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Another taxi company. Operates a few different types of taxi, with the most expensive taxi, Prestige Chrysler.



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(Updated: January 29, 2013)

Taxi uncle returns phone for a price

Starting of the new year, I was having a late night coffee at the 24hours Starbucks at Tampines while catching up with a friend. Time flew as many stories were exchanged and before we knew, we had already missed our last bus home.

I remember boarding the SMRT taxi home from the mall. Being neighbours, we dropped off at the same location. While waiting for the lift, Reid suddenly twitched and realised his iPhone had been missing from his pocket. As we were searching the area and panicking, I called his mobile number. The taxi driver picked up. He was a little difficult to understand as he spoke very quickly, intermixing between Mandarin language and the Hokkien dialect. He also mentioned he does not speak much English and asked me to converse in Mandarin.

He said would return the phone after he sends the passenger in the taxi home and also requested for $30 for the trip back to our location. Although we had to pay, we were just relieved he could retrieve his phone back and Reid thought it was worth the money.

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Taxi uncle returns handphone
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Taxis for all

SMRT's taxis come in all classes, each with a pricing of their own. There is the economical beige taxi, which has the cheapest rates of all, the Epica maroon taxis that are comfortable and priced slightly higher, to the Limos like the white Mercedes and London Taxi.

SMRT has different taxis to cater to different peoples' needs, and charges a fair price for these requirements, However, one should take note that when booking a taxi or taking a taxi from a taxi bay, it is best to state that you do not want a Limo taxi, if not prepare to dig deep into your pocket.

Their booking hotline is not exactly efficient, and their drivers, like those of other taxi companies, have the honest and the dishonest ones who would take a longer route to earn more.

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Prestige Chrysler

Once, I unknowingly took a Chrysler taxi from Changi Airport. The staff at the taxi staff just asked whether I wanted to take this taxi and unsuspectingly, I just replied yes. If the staff had me that that was a prestige taxi, I would not have taken it.

When I boarded the taxi, I just noticed the seat was full leather so it was pretty comfortable and felt luxurious. Another thing that I noticed was that the ride was very smooth, it was not like some badly maintained taxi where the wheel suspensions could no longer work. Also, my taxi driver was so polite to ask me which radio I wanted to listen to.

Here comes the scary part. I took the trip on a weekday afternoon so there was no other surcharge except for the airport surcharge. The taxi fare came out be more expensive than my trip to the airport where I booked the cab and the midnight surcharge applied because it was before 6am in the morning. I was lucky I was travelling on a business trip so the taxi fare was claimable, if not, my heart would have ached for many days.

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