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Bugis Street is a well-known street shopping location that offers a wide variety of apparels, accessories, watches, etc that fulfil your fashion needs. It is conveniently situated within a 5-min walking distance from the Bugis MRT station.

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Repetitive and Few Good Deals

For people who are frequent Taobao shoppers,this place will be a pass. With many shops carrying Taobao goods,many of the clothing sold are repetitive and sold at similar prices. Though items are affordable, there is a lack of variety.

Furthermore, for people who like casual wear and graphics like me, there isn't much to shop. For a starter, basic tees are hard to find. From me and my friends previous experiences, none of us have actually found basic tees in Bugis Street. However, you can easily find denim shorts there and there is a shop on the 2nd floor on the second floor that sells good quality graphic crop top and tees.

Thus, although Bugis Street offers affordable clothing,the variety is very limited and repetitive.

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Great Place For Inexpensive Shopping

To those not in the know, Bugis street may seem like just a row of stalls selling tacky touristy souvenirs. However, ride the escalator to the second floor, and you’ll discover a whole new world.

Upstairs is a whole different ball game from the first floor. Air conditioned and filled to the brim with small shops peddling cheap clothes and shoes, Bugis Street is the go to place for teenagers and young adults to buy their fashion items.

You’ll normally be able to haggle with the store owners over the price, especially if you buy more than one piece, so you can put your bargaining skills to good use here!

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Crowded but Cheap

Bugis street is mainly for teenagers. Plenty of things to look at over there, but the quality is not that stellar, really cheap though! Can be really overcrowded on weekends/ public holidays, so beware!

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Shop till you drop

Be systematic about it - This is the number one rule when shopping in Bugis street, especially for the uninitiated. If you see something you like, and decide to come back later, because you want to see if you can get it for a cheaper price at another store, or because you want to think on it, chances are you won't be able to find it unless you remembered your landmarks or you have a good sense of direction. If it's your first time there, Bugis Street is extremely confusing.

There is a shop I frequent on the second floor because it is extremely cheap and they always have a really wide variety of clothes, but it is like the Room of Requirement from Hogwarts, sometimes I get lucky and stumble upon it, other times I just cannot seem to find it.

Nevertheless, Bugis Street is a good place to find clothes that are currently in trend, whether it's blogshop clothes or clothes that the latest K-Pop idol is wearing, or even just pretty shoes and accessories. While I like shopping on Orchard Road because it's more organised and less crowded, Bugis Street is a good choice when you want to buy basics or items that you've seen online, or when you are on a budget. Definitely a must go when you come to Singapore, if not only to experience the crowd. If you get hungry, there are snacks at the entrance and on the second floor as well. The crepe shop on the second floor is especially good for a sugar rush after the hunting for good bargains.

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Something for everyone
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Shopping paradise for the low maintenance girl

Bugis street is my most favourite shopping place in Singapore. I am a very low maintenance girl who doesn't really care about having expensive and branded clothes and bags. As such, Bugis Street really suits me. =)

Here are some advantages of this place

1) They have new stock every 2-3 weeks and the type of clothes vary according to seasons. As such, I am able to find winter wear here in November/December which is comfortable, fashionable and very reasonably priced

2) You can haggle with the store owners. Most of them are Malaysians or Chinese-speaking so using Putonghua or Cantonese puts you at an advantage

3) The clothes here look really good and are imported from Thailand, China, South Korea and HK. Though not the best in quality, it doesn't really matter to me as I get bored of clothes rather quickly and don't usually wear them for years.

However, do watch out for the weather and crowd as it can get very hot and stuffy on weekends.

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An affordable shoppers' paradise

Bugis street is a stone throw's away from the MRT station, hence making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking for bargains.

This is the place to be for the young and trendy - One look at the overexcited young and fashionable shoppers and you will be able to tell straight away. Indeed, the items sold in the arrays of shops here follow the latest fashion trends and styles. Korean-inspired clothes, bags and accessories seem to be all the rage now, judging by the amount of related shops found on Bugis street.

I noticed that many of the shops seem to be selling similar, if not identical, items. This is where your kiasu spirit and hard work kicks in. Do your homework by walking around to check out and compare prices at various shops to get the best deal. Bargain. Hard. Most of the shops are open to bargaining, and give you cheaper prices if you buy more from them.

Alas, the only problem is the quality of the items sold here. I once bought a bag, only for the bag strap to break only after carrying it for a couple of times. Clothes, especially printed ones, tend to peel or wear off easily. Not surprising, judging by the cheap prices they are being sold at.

Shopping at Bugis Street is fun and interesting, There will always be something for everyone. You just have to know how to walk around and find a good deal. At the end of the day, the multiple shopping bags in your hands and the exhilarating feeling after shopping will definitely be worth all the walking and squeezing with the crowds.

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Affordable prices and wide variety
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Great place to tease out latest trends

To cut a long story short, Bugis street is THE place to go if you want to get a sense of “what’s in” with the younger crowd. Trying out new styles without tearing a hole in my pocket definitely scored much brownie point with me. Being the style idiot, spotting the common seasonal themes among the myriad of shops is a no brainer – one cannot go wrong trying to fit in by doing so.

Having said that, clothes sold at Bugis Street are meant to test out trends. Considering the price of clothes sold, it leaves the quality and durability of the products much to ones imagination. Let me reiterate this point: there is nothing wrong purchasing clothes there, but if one is looking for clothes to last, you might want to turn your attention to the shopping centers nearby. On the other hand, if you are looking for “throwaway fashion”, by all means, shop away! I remembered I purchased a regular printed tee with my friends from a shop. It started to peel just after the first wash. Not the first time.

And an additional note, I realized that it seems as if most shop owners purchase their suppliers from the same source, so I tend to look around for a better bargain before making my purchase. Saved me a couple of dollars for refreshments haha.

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I always lost my way in Bugis Street

Bugis Street is always crowded with people, especially on weekends. There are many narrow walking lanes with shops on both sides and I always lost my way because all the lanes look similar to me. If I see an item I like, I have to buy it. Once I say "keep in view and I will come back later to buy it", chances are, I will not know how to walk back to that shop later on.

Bugis Street is the place to go if you are looking for cheap clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. It can be as cheap as $10 for a dress and $3 for a hairband. There are many shops selling wide varieties of items. However, do not pin high expectations on the quality, and some of the shops do not have fitting rooms.

Its the place to go if you are not too particular about the quality and are looking for trendy and new apparels. It suits me because I like my wardrobe to be added with new clothes every now and then!

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Cheap and wide varieties
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Cheap, many items but overcrowded

This place is forever crowded with people, and for a good reason. It offers many bite sized stores that sell clothing, food and accessories. Many of the items on offer are the "in thing" and appeal to the many teenagers that frequent the place. The offerings are pretty cheap, too.

The place is not very well organised, with the walking lanes narrow and the food and clothes stores are too close to each other (I mean, talk about the cooking smell clinging onto the clothes). The price is not an issue here, I always buy fruit juice and some random clothes from here;it's a cool place.

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The crowd never dies down

Always bustling with activity, Bugis Street is definitely not a place for those who dislike crowds. But there is a reason for those crowds.

A big fan of shopping myself, Bugis Street is a shopping paradise for teenagers. The casual clothing style paired with affordable prices attract flocks after flocks of young people.

From past experience, do not buy an item the first time you see it. Walk around and explore the other shops, there may just be one selling the exact item at a cheaper price. Also, it is very likely to bump into someone on the street wearing the same clothes as you if you purchase the common items.

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