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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on January 04, 2014    

Certis Cisco provides a range of security and consultancy services to meet customers' security needs. From armed escorts to basic security at installations such as warehouses, Certis Cisco provides the necessary firepower to keep customers' mind at peace. Certis Cisco, has over the years, also diversified into other areas, such as logistics and fitness.


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Diverse yet reliable

Certis Cisco certainly lives up to its premier brand image of being one of the most reliable private security firms in Singapore. To test this, its but a simple task. All you need to do, is to go to a warehouse district and attempt to move towards a warehouse that is under its charge in a suspicious manner. Barely 50m to the gate, officers would already start appearing to address this apparent attempted 'entry'.

What many do not know is that cisco is actually not a specialised security firm but a diversified conglomerate. They actually specialise in many areas such as IT, logistics and even physical fitness. Of these, I've personally come in touch with both the logistics side and physical fitness.

I first knew Cisco dabbled in logistics when I was a temp and I noticed a big pile of cisco boxes arriving one day. Efficiency is really key to their job and I was amazed how efficient the schedule to deliver and take out the boxes of classified documents really was. Moreover, well equipped with advanced barcode scanning, trolleys and even walkie talkies, deliverymen process and move out the cargo pretty fast.

In the physical fitness aspect, it was more of fitness instructors who trained me during BMT. Never in my life would I have expected civilians to be the ones reducing my legs to numbness and agony. Fantastic. They simply just know their stuff well too, and the techniques introduced literally brought my body fitness up by leaps and bounds.

It is no surprise that Cisco is an award winner and a big player in multiple fields. It is honestly a company that you can trust to deliver services effectively and efficiently.

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