited, I did not purchase anything as the prices there can be slightly steep compared to items sold in commercial stores (think H&M, Typo etc). However, if you are a lover of unique, vintage items and do not mind spending a bomb on them, Haji Lane is definitely up your alley.

One downside to the area is the lack of convenient food choices. There are many restaurants around, but finding a quick bite is pretty hard. I advise you go there on a full stomach or bring a snack along.

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I was definitely excited when my friends and I were planning a trip to Haji Lane because it would be my first time there and all the pictures that other people took there made the place look cool and hipster.

But I was slightly disappointed at the end of the trip, because I had come back with both hand empty. Not only did very few pieces appeal to me, those that did were overpriced and not within my budget at all.

That being said, I am sure there are many who would appreciate the chic and fashionable style that Haji Lane has to offer. As for the those who are just looking for a few pieces of casual items like me, I would recommend going to Bugis Street which is just a short walk away and exploring the affordable shops there instead.

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LOVE HAJI LANE, although it was better like 2 years back when the shops weren't that identical. Think it's a hippy place that's not very 'Singaporean' but it is a great place to take photos and to chill.Shopping's good too of course, I highly recommend Soon Lee and I think they are having a sale this weekend!

Bar stories & Cafe Fables is a great place to go have tea or drinks and the experience is unique though it was a little pricey, at $20+ for drinks. First the bartender asked us what flavours we liked best and the end product was a surprise. There was sorbet to go along with my drink of course to complete the exprience. Guess it was more EXPERIENCE than DRINKS.

Do visit Yong Siak street too which is quite similar to Haji. Though from Haji you can get to Arab Street pretty quickly.

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Pretty chill place, especially at night.

During the day, Haji Lane is pretty much quiet and deserted, with all these boutiques and quirky shops. But at night, the atmosphere of the area changes, and even though by then most of the shops are closed, that's probably the best time to mill about the area. For me, anyway.

But if you do want to go have a look at the shops, be properly dressed. You'll definitely feel out of place in a t-shirt and slippers! The items there in general are mostly affordable, but some can get pricey.

If you feel hungry, there's always the nearby Arab Street with their yummy kebabs and shishas!

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(Updated: December 15, 2013)

Singapore's Indie Fashion Street!

Looking for a new shopping street? Combed through the entire Orchard Road and all the mainstream malls? Look no further. Haji Lane is a great milestone for local designers and entrepreneurs alike. In comparison to Bugis Street or small local brands, this is a great achievement for the local fashion industry. It goes beyond profits, it's passion. Designers take pride in their establishment, by infusing their unique styles in a consistent theme throughout the shop from the apparel to the shop interior design to the name cards to shopping bags. There are still some who chooses to stick to the safe side and sell simple clothing but the others? Fashion statements.

Every shop is a distinctive fashion icon in itself and besides shopping, you get a good eye candy. The shop owners are usually the service staff themselves and are very friendly and approachable. Occasionally when I pick out certain pieces, they’ll share with me the rationale behind their design, and sometimes they’ll tell me it is hand-made or the fabric is imported from France etc. My favourite shops are those where it literally becomes a gallery of vintage cameras, local old-school toys, British style.

Dress your best, you won't be overdressed.
Pop on your shades (it can get VERY hot in the day)
Grab a meal at Arab street! (Arab food ftw!)
Keep the receipts & double-check the quality before purchasing (sometimes because it's hand-made, the sewing or details may not be exactly the same. There was once when I bought a dress and the colour ran pretty badly, but the owner was receptive about it and changed a new piece without any hesitation)

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Haji Lane? Hardly plain.

Haji Lane. Expensive? Yes. Chic? Yes. Odd? Yes. Worth seeing? Yes. take my wallet? Yes. Use it?

Next question please.

Forget Orchard Road. Don’t bother with Holland Village. Haji lane is an up and coming destination. It provides a fascinating late afternoon and evening haunt. It is still a work in progress, but from the offbeat to the quaint to the meditative, this place provides what you won’t find in Orchard Road or any other international shopping centre. This is not just another series of large shopping malls: this is truly a happening and vibrant little place that is well worth a stroll, in the evening.

Of course, that applies to the re emergence of Kampung Glam and the Malay area as a must see destination. If I were to choose between Little India, Chinatown or Kampung Glam, which would I choose? Kampung Glam, most definitely. What they are doing in the little back alleys and side streets, including Haji Lane, is delightful, quirky and totally worth seeing.

And of course after you have strolled down Haji Lane, go Spanish, or Italian, or Middle East or whatever: there are any number of excellent bars, bistros, coffee shops and restaurants in the area.

In a word: different, quirky, funky and fun. But don't go before 3 pm.

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Not my type of place

Legend has it that the coolest people hang out at Haji Lane. Not sure how true is that but I found myself walking there one afternoon. Perhaps I was looking to be the next cool person that hangs out at Haji Lane.

At Haji Lane, there are rows and rows of shophouses. Some are restaurants and mostly, fashion boutiques. It's here where you can find all the 'vintage' and 'unique' items and we know that such items do not come cheap. A dress can easily cost you $100 and up. Nothing is affordable here. It serves as great eye candy though. The decor and feel of the place is nice but I felt intimidated to enter certain shops. Probably because the owners who were seated outside the shops did not look to friendly? I also did not like the fact that I had to push the door to go out then push the door to go in. So I am constantly going in and out of doors. Hmmm I don't think I will go back there, hahaha don't think I am cool enough to appreciate the culture there. I shall just stick to my usual shopping haunts.

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