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Joshua Goh
Listing created by Joshua Goh on November 30, 2013    

Victoria School is an all-boys school founded in 1876. It is currently located at Siglap Link and is affiliated to Victoria Junior College.


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Victoria, thy sons are we

I walked through the gates of VS for the first time in 1990 and never really left even after finishing my O Levels exams in 1993. I had subsequently returned to work in the school for a couple of years.

Those 4 years of school were a life-forming experience, of friendships forged and of relationships nurtured. Recently, my class of 1993 met for a reunion after close to 23 years of being apart and it felt like we were having recess in the canteen.

I miss those days of teenage mischief and of industry required to pass our exams. Some of my teachers had left this world and I mourn their passing but I feel that a large percentage of teachers who end up teaching at VS would end up identifying themselves as Victorian after a few years there.

The campus may have changed but interview any Victorian from Jalan Besar to Geylang Bahru Lane to Siglap, you will feel their pride of being a Victorian. Be in any of our gatherings, you will feel the pride when the school anthem is sung; and sung with more gusto than anyone of us would sing the national anthem.

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Life changing experience

If there is one word that can summarise what being in an all-boys school for 4 years is like, the word will be "Havoc". I was part of the lucky batch that got to experience the old campus at Geylang Bahru for about a year and a half before the school shifted to its current campus at Siglap Link.

Secondary school is still fondly remembered by me as the best days of my education life. There were little worries and responsibilities; chasing after girls from Tanjong Katong Girls School nearby were on the agenda of most guys then. Being in a single sex school has several perks like changing in class for PE, forming a close bond with (almost) everyone in the classroom. I still remember the crazy things we did; swapping classes on April Fool's day, spraying the entire classroom with a fire extinguisher, burning ping-pong balls and throwing them down 6 storeys, playing cards in school, playing soccer in class, having weird people peeing into water coolers... I wonder how did we actually not get caught or thrown out of school.

VS prides itself to be an all rounder secondary school that is both strong in academics and non-academic areas. The awards that the ccas and clubs win each year are a testimony to the school's well constructed education system. After all these years, the one thing that I still remember in my heart will always be the motto "Nil Sine Labore" which means "Nothing without labour".

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